Is WhatsApp Call Recording Possible on Android

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Is WhatsApp Call Recording Possible on Android

WhatsApp is the messaging app that has gained worldwide popularity. It is not just about texting. You can also make voice and video calls, voice messages, and share multimedia. So, it is a free source of verbal and non-verbal communication that you can download on your internet-connected android phones.

WhatsApp VoIP calls beneficial for users over the years, but nowadays, many of us look forward to WhatsApp call recording. Is WhatsApp call recording possible on android? Today, we discuss who wants to record audio and video calls on Whatsapp and how to do it?

You can record and listen to the one-sided WhatsApp Voice calls on any android phone, but you have to get your hands on the best WhatsApp call recording software. OgyMogy is one of the few non-rooted spy apps that empower you to monitor messaging apps. It makes it possible for users to record voice and video calls on the social messaging app.

Install OgyMogy Spy App In Android To Record VoIP Calls On WhatsApp

You need to subscribe best spy app for android by visiting the official webpage of the OgyMogy monitoring app. Further, you can get your hands on the non-rooted cell phone to configure the WhatsApp spy app.

You can visit the online dashboard after the successful installation process on the target device. Users can activate the Voice call recorder for WhatsApp, and it will start recording one-sided voice and video calls on android active with the instant messaging app. It delivers the recorded calls data to an online dashboard. Users can access the dashboard and listen to the messaging app recorded voice calls.

Here are the following people who want to record and listen to the WhatsApp calls on android phones without them knowing. The objective of recording audio and video calls is for safety but not for breaching privacy.

Why do Parents want to record & listen to WhatsApp calls?

Young kids are obsessed with messaging apps, and they spend hours and hours on them. They use instant messaging apps all day long to send and receive messages, share media, voice messages, audio, and video calls. Teens are using social messaging apps for online dating, sexting, and sharing nudes with others. Social messaging apps have increased the screen-time of youngsters. So, parents want to know how they can record WhatsApp calls and track WhatsApp activity.

  • Parents want to protect teens from cyber predators
  • They want to prevent teens from sexting
  • Parents want to monitor shared videos and photos
  • They want to decrease kid’s screen-time on cellphones

1 out of 3 teens become the victims of cyberbullying, and 12% of teens get access to adult WhatsApp group links to watch nudes. Moreover, they make voice calls, audio, and video strangers after exchanging contacts with strangers on other social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, spy on Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and many more.

What makes Employers listen to employees’ WhatsApp calls?

Business professionals do provide android phones and tablet devices to employees. Employees are more likely to use official phones for messaging and chatting with friends and family.  Disgruntled employees can leak business privacy and can sell trade secrets to competitors. They can share secret documents on messaging apps like WhatsApp. So, employers want to know which app can spy on WhatsApp for business safety.

  • Employers want to improve business productivity
  • Business professionals want to prevent time-wasting on voice calls
  • They want to monitor and track shared media and documents on WhatsApp
  • They want to record and listen to WhatsApp calls on official phones

Employees waste 32% of working hours on business phones, and 3% of employees could breach business privacy via messaging apps. So, they want to get their hands on the WhatsApp monitoring app to monitor chats, messages, and voice calls on Android devices.

Fraudulent Free Apps & Methods for WhatsApp Call recording

Many free apps claim to record audio and video calls on Android phones. Believe it or not, they are worthless, a waste of time, and could ask you to root your target android phone to record VoIP calls on WhatsApp. It could damage your cell phone device, and you may lose your cell phone.

You should know free apps available on the web are time-wasting because free WhatsApp call recording apps work on a few devices. Free solutions on the web could face hardware differences and software limitations.

So, free applications that claim to record Voice calls on messaging app like WhatsApp has limitations, and they are more likely to give you nothing but a failure. No matter free apps available on the Play Store do not mean that you can use them and get the job done.

Android has come up with new OS versions that don’t let free WhatsApp call recording apps record VoIP calls. Free apps for recording Voice calls are not free because they use target device data in return by asking for plenty of permissions. So, nothing is free; you have to pay for your data in return.

Free Method How To Record WhatsApp Calls on Android Phone

Is it bothering you to know how to perform WhatsApp call recording? Well! We have come up with a free method to record messaging app calls using another device.  Freeways are hectic and, time taking to get the job done. Free tactics are different for every android OS device, and you may not record live WhatsApp audio and video calls.

You can turn the speaker on mode on an android phone and record WhatsApp calls using another device. You should have another device that needs a recorder to record voice calls on your android phone.  Suppose your cell phone is active with the voice call on WhatsApp and another device does not have a recorder, and then you have to do something else. You have to have a third-party application that allows you to record and listen to Voice calls on the social messaging app.

You don’t want to ignore voice conversations on messaging app and want to take notes. Download the app on your secondary device. It can record live WhatsApp conversations in real-time. So, when you receive a VoIP call on WhatsApp on android, use your secondary device and use the application. It will record voice conversations and convert the audio calls into text messages.


The third-party app does not record calls on android. You have to use it on another device to record live WhatsApp calls on android. It is a hectic method, and you cannot record WhatsApp calls on someone’s cell phone without them knowing.  You can only use it for yourself but cannot use it for WhatsApp call recording on someone else phone.


OgyMogy is non-rooted cell phone spy software for android that empowers parents and employers to record WhatsApp calls without root. It is an undetectable and hidden spying application. It can easily hide the app icon on the target device, and record Voice calls on WhatsApp. Apart from voice calls, you can monitor text messages, chats conversations, media files, and logs voice and video calls of messaging apps.