OgyMogy Cell Phone Spy Software – Mobile Spy App Complete Guide

OgyMogy Cell Phone Spy Software - Mobile Spy App Complete Guide

Today people are using the internet more, which is also helping us in our daily routine.

Kids nowadays like to spend their time on the internet using it for playing games, watching videos, and talking on social media with other people.

If your child experiences online bullying, they can be afraid of sharing all this with you in this situation.

Additionally, there is a potential that your child will experience bullying at school or a friend’s house when they are away from you, which could make him unhappy and quiet.

To protect your kids from issues, you should use parental control app to protect them from all issues they can face. If you know about all the problems your kids are facing at the right time, you can take appropriate action and stop the problem from worsening.

What Are Cell Phone Spy Apps?

Cell phone spy apps are surveillance tools that allow us to track messages, calls, social media accounts, and much more.

You can use these apps in completely discreet mode as these apps can work in the back end of the device, so you can monitor the device without telling the targeted device about the monitoring app.

These apps have all the features that you need for tracking the device of your kid or employee.

Why Should You Use The Spy App For Android?

Cell Phone spy apps are surveillance tools that you can use for the safety of your kids, and employers can use them to protect their business.

As the cases of online bullying and cyber crime have increased and many kids fall prey to harassment, parents must use monitoring software to help them protect their kids from all these issues.

Employers should also use cell phone tracker apps for employees.

Company gives smartphones to keep track of their staff activities during working hours because there are many chances that staff can sell their crucial information to a third party, which can fail in their business, so employers should also use the tracking app.

Ogymogy Is The Best Spying Software For Android

OgyMogy has launched cell phone spy software that will shield you against cyber predators trying to harm your children and empower employers to protect their business efficiently and accurately against disgruntled and lazy employees.

You can use OgyMogy mobile spy app on all contemporary smartphones running with the Android operating system.

It empowers you to get access to all Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Let’s discuss OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software for Android devices, the features, and how mobile spy software works –complete guide.

Ogymogy Phone Spy App For Android Advanced Features

OgyMogy spy app has all the advanced features required for monitoring the targeted device.

It includes Phone bugging, incoming and outgoing call tracker, call history, spying on text messages, Geo fence, keystroke logging, and many other spying features that can help you a lot in monitoring your kids.

Spy On Text Messages

OgyMogy has this advanced feature of spying on text messages.

It can spy on every received and sent a text message.

It also gives you the control of deleting text messages remotely. You can even set keywords, and you will get a notification every time your targeted person uses that word in the text message.

You can even block the number if you don’t want your kids to talk with them.

Phone Bugging

A user can listen to the surrounding sounds by getting control of the target Android device MIC.

Furthermore, the user can gain control over the camera with a video camera spy of the Android surveillance software. However, you can capture surround images with the help of the OgyMogy camera bug app.

Call History Tracker

The user can record phone calls and listen to them in real-time by using the secret call recorder of the OgyMogy cell phone tracking app for Android.

And further, you can save the recorded calls over the internet.

OgyMogy can send all recorded data in clear audio and quickly upload the recorded calls on your user web portal.

Social Media Messenger Spy Software

No matter what types of instant messaging apps are running on the target Android cell phone device, you can spy on social media messenger logs.

IMs logs such as text messages, chat conversations, shared media, and audio and video conversations.

Furthermore, the user can listen to WhatsApp voice messages, Facebook Voice messages, and, last but not least, IMO voice calls.

Keystrokes Logging

It empowers the user to get your hands on all keystrokes applied to the target device, such as password keystrokes logging, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, and E-mails keystrokes.

You can use it to access the target device and get to know all the activities to the fullest. These keylogger features can also help you in cracking the password of any social media account.

Live GPS Location

You can use a Live GPS Location tracker and get to know where your children and employees are present at the moment.

You can track live GPS locations and know about the location history by weekly GPS history report. further can mark safe and restricted areas.

Email Spy

You can view and read all the incoming and outgoing emails, and further, you can get to know the emails of Gmail with a complete time stamp and can read the nature of the content.

Phone Data Spy

It enables users to capture and spy screenshots of all the activities on the target device. It also allows users to view saved videos, photos, and contacts and listen to recordings.

Internet Spy

You can spy on the internet or browse related activities of your target device.

You can track internet browsing history and bookmark websites. You can get to know the appointments saved on your Android device.

SIM Change Tracker

Once the target Android user has changed the SIM card, it will inform the target device SIM card has been changed and further tell you about the new one when used.

Remote Phone Controller

You can perform remote monitoring on the target Android cell phone. It helps to view the installed application list, lock and unlock the target device remotely.

You can remotely send dashboard commands, pause and start the applications.

You can also remotely uninstall the application and set your Android monitoring preferences.

Moreover, users can remotely block the internet, incoming calls, and text messages on the target device.

Ogymogy Flexibility

You can switch monitoring from one Android device to another having a single license.

But you can spy on a single Android cell phone or gadget simultaneously.

Further, you can also change the OS of your target android phone. With this opportunity, you didn’t need to repurchase it for another device. By subscribing one time, you can enjoy monitoring more than one device at the same time.

The Installation Process Of The Android Monitoring Software

OgyMogy knows that you only have fewer times to install the monitoring app into the targeted device, so it gives you a quick installation process that takes only 5 to 10 minutes for downloading and installation process.

You can download it in no minutes by following these four simple steps:

  • Buy a subscription to the OgyMogy
  • Download and install the app into your intended device
  • Activate the app using the activation code that OgyMogy sends to your given email address
  • Start monitoring the device

You need to visit the official website of the OgyMogy cell phone and computer monitoring software and then subscribe to the cell phone spy app for Android.

Then you will receive an email with credentials.

You must get physical access to the target device and start the installation process.

Once you have done it successfully, activate it on Android, and you can further hide it by getting the pop–up message and instructions.

Then you can use the passcode and ID and access the online control panel of the mobile spy software and can view all the features mentioned above, and get started with the monitoring.


It is compatible with all Android cell phones and gadgets running with a minimum of 4.2 Android versions.

How Ogymogy Spy Software For Android Work?

Once you have completed the installation process and have the credential, you can access the web portal and visit the needed features.

Just tap on the particular ones, and you will have a window with a sidebar menu.

You can get access to the data to the fullest.

However, for a few significant features, you have to root your target Android device, and then you can use them properly.

Out of all the few demands, create a command, then send it to the target device. Once the command has been received, data will start uploading to the dashboard.

You already have access and can view the complete information with the time stamp. A stable internet connection is mandatory on the target mobile phone.


OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software is the best tool to spy on Android. It is the best of the best phone tracking app in terms of parental control and employee monitoring. OgyMogy features operate smoothly. It enables you to track every data of your targeted person without getting access to target cell phone.

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