You can set OgyMogy monitoring preferences using its dashboard

Android monitoring software enables parents and employers to set their monitoring preferences. The parental control and employee monitoring solution give you the privilege that do you want to monitor the target cellphone device, and you can sync the data of the target device into your dashboard. You can change the sync settings of tracking location, recording of phone calls, and social media monitoring.

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Set Your Monitoring preferences on Android with Ogymogy Monitoring App

The Android tracking app is the tool that gives you a privilege to set your preferences that how you would like to monitor the target device and further how you do want to upload the data of the target device. You can visit the web control panel of the mobile surveillance software and further get access to the settings and you need to change the data upload settings. It empowers you to change the app settings, sync settings and last but not the least to change the settings of tracking location.

set your preferences

OgyMogy Set the tool of your preference designed for:

For Parental perspective:

Parents can set parental control preferences as per their needs and they just need to visit the web control panel settings to change the data upload settings. So, they can see different settings and need to change as they want to change it. At the end of the day, they can track on the target android device of teens to get the monitoring results most pleasantly. It enables parents to set parental control on teens' devices in a user –friendly way. They can gather the information from the target device using their fixed preferences in the mobile tracker app web control panel.

set your preferences Parental

set your preferences Business

For Business perspective:

Employers can set the monitoring preferences according to their needs and get reports of the employee's activities on company-owned devices in a user –friendly way. An employee monitoring app enables you to change data upload settings using the online control panel. It helps out employers to use the monitoring software for android according to their preferences rather than built-in dictated settings. All it requires you to use the electronic web portal settings to get the job done to the maximum.

OgyMogy Set your preferences feature enables you to:

  • Remotely change data Sync settings
  • You can remotely change the App settings
  • Remotely change monitoring preferences of Location tracking
  • Get Sim change notifications as per demand
  • Change the Logs synchronization method remotely
  • Visit cellphone surveillance app web portal to set preferences

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