Best Apps to Monitor Kids’ Phones Remotely

Best Apps to Monitor Kids' Phones Remotely

Are you struggling to find the best apps to monitor kids’ phones? Fair enough! Today, we guide you about the top applications to keep an eye on a child another phone. Most parents want to supervise cell phones remotely, but the question arises; is that possible to track someone without getting hands-on their phones? We have answers to your questions, and we will make sure for parents to look after digital devices provided to tweens.

Why Look After Kid’s Android Phone Remotely?

Tons of cyber predators and potentially risky phone activities of the children have made them vulnerable to online bullying, sexting, scams, identity theft, and online dating. So, parents have to supervise kids no time ever before. You need to view and track your kids even when far away from home, like at schools, playgrounds, partying, and many more. Parents should know what content they are viewing and whom they are interacting with secretly on the phone.

Before talking about top best apps to monitor child’s phones, let’s talk about remote monitoring possible on your target phone?

Is Kid’s Phone Monitoring Possible Remotely?

Here are the following things you need to adapt to spy on cell phones remotely unless you have installed the app on the target phone to spy on kids. Remote surveillance on your child’s phone requires a few things to get the job done.

  • You have to have the best app to monitor kids’ phone, and you need to get your hands on the cell phone tracking solution.
  • Further, install the application having one-time physical access on the target device and activate the app to complete the setup successfully.
  • Take a step ahead and access the online dashboard using credentials to access the target phone.
  • You will get admin rights on the phone to control the target device and unleash cell phone monitoring tools to spy on the target phone without physical access.

Following are the best apps to monitor a child’s cell phone and apps that we suggest in this post would be result-oriented, easy to install, reasonable in price, packed with powerful features, and enable you to track a kid’s phone.

Top Best Apps to Monitor Childs' Phones Secretly

Here are the apps we selected that empowers parents to supervise kids’ phones without getting access to the target phone manually back and forth. Let’s discuss them one by one in the following:


OgyMogy is world’s No.1 app to monitor child’s phone remotely, and convincingly. It is a particularly support android phones and enable parents to see child’s every activity on the phone. Users can spy on social media, screen-time, GPS history, keystrokes, and many more information within no time. OgyMogy is easy to install and activate on target device and need one-time access on target phone. It provides users separate online dashboard that parents can access on their phones and control and view target phone. Cell phone monitoring app has several remote features that allow users to spy on target phone without touching the target device.

Top OgyMogy Features to track child’s cellphone remotely:

  • Listen surroundings
  • Screen recorder
  • Phone camera spy
  • SMS logs
  • Geo-location
  • Browsing History
  • Key logs
  • MIC Bug
  • Block Installed apps 
  • Social media messenger spy
  • VoIP call recorder


TheOneSpy is one of the best apps to monitor kids’ smartphone devices. It takes a few minutes to complete the configuration process on the target device.

  • App has several features for setting parental monitoring on kids to safeguard and supervise them from digital vulnerabilities.
  • Parents can use it on the target phone without the target person knowing and require one-time physical access on the target device.
  • It is hidden and impossible to detect on the target device because it can hide app icons on android phones up to OS version 12 and above.

TheOneSpy has several non-rooted features that make it hassle-free for parents to check their child’s phone.

Here are TheOneSpy App features that empower you for kids monitoring remotely:

  • Screenshots
  • Screen-time
  • Live surround recording
  • Live surround listening
  • Live camera spy
  • VoIP call recording
  • Call recording
  • Call logs
  • Keystrokes logging
  • GPS tracker
  • Geo-fence


Securekin app is the best for parental monitoring. It is a free parental control magician for android phones.  You can visit the Google Play store and type securekin on the search bar and download the app on your phone and your phone. You need to follow the instructions carefully and use them to track your target phone. Parents can find out whereabouts and filter inappropriate content. You can watch the browsing activity on your target android phones and block explicit apps for kids’ safety. It is the best app to monitor teens’ phones secretly.

Top Securekin Features to supervise kids:

  • Real-time location
  • Screen-time
  • Web Filtering
  • Browsing History
  • Activity Report
  • App block
  • Location History
  • Keylogger

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a phone tracking app for android and iPhone.  It is known as one of the best apps to monitor kids’ phones.

  • The application offers several ways to supervise kids’ online and offline activities with more than 30+ features.
  • You can use GPS location, Geo-fence, browsing activity, and many more.
  • Parents can install it on the target device and then use kids monitoring features remotely.
  • Application has artificial intelligence that automatically records, capture, and monitors activity on target phone secretly.
  • Users can identify inappropriate words in chat, text, and web browsers to protect kids from online vulnerabilities.
  • Parents can filter inappropriate websites or content that has potential online risks for kids.
  • Users can measure the time spent on every social messaging app with the schedule. You can have a clear idea of how much your child donate on instant messaging apps.

KidsGuard pro app can discover app activity reports. It allows parents to see on which apps their child was active. Parents can know what makes kids so addicted to social media by analyzing activity reports. You can also check and track the hidden whereabouts of the children secretly.

KidsGuard Pro Top-rated features parents need to know

  • Specific browsing history
  • Monitor incognito Mode
  • Track indoor & outdoor location
  • Spy on social media chats & messages
  • Call recording & call logs
  • View photos & video shared
  • Capture screenshots
  • App activity

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an app that secretly monitors kids’ cell phones and provides several tools to take over the device. None of the applications can work remotely on the target phone unless you have one-time access to the target device to install the surveillance solution. Therefore, you need to install Highster Mobile on a child’s phone to see what they are doing online. Users can virtually manage to see target device activity to safeguard children. You can log deleted messages and watch surroundings using phone cameras remotely.

  • Track GPS location
  • Lock target phone
  • App Blocking
  • Call History
  • Browsing history
  • Call history

Best App To Monitor Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Several apps claim to surveillance on android phones without getting caught, but OgyMogy is the best android spy software. It is an app that allows users to view what is happening on the target phone and remains hidden. OgyMogy remains undetectable because it can hide app icons on kids’ phones and easily monitor activities without kids knowing.

Is It Possible To See My Child’s Phone Activity Without Target Phone?

Don’t trust the brands that offer kids cell phone monitoring and see their online activity without target phone. You need to install an app to hover over the target device remotely. Otherwise, it is not possible to view your child’s activity.

An App That Listens To Kid’s Phone Surroundings In Real-time

OgyMogy is one of the few apps that can take over the kid’s phone microphone and connects it’s with the web control panel. It empowers parents to listen to their surroundings in real-time and know what is happening at the moment. You can listen to the voices chats and sounds.


Don’t struggle anymore, and choose one of these apps to monitor your kid’s phone. Digital vulnerabilities are on the rise, and parents have no time to view every app activity on their phones. Therefore, cell phone monitoring apps are there for you to put your parental worries and insecurities to rest. You can use the top mentioned apps to protect kids online and offline. Bring the mentioned mobile tracking solutions at your disposal and get peace of mind.