The Best Remote Cell Phone Monitoring App

The Best Remote Cell Phone Monitoring App

Don’t listen and read the gimmicks all time especially when it comes to performing digital parenting and employee monitoring in terms of collecting the information on the target cell phone remotely. Today it is very difficult to get the remote cell phone monitoring app that makes end-user capable of tracking the target mobile phone device remotely with sheer power and accuracy.

However, without patronizing the best remote mobile phone monitoring apps, today we are going to tell you the best remote monitoring apps for mobile phone features that a remote mobile phone spy app should have. Otherwise, don’t bother to get your hands on cell phone tracking software by the titles -tattles.

You can read the information below and then find out the remote phone spy app that helps you out to track any device without having the possession all the time using the remote phone tracking tools. All these monitoring tools are powerful and should consider by concerned individuals such as parents, employers, and others who want to protect their loved ones due to some odd reasons.

No doubt, there is plenty of remote smartphone surveillance apps are on the web, but you have to find the best software tools to remotely track cellphones and gadgets. Let discuss OgyMogy app feature in the following

Remotely Control Features That Remote Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Should Have

There are following best remote android control features that you need to see while choosing the best remote cell phone spy software.

Remote Parental Control

It is the best feature for parenting and it empowers the parents to remotely control the kids and teen’s cellphone device remotely. The particular remote phone control tool can further perform the following activities without having the possession of the target cell phone and gadgets.

Lock & Unlock The Device Remotely

Parents can remotely make their kids get rid of the cell phones especially at night and they can remotely lock and unlock the mobile phone. Once the smartphone locked kids and teens have to leave the cellphones.

Record Phone Calls Remotely

Parents can record incoming and outgoing calls remotely by using the secret call recorder of the remote cell phone monitoring software. However, a user can also save the recorded calls to the web portal.

Remote Screen Recorder

Parents can record the screen activities of the children on their mobile phones. You can make short videos of the screen in real-time and then you can get access to the videos having access to the control panel.

Listen To Microphone Surroundings Remotely

Parents can remotely control the children and teen’s smartphone’s MIC and can record the sounds and conversations of the surrounding on the cell phone. Then you can simply listen to surround recording and get to know what was happening.

Remote Data Backup

Parents can remotely create data back up in children’s and teens’ cell phones. It will help out parents to recover the mobile phone data if teens and kids lost the device or someone has snatched it. You can protect their private data in terms of contact, media, and others.

Remotely Capture Screenshots

Being parents you can capture the screenshots remotely of the activities kids and teens have performed on their device with a complete time stamp. A parent can fix multiple commands of screenshots at once.

Block Incoming Calls Remotely

Parents can remotely control the cell phone device of children and can block all the incoming calls of the strangers, stalkers, and of the cyberbullies try to trap your children on phone calls.

Remotely Block Internet & Apps

You can remotely lock the access of the internet on your children’s smartphone remotely. Then they would not be able to use the apps that run with the internet connection.

Remote Video Camera Bug

Parents can control the target mobile phone front and back camera using the video camera spy app. However, a user can also remotely capture images with the camera bug app.

Phone Data Spy

You can remotely get access to the target smartphone and get access to the stored data into the phone. Moreover, you can get your hands on the capture screenshots of your children and teens and saved photos and videos. However, the end-user can get access to the stored contacts.

  • Access to the captured screenshots
  • Remotely view saved photos
  • Remotely view saved videos
  • Listen to voice recording remotely

Social Media Messenger Monitoring Software

The user can use it on the target device and can remotely access the target device installed instant messaging apps. The user can view the logs of text messages, text conversations, audio, and video calls, media shared as photos and videos and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook Voice messages, IMO, and telegram Voice messages.

  • Monitor IM’s logs remotely
  • Read text messages & conversations remotely with a timestamp
  • View the logs of social media apps Voice calls remotely

Remote GPS Location Tracker

The user can remotely track the GPS location of the target cell phone devices and gadgets using the GPS location tracker. It enables a user to the following.

  • Remotely view the current & exact location of the device
  • View location history remotely
  • View weekly location history
  • Mark safe areas remotely
  • Mark restricted areas remotely

Spy on Text Messages

A user can remotely get access to the target handset of android and IOS devices and they can read the text messages sent/received.

  • View SMS text & contact logs
  • Remotely view heads-up notifications

Remote Email Spy

Remotely get access to the target device sent & received emails within no time and get to know the content.

  • Remotely monitor incoming & outgoing emails
  • Remotely gmail tracker
  • View the contacts
  • Read the content of the emails

Remote Internet Spy

An end-user can remotely get access to the target mobile phone installed browser and get to about the following.

  • Bookmarks websites
  • Visited websites
  • Visited apps
  • View appointments

Remote Keystroke Recorder

A user can remotely get access to the target device and you can get access to all the keystrokes applied on the target smartphone with the complete time stamp. You will be able to use a keystroke tracker for the following.


If you want to have the best remote android spy software to gain digital parenting and employee monitoring aims. Then you need to know all the above mentioned remote control features that the chosen spying app should have.

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