Best Parental Control App For Android Phones

android parental control app for parents

Do you know? How hard is it to keep an eye on your kid’s android phone? We know that you have intentions to see what your kids are doing online. First, you need to have parental control app for android phones to have insight into the kid’s phone to give you peace of mind.

Youngsters these days are adventures, and they want to explore every corner of cyberspace. Kids are obsessed with phones and love to perform plenty of activities. Therefore, kids have become vulnerable for their safety and putting themselves into trouble emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

So, parents have to deal with the excessive screen-time of children on mobile devices and get involved in plenty of inappropriate activities. Therefore, the parental control app for android comes in handy, and you can use it to safeguard kids online.

Before we discuss best parental control for android for parents, you need to know about the top reasons to monitor your kid’s phones.

Let’s discuss why parents need to monitors kid’s phones.

Top Reasons That Force Parents To Use Best Parental Control Software For Android

Here are the following reason makes parents think twice about setting parental control on kid’s phones. Phone parental control for android empowers you to deal with the following inappropriate activities of the teens.

Reason No.1: Teens Blind Dating With The Strangers

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Young teens are desperate due to peer reassure, and they want to have someone special in their lives in early teenage. The desperation has risen among teens, and today they love to have a blind date with strangers without realizing that this could be risky and turned into date rape.

Almost 43% of American teens have gone on a blind date once or twice at least in their lives. According to a site famous for dating advice say that 4 in 10 teens believe in blind dating. 

Therefore, parents have reservations because of teen’s excessive bold behavior. Teens could trap into a stalker and sexual predators. The usage of smartphones, the internet, and dating apps are the real parental challenge these days. So, the android parental control solutions are offering their services to safeguard your teens.

Reason No.2: Teens Chat With Online Predators

Social media platforms, messaging apps, and chat rooms have made teens interact with strangers rather than with family, friends, and people they don’t know in real life. Social messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and others let predators interact with teens.

A new survey of almost 4,000 children found that 43 percent of those between 8 and 13 years old talk to people they have never met in real life on social media and gaming platforms.

The activities of sending text messages, chats, media sharing, voice, and video calls enable teens to interact with stalkers, cyberbullies, sex offenders, and many more.

The instant messaging apps are free and sneaky tools for teens to have a conversation with strangers, and within a couple of conversations, they share privacy.

Reason.No.3: Teens Got Bullied Online

Most teens are becoming victims of cyberbullying, name-calling, and rumor spreading is one of the root causes of online harassment. More than 59% of the teens become the victim of cyberbullying like name-calling, false rumors, receive nude images, physical threats, and ask their personal information.

U.S teens have experienced 6 types of cyberbullying and abusive online behaviors from strangers online, according to the survey of Pew Research Center.

Name-calling and slut-shaming are the most dangerous types of cyberbullying, and parents have no other option to set parental control on android phones to secure young teens online.

Reason No.4: Addiction To Messaging Apps & Browsing Activity

Youngsters are more likely to obsess with social media channels, instant messaging apps and browse inappropriate websites on phone browsers. Therefore, teens interact with strangers and online predators and are more likely to become victims of stalking, sexual assault, and browse adult sites.

32% of the teens and 62% of boys watch porn online and use cell phones as X-rated devices. Moreover, 76% of teens spend their time on social media. Teens use 71% of Facebook, 52% of Instagram, 43% of Snapchat, and others. Today teens are distracted due to mobile and internet access.

Parents can keep an eye on teen’s cell phones and internet activities by using android parental controls on digital devices.

Reason No.5: Drug Abuse & Partying

The rise and the rise of drugs have reached beyond the schools’ gates. Parents are unaware that their kids are using drugs unless they have seen it with their own eyes.

Young teens involve in drug abusers with peers, and they start drinking alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. 34% of high school students admit to drinking alcohol. 15% of teens use marijuana and also use Electric cigarettes.

Parents have to know about the hidden secrets of the children, and they have to know about their hidden whereabouts where they use drugs. You may need to trace out your child addicted to drugs using cell phone parental control software.

Reason No.6: Social Media Dangerous Challenges

Freak social media challenges have penetrated the young generation, and nowadays, young teens love to participate in dangerous challenges.

  • Burn & scar challenge
  • Blue Whale challenge
  • Ice Bucket challenge
  • Momo Challenge
  • Fire on hand challenge

Parents can monitor the social media activities of teens. You can look after what media they share with friends and with the general public. The parental control software can get the job done for parents and keeps them updated about what teens are doing on their cell phone installed social media platforms.

What Is Android Parental Control Software?

It is an application known as OgyMogy android parental control. It works on rooted and non-rooted cell phones and tablet devices. It empowers you to keep an eye on cell phone activities from call logs to browsing activities and from social messaging apps to the view GPS location of the target device. It is easy to install and remotely operate once you have installed it on your kid’s phone.

Top-Rated Features Of Parental Monitoring Application

Here are the features that enable parents to monitor and track android phones and work as the best parental control solutions on android phones and tablets.

These are the solutions of android monitoring application that empowers you to set parental control on kid’s phone. You can use it on kid’s phones and keep analyzing their activities. You can take immediate action against stranger danger, social media obsession, online dating, adult content, and many more.

For more information, you can visit OgyMogy’s android spy app webpage to know how to send parental control on a kid’s phone?