OgyMogy Windows Spy Software Complete Guide

OgyMogy Windows Spy Software Complete Guide

OgyMogy Windows Monitoring App Features, Installation Guide and Manifesto (Desktop, Laptop, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)

OgyMogy has announced its world’s best computer monitoring software that empowers the end-user to remotely and invisibly capable of tracking windows laptop and desktop machines. It is developed to provide digital parenting and employee monitoring solutions. It is very convincing and very convenient in terms of both online and offline activities.

On the other hand, the powerful windows spy software coming up with plenty of windows tracking features.  The spy app for windows computer devices features would be very effective for the protection of the end-users. It totally interests in terms of secretly and efficiently spying on the target device. The end-user will be able to gather information from the target windows laptop device with the time stamp, remotely and most of the cases in real-time as well.

It will provide an online control panel to play your windows monitoring cards in terms of powerful features. You will be able to know about the activities and exact information stored on the target device. Let’s discuss how the end-user can get started with the windows monitoring app and what the features you need to monitor your children’s digital activities and to make a check on your employee’s productivity.

How to install OgyMogy Windows Tracking Software?

How to install OgyMogy Windows Tracking Software

End user has to go through with three steps installation process. Let’s get started with!

Step1: Subscribe with OgyMogy PC and Computer Monitoring App

The very initial step end-user has to take and that particular step is to visit the official website of the OgyMogy Computer tracking software. Then you need to have the subscription with credentials such as password and ID via an email sent to your web address. Further, you need to have physical access to your target window laptop or desktop device for the installation process.

Step2: Activate Windows Spy Software

The moment you have ended up with the installation process on the target device. The next move that you have to make is to activate the windows surveillance app on the target device. Moreover, during the activation process, the user will see a pop –up message on the screen. It provides two options to the end-user. The first option is to use the computer monitoring app for windows secretly and the second one is to use it as it. Now choose your best option in accordance with your needs and activate it on the target device.

Step3: Get Access to OgyMOgy Online Control Panel

Now it is the right time to use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription. Get access to the OgyMOgy windows tracking app online control panel. Once you have access, then you will have all the contemporary and powerful windows monitoring tools in your hands. You can use all of them in order to monitor your target device at very according to your needs. Let’s discuss all of the major features of the OgyMOgy windows monitoring app.

OgyMogy Spy Software for Windows Features

OgyMogy Spy Software for Windows Features

On-demand Screenshots

End-user can remotely capture screenshots of all the activities being performed on the target device screen. Users can apply a number of time intervals in order to get multiple screenshots. Users can get on-demand screenshots means they can get it whenever they needed.

Block Websites

You can block the particular websites that user think these are not appropriate for the target users. So, simply you need to do is to put all the URLs of the websites into the filters, and consequently, users won’t be able to get access to the blocked or inappropriate websites.

User –friendly Reports

The end users can get user –friendly reports of all the activities happen on the target MAC laptop device. These reports can be view secret mode of monitoring, browsing history with complete time stamp via screenshots.

Mighty Alarms

The user can fix mighty alarms on the particular activities that end-user have realized are frequently happen on the target Windows device. Whenever target user performs the particular activity which alarm has fixed, the user will get instant alerts.

Real-Time Monitoring

Users can perform real time windows monitoring of all the activities. Get to know happening on the target device with a complete-time schedule and will stay updated.

Online Offline Tracking

The users can perform both online and offline spying on the target window desktop devices. They can get to know the activities to the fullest.

Invisible Mode Tracking

It empowers the user to sheath mode tracking on the windows computer machine. OgyMogy windows app keeps you updated regarding all the information on the targeted device.

Sent/received Emails

End-user can monitor all sent or received emails of Gmail on the target device with a complete time stamp.

Visited Websites

Users can monitor and get access to the URLs of all the visited websites. They can also view bookmarked websites on the target device browser to the fullest.

Visited Apps

Similarly to the websites, users can also monitor all the apps being used on desktop or tablet. You can also monitor windows laptop computer machines with a complete time stamp.

OgyMogy Windows Surveillance App Manifesto

Purely and surely it is all about your attitude that how you make your choice to use the particular monitoring software for windows. However, we only recommend it for legal purposes such as setting parental control on children. You may also monitor the employee’s activities and location. But when it comes to illicit and intrusive surveillance, OgyMogy cellphone and computer monitoring don’t allow the user to use it for negative and illegal purposes.

Additionally, a user can use it for the protection of the children’s online and real-life activities. You can prevent cyber vulnerabilities that can harm your teens such as online bullies, cyberstalking, drug abuse. You may also prevent online dating or doing uncommitted sex among teens. When it comes to the employee monitoring, a user can get access to the company’s owned windows devices and can monitor each and every single activity in order to prevent time-wasting, check on productivity, data protection, and data backup and last but not the least tracking GPS location of the employees that work in a field.


OgyMogy computer tracking app for windows is the most reliable, powerful, and ultimate monitoring tool for parenting and employee monitoring. Let’s get started to provide children to save online activities that should be full of knowledge. Let’s flourish your business full of productivity and to catch dishonest employees. Those employees who are involved in something fishy that can destroy your business.

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