How Can I Tell If My Phone Has A Spy App On It?

how can i tell if my phone has a spy app on it

Are you worried that someone is spying on your phone?

Anyone can access phone activities like text messages, saved media files, or online locations.

But -how to find out if anyone spied on my cell phone?

The cell phone is everyone’s private device that can save images, videos, and personal files. Sadly, this can be seen by anyone from a long distance because spyware allows people to install monitoring software on android or iPhone.

So, it’s possible to track someone’s phone without their permission.

This blog will explain how to spot any spy app on your phone. And how to protect your phone from any spy software? Now! Let’s discuss it.

What Is A Spy App?

Typically Spy apps monitor the digital devices of your kids, employees, and loved ones.

Usually, it’s sneaky and hides from targeted devices. It runs in the background mode. With spyware, You can find every online activity of your employees, kids, and anyone you want to know.

Spy apps include SMS monitoring, call recording, location tracker, key logger, and microphone spy to hear surround listening.

How To Get Spy Apps?

Do you know how to get a spy app on your device?

It can be installed on your device deliberately by someone. That might contain several reasons to do it.

But first, you must know the best spy app; after this, you should know about their installation procedure.

After completely getting the app, you’ll be able to track anyone’s online activities. For tracking, digital devices-you should purchase the app or log in to see their tracking and monitoring activities.

How To Detect Spy Software On Cell Phones?

Spotted any spy software on your phone could be more straightforward. Usually, tracking software works in stealth mode. However, it means no one can find any online activity, so if someone is monitoring your phone activities.

However, a few things alert you if you have a spy app on your device. So, look at the below and come to know about that.

Battery Draining

If! Someone monitors your device. So, keep noticing your phone’s battery life.

Your battery is draining rapidly, it’s a sign of any spy software on your device.

Sudden battery draining indicates that anyone has monitored you secretly.
Without the overuse of cell phones, a dying battery quickly isn’t a positive sign. So it’s time to check all your phone applications and find hidden apps.

Overheat Device

Another thing that you should notice is your cell phone’s temperature.

If you see your phone is overheating without any apparent reason. There are many aspects to heating your device.

It may be the outside temperature, making long calls, or playing a game that goes phone temperature out if you are not on your device or feel it hot while touching. So, that is the cause of any third-party app on it.

Hear Wired Sounds During Phone Calls

Did you notice any clicking sound, static noise, or airy drift? Usually, it happens due to poor connection or low network coverage area. If it usually occurs during phone calls. So, your calls are recorded by monitoring software because it produces weird background noise.

The Phone Takes A Long Time To Shut Down

When you shut down your device, the operating system will take time to close all apps. Hence, you don’t lose their progress and prevent corrupted files from crashing. Because tracking software didn’t design with a shutdown option, that kind of software pushes more resources to remain active.

How To Get Rid Of Spy Software From My Phone?

After notice, all changes on your device. You have to take the step to remove that kind of app from it.

Change Phone Security Code

Spy apps attack your device privacy settings. So, you must change your device password as soon as possible from another device. The cyber criminal gets your phone security key if you don’t do it. It will help if you use a strong password to protect your device.

Update Phone Apps

You should update your phone and apps regularly because updates come with several security patches to protect you from malware.

Updated antivirus recognizes the lasts online threats and helps to date the operating system that can help you to secure your device from tracking apps on your device.

Reset Phone To Factory Setting

Another effective way to remove spyware from your phone is to reset your device. These processes wipe all your accounts, files, and secret phone information before resetting your device and backup your phone and your id.

How To Protect Your Phone From Undetectable Spy Apps?

Now you should understand how to protect your device from the tracking software on your phone. So, let’s read the below lines that help you protect your device as much as possible.

Lock Your Phone

Phone security keys are a great choice. So, put PIN codes, patterns, passwords, and face locks on your device. It stops anyone’s using your phone without any consent. So it is good to protect your device.

Don't Leave Your Phone

If you leave your phone, it’s easy for anyone to install any third-party app. Because they direct get access and run any app on it. So, keep your phone private from anyone that can install any.

Hide Your Private Files

The cell phone tracker app allows you to access your phone’s private photos and videos. So, keep hiding your media files in the encrypted layer.

Check Apps Permission

When you install any new app on your device, see ask permissions. Check the app access to your phone media gallery, contact, or anything else. So, pay attention to asking permission that can secure your phone data.


Spy apps can directly gain your phone permission. It accesses all information on your cell phones secretly. Remember, a cell phone monitoring app install on your device to get physical access. So, this information helps you to detect any spy app on your device and protect it from it.

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