Explicit Content Online: The Bad Stuff Still Gets Through to Teens Digital Devices

Explicit Content Online The Bad Stuff Still Gets Through to Teens Digital Devices

When children become independent in terms of using digital devices, the internet may encounter certain things that could be inappropriate for their age and even for development. Today, young teens are spending plenty of time interacting with multiple types of media likewise internet compare to any other activity. Today, 95% of the children, teens are used to staying online on their digital devices.

However, 74% of the children are able to use the internet likewise on phone, tablet. Since the last decade and more, the use of the internet has significantly increased. Therefore, teens are more likely to get access or accidentally got their eyes on explicit content. No matter what if the teens have got the access deliberately or been unintentional to the inappropriate content via the internet the effects on children would be the same.

Normally, experts say that teens got exposed to sexually explicit content through multiple mediums such as unsolicited links, email attachments, chat rooms, social media apps, and last but not least by searching particularly.

According to Daily Sunday Express Reports:

  • 25% of children between the age of 13 -15 have seen sexually explicit images virtually
  • 28% of teens used to of sending, receiving photos on cell phone device using social media apps
  • Almost 1 out 4 that is nearly 28% young children within the age of 10 -12 have written about alcohol-related posts on social messaging apps, websites.
  • 37% of tweens between the age of 13 -15 have seen photos, videos of the friends being drunk or drug abused
  • 13% of children have got attracted and being pressurized by their peers to drink alcohol

According to the poll held for the industry –funded charity Drinkaware and parenting charity family lives “800 parents and 600 children: 87% parents think that kids are growing very fast, 86% parents says it is all about to massive exposure to technology. Moreover, 74% parents says that their kids are facing far more serious issues such as explicit content online, massive exposure to technology, drug abuse, sex and smoking as compare to their childhood.

Why Children View Explicit Content Online Using Digital Devices?

Even though getting information through explicit content that children exposed to online still remains a myth, but over the years with the rise and the rise of technology diverse range of sexually explicit content gets through children’s digital devices. The most dangerous part is all the content that is explicitly available online is free and teens are willingly or accidentally have got exposure to it. Moreover, the rising issue of sexting is another problem that is on the rise among young children. The depiction of sexual acts is presented through cell phone cameras, and the internet via live webcams recorded shortly sexually explicit videos likewise using social media platforms.

Reason Behind children exposure to explicit content online

  • Tweens usually got curiosity
  • Sexual Arousal among teens
  • To seek information/education
  • Excessive use of digital devices & cyberspace

Less common reasons for children exposure to explicit content online

  • Humor
  • To build sexual confidence
  • To break the roles

Teen’s encounters with explicit content online are usually in graphics or could be in the form of text. Moreover, researchers do believe that exposure to inappropriate content online is associated with a teen’s sexual attitudes, behavior, and relationships.

Inappropriate content online & its Impact on teens

There are plenty of negative outcomes to the teens that are used to accessing inappropriate or sexually explicit content online by using their mobile phones connected to the cyberspace. So, we have come to know the following points where inappropriate content impacts a lot. Parents can block access of inappropriate websites that provide adult content by using OgyMogy.

Attitude & beliefs

Unnatural exposure towards relationships, sexual activities, they won’t be able to make a difference between fantasy- realities. Moreover, children also got preoccupation with sex, sexually permissive attitudes. They also got a positive attitude regarding casual and recreational sex. Male teen’s views got shaped by female teens as sexual objects.

Sexual behavior

The obsession of teens with inappropriate content online in terms of photos, videos, and others shape other kinds of sexual behavior likewise against nature. They do believe to have sexual activities with drug abuse. Peer pressure is one of the major reasons kids get exploit towards explicit content online.

Sell –the concept of body image

Mostly young female teens that always stick with inappropriate content online via cell phones, gadgets got insecurities about the body image and lack of intimacy performance among male teens.

Social Development

Teens that are obsessed with inappropriate content online with the use of smartphones, social media apps, dating apps, porn sites usually got problems of misconduct at school. Moreover, social maladjustment is also one of the major impacts teens have got these days. Moreover, symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress are common factors.

Sexual Aggression

Male teens that have been regularly exploited to explicit content ultimately become online and real-life predators. They do believe in sexual harassment, always got involved in teens bullying online, harassment in real –life and make slut-shaming activities with the opposite gender. At the end of the day, sexual violence is very common among explicit content addict teens.

How to protect teens from explicit content online?

Teen’s exposure to explicit or inappropriate content online happens through the internet and digital devices. It means parents can prevent children access to the inappropriate content if they are successfully filtered, monitor, hack, and track their teen’s cell phones, gadgets, computer machines. I mean, it is just a matter of facts of minutes if parents are able to monitor kids’ devices connected to the internet. Modern high –tech cell phone and computer surveillance apps enable parents to track text messages, social media monitoring, browsing history tracking even to perform live screen recording of teens cell phone, desktop laptop devices. All they just need to put their hands on the best PC and phone monitoring software.


Don’t bother what your teens are accessing on the web; just put your teen’s digital devices under constant surveillance by using parental control apps for mobile phones and PCs.