What is Block-Unblock Installed Apps?

Block unblock installed apps of the remote parental control app enable parents to remotely make the list of unnecessary or in appropriate apps to short and block the installed apps on kids cellphones. User can block the particular apps on the target device and further can unblock the apps when needed.

Remotely Block Unblock Apps on the Target Android Cellphone

In Appropriate Apps

When it comes to parenting there are number of apps hat could be installed on your kids and teens cell phone and gadgets. So, you can cut the lost short and can remotely block the particular installed apps that are not good for parenting point of view with the use of remote parental control of the cell phone parental control app.

Time Wasting Apps

Instant messaging apps are time wasting apps am quite sure about that when you are dealing with the employees within the working hours. So, you can simply dig out all the rabbit wholes out of it with employee monitoring app and can remotely block the apps that are time wasting installed on the company’s owned android gadgets.

Put Apps on Hold

Sometime you are confused about the certain apps that are very useful to engage your kids and teens in free time. However, on the other hand those apps become headache when your kids use it all day long and don’t focus on studies. So, parents can block such apps installed on kids android devices for little period of time and then can unblock apps remotely by using the android spy software.

Get control over the control panel and remotely block text messages on the target device

I am quite sure you have visited plenty of times Google play store, Apple play store and windows play store. There are millions of apps that are floating on the surface of these play stores. It means young kids and teens have plenty of choice to download the apps on their cell phones running with different operating systems. Young kids and teens not only use instant messaging apps but at the same time they use such apps that leads them towards stalking, cyber bullying, sexual predators and even towards the bad habits like sexting and last but not the least carnal content and most importantly towards health issues. Therefore, the element of parenting has got its importance to the fullest and parents have to stop their kids and teens uses such apps that put their security at stake.


Too many apps that exploit your child: make the list too short

Simply cut the list short if your kids and teens and even employees are using too many apps on the company’s owned mobile phones and gadgets. You can protect your children to be manipulated by the cyber predators and to prevent all legitimate dangers. However, stop your employees to waste time within the working hours on the company’s owned devices. Parents and employers can stop teens and employees using the cell phone devices connected to the internet with OgyMogy remotely block unblocks installed apps.

How OgyMogy can serve you for parenting & employee monitoring?

Parents can remotely stop their teens to use the certain apps that are in appropriate for the young teens and children on their devices such as instant messaging apps, dating apps, gaming apps and many others. Moreover, employers can stop their employees to waste precious time within the working hours on the company’s owned gadgets by using the entertaining apps by remotely blocking the apps on the target devices. Users can do with the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software under following mentioned activities.

  • View the list of the installed apps on the target device
  • Ability to lock into the app
  • Block the apps remotely and then unblock it when needed
  • Remotely remove the app user wish to

Simply you need to install the cell phone monitoring app for androids on the target device and then use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and then choose the remotely block features such as block unblock the app. This will help out the user to block the apps on the target device remotely.