Best Parental Monitoring App For Android Phone & MAC PC

Best parental monitoring App for android Phone & Mac PC

Parental monitoring apps are trendy since the kids have forgotten to bother about the time and place they chose to connect with cyberspace. They spend hours and hours online more than their parents. It is disturbing for parents that their kids have become obsessed with cellphones, computers, and the internet no time ever before. Parents don’t let kids encounter explicit websites, online bullies, and inappropriate activities like online dating. So, you may want to start imposing restrictions, limitations, and filters kids’ activities on cellphones and PCs. Before you want to restrict your kids from digital devices, you need to know about the following:

What Is Parental control software?

Parental controls are some of the features of the software. It empowers users to monitor and control the online activity on the target phone or computer laptop/Desktop device. Users can use parental controls on phones and computer devices to restrict, record, limit, and view online activities.  Parental control programs enable users to protect kids from online dangers and prevent explicit and compromised activities. They could vary, some restrict and lemmatize activities on the target device, and some record, capture, and log activity in real-time.  You can use them as a watchdog on your kid’s device and manage to stop their potentially risky online activities.

Parental Monitoring Apps Consists Of What?

Several parental monitoring apps are available on the web, and you need to know about parental monitoring activities they could perform on their target devices, like phones and computer devices.  Here are the following basics of every parental control apps consist on:

Web filtering, Time Limits, & Remote Control

parental control app can filter websites and content on other android phones and computers. Users can set time limits and remotely control the target cellphone and computer device. Phone and computer parental controls offer services to filter sites, set time limits, and control the target device microphone front and back cameras to listen and watch surroundings.

SMS Logs & Social Media Messenger Spy

Parental cell phone spying app allow users to monitor and read SMS logs on target android phones running with the latest Android OS version. You can also view social media logs, like text messages, chats, voice chats, voice call logs, and media with the schedule.

Browsing History & GPS Location

Users can perform parental monitoring on phones, and PCs to monitor browsing history, like all visited websites URLs, schedule, and bookmarking. Moreover, track live GPS location of the target devices to get kids’ hidden whereabouts, and use Geo-Fence to mark safe and dangerous places for kids.

Alerts & Online Dashboard

Best parental control apps provide a separate online dashboard for users to manage and control the target device activities via the web control panel. It also displays the monitored data and activities from the target device. Users can activate and deactivate any feature at the time and place of their choosing.

What Are Types Of Parental Control Apps?

Cell phone and computer parental monitoring apps are in trend these days. Therefore, apps for android, windows, and MAC are present on the web to set parental controls on phones and PCs. Here are types of OgyMogy parental solutions that you need to know about:

Why OgyMogy Have Best Parental Controls For Phones, MAC & Computers?

OgyMogy has parental controls that you consider, like for phones, PCs, and computer devices. It has the cheapest parental solutions that parents can use on their targeted devices to protect kids from digital dangers. It has all the types of parental control apps given below:

OgyMogy Parental Control For Android

Android parental controls are everywhere these days because you need to protect your kids from explicit online activities. Parents can use parental tracking software on android phones to monitor and track inappropriate and risky activity in real-time. OgyMogy is one of the best android spying solutions to set parental control on kids’ phones. It is an efficient and worthy spying and monitoring app for cellphones connected to cyberspace. Users can install it and monitor kids’ online activities.

Top OgyMogy features for android parental solution:

Here are features that empower you to view record and monitor every activity on the target cell phone device:


OgyMogy parental control software is compatible with Android OS version 4.0 up to OS version 12.0 It has many non-rooted features that are sufficient for setting parental control on android.

Why consider OgyMogy for android parental monitoring?

  • It is easy to install and take less time to install
  • It needs physical access on the phone for installation
  • It has many non-rooted features for cell phone monitoring
  • OgyMogy is hidden and hard to detect on any android device
  • It remains invisible while tracking target phones

OgyMogy Parental Monitoring For Windows PCs

OgyMogy is one of the few parental tracking apps that provide multiple parental solutions, like windows, android, and MAC devices. You can monitor the laptop/desktop PC of your child after the successful configuration of phone tracking software. It can spy every activity on the target PC of your child with its state of the art and powerful features. OgyMogy parental app is best for tracking kids’ activities on laptop and desktop windows computers.

Top OgyMogy Windows’s parental control features:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Website blocking
  • Online & offline tracking
  • Invisible tracking mode
  • Find GPS Location
  • Screen recording
  • Record Keystrokes
  • Activity logs
  • Browsing history
  • Surround recorder


Windows parental control is compatible with all OS versions of Windows laptops and desktop devices, and it takes a few seconds to configure itself on the target device.

Top reasons to use OgyMogy parental tracking solutions:

  • Best for parental controls on kid’s online & offline activity
  • Compatible with all OS versions of Windows laptops and desktops
  • Suitable tool for monitoring employee’s activities on business PCs
  • Exclusive features, like surround recorder and record keystrokes

Hidden, undetectable, and cheap parental solution

OgyMogy Parental Tracking For Mac Devices

MAC computers are the safest devices of all time. Young teens love to use MAC laptops/desktop computers connected to cyberspace, and parents can use OgyMogy parental control software for mac. It monitors and safeguards kids from online dangers like cyber bullying, stranger dangers, online dating, and many more. The application has features that protect teens and enable parents to listen to and watch their surroundings.  Here are some features you need to know about:

 Best OgyMogy features to set parental control On MAC:


OgyMogy computer monitoring software is compatible with all MAC OS versions and monitors every activity on the computer device.

Why use OgyMogy Mac parental tracking app?  

  • Computer monitoring software is the best parental solution
  • Enables parents to spy on laptop and desktop MAC devices
  • Secretly monitors activity on the target device after successful installation
  • Protect kids from online bullies, stalkers, and from porn addiction
  • Remotely control MIC and front camera of the MAC device


OgyMogy is the best parental tracking software for android phones and computer devices. It is cheap but effectively monitors every activity of your child on cellphones and computer devices. Parents can track the real-time on target mobile phones and computers with OgyMogy powerful features. It guarantees parents to protect kids from online predators and prevent them from explicit online activities.