Parents’ Guide To Phone Tracking Apps

parents guide to phone tracking apps

Parents are reluctant enough to install tracking apps on their teen cell phones. There are plenty of reasons behind that have pushed parents over the recent years, such as cyberbullying, online dating, adult content, hidden whereabouts, and stranger dangers.

Parents can guide their teens about phone tracking apps, and we have come up with the best guide for you that brings a win-win situation for you.

Top 5 Reasons For Parents To Add Phone Tracking App On Teen's Phones

Here are the reasons that force parents to think about it every day and find solutions to track their teens.

  1. To track hidden whereabouts of teens
  2. To track the location history of teens to know where they are? and where they have been at a certain point in times
  3. To trace kids trapped by sex offenders in real-time
  4. To know about the pinpoint location of your drug abuse child
  5. To protect teens from blind dating by tracking their current location

These are the few but necessary tracking necessities of parents that enable them to safeguard teens at the time and the place of their choosing. Tracking apps come in handy when these sorts of issues come in parent’s way.

To know more, let’s discuss how to use the phone tracker to keep an eye on teens.

Young people are experiencing dating violence these days, and 1 in 4 teens face intimate partner violence, according to the National Intimate Partner survey. So, mobile trackers help out parents to protect college-going teens.

  • Drug abuse has increased among the students of 8th-grade from 2016 to 2020; National Center for Drug Abuse statistics show that
  • Almost 62% of 12th-grade teens used to take alcohol at parties & hidden places with peers
  • College-age women become the victim of date rape, and the ratio has risen from 13% to 27% over the years
  • Almost 365,348 kids are missing in NCIC entries in the United States

The addition of a phone tracker on your teen’s phone helps parents keep an eye on their GPS location. So, parents should opt for the technological tools no time ever before.

How Do Phone Tracking Apps Work?

Are you thinking about installing a tracker app for your phone on your kid’s phone?

You may ask: How does the mobile tracking app work?

How does the tracking software help parents?

Is there any drawback to using cell phone tracking software?

If you have an ambiguous mind, and you may think it will break the trust between you and your teens. You don’t need to worry! We have a guide to deal with trust issues and others.

Once you install a parental tracking app alongside the monitoring features on a teen’s phone, what happens? Let me tell you tracker software will use the GPS of your target device known as the Global positioning system. It is a technology mechanism that revolves around the earth and gets real-time location data of the connected devices via applications.

Every application or software has limited capacities, and contemporary phones are coming with a built-in GPS feature. However, the cell phone GPS provides the location, but not fully accurate. The phone tracker you want to add to a teen’s phone can track instant GPS location.

Are There Drawbacks To Using Phone Tracker Apps?

Apart from the benefits of mobile tracking apps, you may face drawbacks. The constant surveillance on kids for tracking GPS lies under the privacy breaching. Young teen after a specific age, they can live their private lives.

However, parents can track teens without them knowing unless they become adults. Moreover, parents can also monitor mature teens, but with consent by telling the security concerns.

Parents do believe that the spying and tracking of teens are legal no matter what.  Law says parents can track teen’s location if they own the device and with consent.

Parents cannot breach their teen’s privacy if they do not own the device.  Are they mature enough to look after themselves? You cannot invade their privacy by all means.

Teens have multiple options when it comes to the usage of mobile tracking technology. They can allow their parents to track them whenever they need, but parents cannot breach the privacy of mature teens without having their consent. Invasion of privacy is against the law, and parents should act according to the cyber laws.

How To Take Teens Into Confidence About The Usage Of Mobile Tracker Apps?

The experts believe that if you are trying to install mobile phone tracking apps without permission on a teen’s phone, you should take them into confidence. You can discuss with your teens you are feeling worried when they are outside the house and come late. You can ask your teen to promise she will not go anyplace without taking their parents into confidence.

Top Tips To Make Your Teen Agree To Use Phone Tracker On Their Phone

  • Discuss your insecurities about your teen’s safety
  • Talk to them what are the advantages of the cell phone trackers
  • Show them how much you can get an insight into their location
  • Please don’t use other tools of mobile trackers like call recording, social media monitoring, surround recording, read messages, and browsing history without their consent
  • Discuss what phone tracking apps are all about and why you are using them
  • Tell them you can track them in an emergency like bullying, kidnapping, and date rape
  • Win their trust politely and tell it is all about their safety, and you have no intentions to breach their privacy

You can remind your teens that the world is full of predators, bullies, and sex –offenders, and they could trap a stranger at any point in time. Therefore, you want to install a mobile tracker that enables you to track the GPS, location history, route maps, and pinpoint the location.

Parents need to win the trust and make a win-win situation for their children and themselves.

If you are an underage teen, then you can track your teen in secret using a hidden phone tracker on their digital devices? Yes, you can do it! However, you can give your teen a demo and ask them to choose suitable features.

Further, allow your teens what features would unveil their privacy. It will make your teen understood that you love her and you want to protect her.

The usage of phone tracking software empowers you to the location of your teens also effective in bug surroundings, track messages, social messaging apps, internet history, keystrokes, and many others. You decide yourself that how you want to track your child and what are the limitations?