Ogymogy 30% OFF On All Its Products & Plans

ogymogy discount

OgyMogy has announced discounts on its premier plans and products. It is pack with multiple monitoring products for cellphones (android & iOS) and computers (Windows & Mac).

OgyMogy has come up with a 30% discount on your reach. The motive behind this particular promotion is to create awareness among struggling parents and business professionals.

It empowers parents to monitor the digital devices of kids. Employers can keep an eye on employee’s productivity and catch rough employees red-handedly. Business professionals are dealing with online scams, phishing attacks, and rogue employees who can protect business safety.

Gone are the days when parents remain helpless against the online predators and inappropriate activities of teens.

Now Digital Parenting & Employee Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Be ready to get your hands on the jackpot 30% OFF offer. Keep looking into the hidden fantasies of teens on digital phones connected to cyberspace. Keep getting answers against your kids. You can get a discount on all of its products given below.

Android Monitoring App

The premier plans of the Android spying app provide you with a rooted and non-rooted set of features. You can use it to supervise your teens at the time and place of your choosing. You can use its features given below:

  • Screen recording
  • Text messages spy
  • GPS location tracking
  • Social media spy
  • Screenshots
  • Call recording
  • Email tracking

Windows Tracking App

It is a kind of software that you can use on PCs running with Windows operating system. The application has an exclusive set of features.  Users can set parental control on kid’s windows and measure employee’s productivity during working hours. It is pack with the following features:

  • Block websites
  • Computer usage reports
  • Email monitoring
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Surround recording
  • Screenshots
  • Remote camera spy

MAC Spying Software

Apple devices consider elite ones. Over the years, black hat hackers have found loopholes, and they can destroy your businesses remotely and breach your data. MAC monitoring software can provide you data backup and instant surveillance of your employees to the fullest. You can use its following mentioned features:

  • Website blocking
  • Camera bugging
  • MIC bug
  • Keylogger
  • Live screen monitoring

Enjoy the OgyMogy 30% discount offer on all its premier plans and products. Hurry up, the discount is for a limited period, and it will disappear soon. Don’t think much and act fast! Security of your business and the safety of your kids is your sole responsibility. Do not ignore it for a few pennies!  A safe family and productive business are waiting for you.

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