OgyMogy Android Spy App Complete Guide (Rooted+Unrooted)

OgyMogy Android Spy App Complete Guide (Rooted+Unrooted)

OgyMogy Android Monitoring Software Significance, Features, and Installation Guide

OgyMOgy has launched android spy app intended for parenting and employee monitoring. It is a cross-platform monitoring software for android cell phones and gadgets that can track each and every single activity of your wards and employees on their devices with the complete time stamp. It is contrary to the traditional mobile spy apps, OgyMOgy is preloaded with hundreds of parental control and employee tracking features that are contemporary in functionality and do the best job for the end-user.

However, spy app for Android has a remote control and real-time monitoring tools that can provide access to the target device remotely and in real-time. On the other hand, cell phone spy software for android has user –friendly interface in terms of installation and as well when it comes to the usage of all of its state of the art and powerful features.

Once the user subscribed to the best android monitoring app, you will have an online control panel. Where you can perform android monitoring activities and can get the results and information you are looking for in terms of parenting and monitoring of your employees at the workplace. OgyMOgy provides multiple subscription plans within your affordability and provides users an exciting way to set parental control on children’s digital activities and to spy on employees.

Significance of OgyMOgy Spy App for Android

  • Digital parenting and employee monitoring features
  • Remote control target android devices of children and employees
  • GPS location tracker to get pin-point location of children and employees
  • Online and real-life monitoring of children and employees surrounds
  • Guarantee you to protect your kids from cyber dangers as online predators
  • Catch dishonest employees that are involved in something fishy
  • Employers can increase the productivity of the business
  • Monitor android mobile phones, tablets and pads
  • Set your monitoring preferences according to your needs

OgyMogy for android monitoring is not for intrusive and illicit surveillance unless you have written consent

How to Install OgyMOgy Phone Spy App for Android?

How to Install OgyMOgy Phone Spy App for Android

Four steps to install the best spyware for android phones

Step 1: Subscribe with OgyMOgy Android Tracking App

First of all, you need to visit the official website of the OgyMOgy best spy app for Android. Once you have reached there, then you need to subscribe specifically for the best android tracker. Then you will receive an email then contains the credentials in terms of password and ID. Moreover, you have to have physical access to the target android cellphone or tablet.

Step 2: Get Physical Access on the Target Android Device

The moment you have got physical access on the target device of your children or employees own by the end-user. Then you simply need to get started with the installation process of the phone monitoring app for Android. Once you have completed the installation procedure, then you have to activate it on the target Android. During the activation process, the user will receive a pop–up message that says you can use it secretly or openly. Now you have to choose an option suits you the most and activate the mobile tracking app for android on the target cell phone.

Step 3: Get Access to Android Spy App Online Control Panel

Now it is time to use the password and ID that you have got through an email at the time you have subscribed for OgyMOgy cellphone spying software. Then you will be able to get access to an online control panel of the phone tracking app for Android. Once you have access to the spyware for android web portal then you can access all the parenting and employee monitoring features.

Step 4: Android Monitoring on the Go

Get started with the hidden spy apps for android having efficient and accurate tracking tools to get access to the target device. Moreover, visit the control panel settings and you will have the window where you need to put all the features at “ON” mode in case they are at “OFF” mode. Once you have ended up with, you will start getting the entire data stored on the target android cellphone device. But when it comes to the activities they are going to be performed and the data of the particular activities don’t store on the target device, you need to operate the particular features to get it.

The features that you need to use on-demand are call recording, surround monitoring. Remote android controller, phone bugging, and screen recorder are also demanded features. The rest of the features are the ones that give you instant results in terms of data stored on the device and you will get through your web portal. Now let’s discuss all the features you need to monitor the target android cellphones and gadgets. Use Android spy to Set parental control on children’s digital activities and for employee monitoring.

OgyMogy Android Spy App Features

OgyMogy Android Spy App Features

Phone Bug

An end-user can remotely get control over the target device MIC. They can record surround sounds and conversations by using the listen to microphone surroundings. Further, you can control the video camera to record surround visuals with video camera spy app and you can also control the camera of the Android device and capture images. The user can get the data of all the activities having access to the dashboard.

Call Recording

The secret phone recording app for android record and listen to the incoming and phone calls in real-time. Moreover, you can view the call history on the android with a call history Android tracker.

Social Media Messenger Spy Software

Now monitor IM’s logs such as text messages, text conversations, shared media in terms of photos and videos, audio and video conversations, and Voice calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, and telegram. It is very effective for both parenting and employee monitoring activities.

Screen Recorder

It enables a user to perform live screen recording of the target android device screen.  It can be initiate by making back to back short videos. You can view uploaded videos to the control panel and get to know the screen activities. The user can do screen recording as chrome screen recording, installed, and running social media apps on the screen. They can also do SMS screen recording, YouTube screen recording, Gmail screen recording, and last but not the least password chaser.

Keystrokes Logging

You can get your hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, and email keystrokes.

Spy on Text Messages

View all the text messages sent or received on the target device such as SMS, MMS, iMessages, and heads up tickers notification.

GPS Location Tracker

You can view the Android phone GPS location of your target user through the Android tracker. Android location can be tracked through GPS tracker of the mobile phone tracking software. It further empowers the user to get the current and exact location and monitor location history such as weekly GPS tracking history and you can set monitoring preferences. However, you create Geo-fence to mark safe and restricted areas.

Email Spy

The user can monitor all sent/received emails on the target device by using the email monitoring app for Android. They can get to know the content and contacts of the email with Gmail tracker app.

 Phone Data Spy

You can get access to the target device and data such as captured screenshots. You can view saved photos to the android phone gallery, saved contacts, and listen to the Voice recording files. All you can do it with the phone data spy app.

Internet Spy

It empowers the user to view the browsing activities that happen on the target android cellphone. These browsing activities include visited and bookmark websites.

Remote Phone Controller

You can use a remote controller to get access installed apps list remotely and further you can lock and unlock the target device. You can perform remote dashboard command and set your own monitoring preferences and you can remotely uninstall the app. However, the user can block text messages remotely and incoming calls of strangers. Additionally, you can block the internet access on the target android device and can block all the activities that require the internet on the target android device.


OgyMogy cell phone spy app is the best tool to perform digital and real-life parenting. OM remote controls are very effective to supervise employee’s productivity. It will give the user a cunning edge and let parents know preliminary cyber dangers in order to protect kids’ and teens’ online privacy.