How Is Email Monitoring Possible With Email Spy Software?

email monitoring

Email spy software has gained popularity over the years worldwide.  Nowadays, companies are interested in what you are doing online using business-owned phones, tablets, and computer devices connected to cyberspace.

No one would like to share their digital footprints with anyone, but privacy does not extend to the workplace unless you use business devices and send and receive emails.

Your boss can read your emails, and he/she would have a better justification for it.

Employee’s communications monitoring policies are clearly and fairly apply in business emails.

Are you a boss?

Do you want to read the emails of your employees?

Use the best email spying app on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices.

Most employees don’t realize that what you do online is business property because you use business devices at the workplace.

Bosses are using sly tricks over the years that enable them to delve into emails running on business devices.

Why Should Bosses Spy On Emails?

Do you know that the use of email monitoring app has become a norm?

  • Almost 77% of U.S companies do believe in spying emails at the workplace

Data breaches are on the rise, and today you have to employ tracking software for employee’s emails.

Otherwise, you are risking your business trade secrets, deals, blueprints, and your upcoming strategies to your competitor.

Therefore, you need to stop procrastination, and you have to employ an email spy app. You can do surveillance on email activity on business devices using the email spy app.

  • Spam and malware is a crucial concern for business firms of all types
  • Malware and email scams are complex, and business firms have to employ highly sophisticated monitoring software
  • The most common malware attacks that can hack business emails are blended attacks
  • Most of the attacks on business firms occur through emails
  • Email malware mining happen through malicious links

Why Is Email Spy Necessary For Business Professionals?

The use of emails has risen over the last several years, and today employees are more likely to sign in on emails on business phones than PCs and computer devices.

It means businesses are on the verge of destruction without tracking emails.

Cellphone device makes employees stay logged in all the time on emails, and there would be more chances to breach a business’s data.

Following are some stats showing the importance of email monitoring:

  • The use of Email is growing day by day, and it is growing 2 to 3% every year worldwide
  • Since 2018 and up to 2023, it has grown and will grow faster
  • 43% of business firms spend on email marketing
  • 9 billion Email Active users are present worldwide
  • American employees used to receive 126 emails a day on business devices
  • 5 emails sent in the year 2019
  • Up to 60% of emails open occurs on cellphones
  • 82 of employees check business emails after business hours

Email is an integral part of daily business routine work and for communication nowadays.

It has become compulsory for internet operations. The workplace operations require email accounts like email addresses, and employees have to sign in for social networks and instant messaging apps.

Moreover, for any online activity, email sign-in has become compulsory.  Email spy software can do a handy job for you to secure your business.

You can further read the communication of employees with clients and with fellow employees.

How To Choose Best Email Spying App For Business Safety?

Emails are one of the weakest points of a business firm these days. A single attached file with your email can trick employees’ passwords.

Hackers can expose business networks via email, so you have to secure the weakest point of your business.

Email hacking has become a soft target for most hackers and scammers, and they use it as an entry point to breach business-owned data from business-owned devices.

You can choose the best email monitoring software known as OgyMogy.

You need to follow the steps given below to choose the best spy software for email:

Step1: Subscribe To Ogymogy Spy Software

Do you want to track an employee’s email account? You can do that to secure your business to the next level, but you have to visit the OgyMogy webpage.

Further, gets a subscription following the OS of your target device. It will send you an email, and you can get credentials.

Step2: Choose The Target Device & Get Physical Access

Now get your hands on the target device and start the installation process. You have to complete the installation process and activate it on the target device.

Step3: Activate The Secure Web Portal & Use Features To Spy Email

It is time to use credentials and activate the OgyMogy dashboard remotely. Further, you can choose the best features for spying emails on business devices, like cellphones, PCs, and computers.

What Is The OgyMogy Email Spy App?

OgyMogy spy software has developed in pace against the threats business firms are facing these days.

It is one of the sophisticated email spy tools in the market that works secretly on business devices. It is easy to configure on the target device.

The application is user-friendly and packed with dozens of features to track phones, PCs, and computer devices.

If you want to track and monitor someone’s email, you can use screenshots, a screen recorder, and an email tracking feature to get the job done.

OgyMogy Best Features For Email Monitoring That You Need To Know

The tracking software can track sent and received emails by using the following mentioned tools.


Users can use the OgyMogy dashboard and access the online web portal, where you can choose screenshots.

It enables you to capture screenshots on target android phones and computer devices to read and monitor sent and received emails.

Users can view screenshots by visiting the secure web portal.

Keystrokes Logger

Users can use the keystrokes logging app to spy on emails. Users can use it to get email keystrokes, like email passwords and email communication keystrokes.

Screen Recorder

Screen recording enables users to record videos of the target device screen active with Gmail. Further, it sends the recorded videos to the dashboard. Users can view the recorded videos and get to know what is happening on the target Gmail account.

Email Monitoring

Email monitoring empowers you to read sent and received emails, attached files, spam, inbox, and trash emails to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Spy On Someone’s Email On Android?

Yes, you can spy on someone’s email on an android phone without root, but you have to have spying software for cellphones to read sent and received Gmail emails.

You can install OgyMogy email spying software on the target android cellphone or tablet device and use email monitoring.

It enables users to read emails, capture screenshots, and record live android screens to record videos when the target device is active with email.

How To Spy On Emails On The Computer?

You can spy on emails on computer devices running with mac and windows OS. You have to use a computer tracking app to monitor emails on windows and mac devices.

You need to visit OgyMogy tracking software and get a subscription for windows and mac devices.

Further, you can install the license on both computer devices, use the features via an online web portal, read sent, and receive emails to the fullest.

Is It Possible For Employers To Monitor Emails Secretly?

Yes, employers can track emails secretly on cellphones, PCs, and computers without them knowing.

However, you need to secretly use the OgyMogy spying app to spy on your employee’s business devices.

It remains hidden on the target device active with an email account. You can capture screenshots, keystrokes and record live target device screens to view live email activities.


Email monitoring is at your fingertips if you choose OgyMogy email spy software.

It can secretly work on the target device and monitor your emails in real-time. You can use it to secure your business to the fullest by keeping an eye on employee’s email activity.