OgyMogy Cell Phone Spy Software – Mobile Spy App Complete Guide

OgyMogy Cell Phone Spy Software - Mobile Spy App Complete Guide

OgyMogy Cell Phone and Parental Control Software Complete Installation Guides, Features (Android, Tablets, iPhone, iPad)

Enough is enough –Online bullying! Stalking & doing fishy activities at a workplace cannot bearable anymore. OgyMOgy has launched cell phone spy software that will provide you a shield against cyber predators that are trying to harm your children and will empower the employers to protect their business with efficiency and accuracy against disgruntled and lazy employees. You can use OgyMogy mobile spy app on all the contemporary smartphones running with the Android operating system. Moreover, parents who want to monitor non-jailbreak iPhone devices can use a cell phone spy app exciting high –tech Non-jailbreak solution for iPhone powered by OgyMogy. It empowers you to get access to all the Android and iOS cellphones and gadgets such as tablets and pads. Let’s discuss OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software for Android and iOS devices along with the features and how mobile spy software works –complete guide.

OgyMogy Monitoring App for Android

What is Android Spy App for Cell Phone?

Cell phone spy app for Android is very convenient and state of the art cell phone tracking software. It empowers the users to get access to Android smartphones and gadgets and further enable users to know each and every single activity happens on the target Android device when connected to the internet. When it comes to its features you can get dozens of it and can use for digital parenting for the protection of your children and to spy on employees’ activities on company’s owned Android cellphones and gadgets.

OgyMogy Phone Spy App for Android Features

OgyMogy cell phone spy app features guide

Phone Bugging

A user can listen to the surrounding sounds by getting control of the target Android device MIC by using the listen to microphone surroundings of the Android tracking app. Furthermore, the user can get control over the camera with a video camera spy of the Android surveillance software. However, you can capture surround images with the help of the OgyMogy camera bug app.

Call History Tracker

The user can record phone calls and listen to in real-time by using the secret call recorder of the OgyMogy cell phone tracking app for Android and further you can save the recorded calls over the internet.

Social Media Messenger spy software

No matter what types of instant messaging apps are running on the target Android cell phone device, you can spy on social media messenger logs IMs logs such as text messages, chat conversations, shared media, and audio and video conversations. Furthermore, the user can listen to the WhatsApp voice messages, Facebook Voice messages, and last but not least IMO voice calls.

Keystrokes logging

It empowers the user to get your hands on all types of keystrokes applied to the target device such as password keystrokes logging, Messenger, SMS, and E-mails. You can use it to get access to the target device and get to know all the activities to the fullest.

Spy on text messages

You can view and read sent or received text messages and you can easily monitor iMessages, spy on text messages, monitor heads-up notifications, and last but not the least you can view all messages.

GPS Tracker

You can use GPS Location tracker and get to know where your children and employees are present at the moment. You can monitor location history and can view live GPS location, get to know weekly GPS tracking history, and also can mark safe areas and restricted areas of your target.

Email Spy

You can view and read all the incoming and outgoing emails and further you can get to know the emails of Gmail with a complete time stamp and can read the nature of the content.

Phone Data Spy

It enables users to capture and spy screenshots of all the activities that happen on the target device and further allow a user to view saved videos, photos, contacts and to listen to the Voice recordings.

Internet Spy

You can spy on the internet or browsing related activities of your target device and you can track internet browsing history, bookmark websites, and can get to know the appointments saved on the Android device.

SIM Change Tracker

Once the target Android user has changed the SIM card, it will inform the target device SIM card has been changed and further tell you about the new one when used.

Remote Phone Controller

You can perform remote monitoring on the target Android cell phone. It helps to view the installed application list, lock and unlock the target device remotely, and can remotely send dashboard commands, pause and start the applications. You can also remotely uninstall the applications and you can set your Android monitoring preferences. Moreover, users can remotely block internet, incoming calls, and text messages on the target device.

OgyMogy Flexibility

You can switch monitoring from one Android device to another having a single license. But you can spy on a single Android cell phone or gadget at a time. Further, you can also change the OS of your target device. I mean you can stop spying on Android and then lurk toward the iOS with the same license but have to contact customer care service.

Installation Process of Android Tracking App

OgyMogy android spy installation guide

Simply you need to visit the official website of the OgyMOgy cell phone and computer monitoring software and then you need to subscribe for the cell phone spy app for Android. Then you will receive an email with credentials. Now all you need to get physical access to the target device and start the installation process. Once you have done it with success, then activate it on Android and you can further hide it by getting the pop –up message and instructions. Then you can use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of the mobile spy software. Get access to it and can view all the above-mentioned features and get started with the monitoring.


It is compatible with all Android cell phones and gadgets running with minimum 4.2 Android versions 

How OgyMogy spy software for Android works?

Once you have done with the installation process and you have got the credentials. Then you can get access to the web portal and then visit the features you need. Just tap on the particular ones and you will have the window with a sidebar menu. You can get access to the data to the fullest. However, for a few major features, you have to root your target Android device, and then you will be able to use them properly. Out of all few demands create a command and then send it on the target device. Once the command has received data will start uploading to the dashboard. You have already got access and you can view the complete information with the complete time stamp. A stable internet connection is mandatory on the target mobile phone.

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OgyMogy Non-jailbreak solution for iPhone

Ogymogy iPhone spy app features guide


What is OgyMogy non-jailbreak solution for iOS?

It is an iPhone monitoring solution for non-jailbreak iOS devices. One of the best parts of the particular solution is, it doesn’t require installing it as monitoring software for iPhone on the target devices. It is purely developed to impose parental control on children’s iPhone devices. Let’s discuss the exciting and contemporary features and complete guide of the Non-jailbreak solution for the iPhone.

OgyMogy Non-jailbreak iPhone Solution features

cell phone spy iPhone monitoring guide

Internet History –Safari

The user can monitor visited URLs of children by using the Safari browser and further you can get to know how many times you have used a single URL.

Bookmarks –Safari

You can track all the bookmarks websites at the top of the safari browser of non-jailbreak iPhone device


You can get access to the stored contacts with the non-jailbreak device alongside the first and last name and the email address is given.


You can get to know about the fixed alarms such as that makes you wake up and plenty of others alike on a non-jailbreak solution.

Calendar Events

You can read all the calendar events fixed by the iPhone user such descriptions, reminders, and birthday reminders.

Permission –Hardware

The user can get to know all the apps installed on the target iPhone device that demand access to the camera and phone gallery.


You can get access to the Voicemails on the iPhone such as social messaging apps Voicemails

Paired Devices –Bluetooth paired devices

You can get to know the names of all the Bluetooth devices attached with the target iOS device. Devices such as wireless headphones, iPhone to iPhone pairing through Bluetooth.

Internet usage –Internet usage time bypass

All the apps installed on the iPhone and further connected to the internet

SMS –Chat –Chat List

You can monitor and get the complete SMS –chat list of the target iPhone device.


You can monitor the calls logs on the target non-jailbreak iPhone and with the location in case, the location is activated.


You can get save notes on the iPhone

WhatsApp contacts, chat, groups group members

Users can spy WhatsApp contacts list, chat conversations, group names. They can also view groups members on target Non-jailbreak iPhone solution.

Kik –Messages

You can see and read all sent/received messages on the Kik instant messaging app running on the target iPhone device.

How iPhone Non-jailbreak solution works?


You have to perform three steps to use the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone

Subscribe for OgyMogy

First of all, you have subscribed for OgyMogy and then you will get the credentials. Use the passcode and IDget access to the web portal and go the Sync iCloud button.

Get iCloud credentials

Get the iCloud passcode and ID of your target iPhone. Then you need to use it Sync iCloud buttonYou will get the point where you can use iCloud credentials. However, you have to have physical access if the iCloud backup is not activated on a non-jailbreak iPhone device.

Get started with monitoring

Once you have subscribed to the OgyMogy cell phone tracking app and you have to get a non-jailbreak solution for iPhone. Then use the credentials of iCloud and finally you will have non-jailbreak solution features. It is the time to use the features and get access to all of the data being collected to the non-jailbreak solution for the iPhone online control panel. You can get more data after 24 hours, by refreshing the data.

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OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software is the best tool to spy on multiple OS such as Android and iPhone. It is the best of the best phone tracking app in terms of parental control and employee monitoring.

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