10 Questions Before Using Android Spy App On Kids Cell Phone

Questions Before Using Android Spy App On Kids Cell Phone

You can find apps on the web about anything nowadays, and android spy apps are in numbers. Several companies are selling spy applications for monitoring and spying on your cellphones for their digital well-being.

Surveillance companies that offer services for a noble cause, like kids’ online safety and monitoring your workforce for business productivity, are the real ones.

Spying on your kids and employees without consent is a privacy breach. The question arises should our kids have cell phones?

They have them, and they spend plenty of time on their screens.  Few questions you should ask yourself before they use a spy app on their android phones.

According to the Center on Media & Child Health:

Here are the stats that you need to know about your kids to take an affirm decision before spying on their smartphones:

  • It shows that more than 22% of children ages 6 to 9 have smartphones
  • 60% of kids ages 1- -14 have cell phones and internet access
  • 85% of kids ages 15 -18 have internet connected phones

Several parents have tried to read children’s text messages. Pew Research center says more than 50% of parents has admitted that they have access to kids’ cellphones without knowing them.

Few parents have used an android spy tool to read chats and messages on their cellphones connected to cyberspace. More than 60% of parents have checked websites, social media activity, and call logs. We think that could be the reason children have started using self-destructive messaging apps like Snapchat.

Many spy app users should ask whether they should spy on cell phones for kid’s safety and employee monitoring. Does it depend on how much kids are secure online?

What pushes you to monitor your target cell phone? We would like you to evaluate your need to use spy software. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before using a phone spy app.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Spy On Cell Phones

Here are the few questions parents, employers, and individuals should ask themselves before spying on someone’s cell phone devices.

1) Do You Suspect They Are Doing Something Inappropriate?

  • Are your child, employee, and loved one suddenly panicked when you are on their shoulders?
  • Do they check their smartphones back and forth and go out of the way to hide their cell phone screens?
  • Your child may be talking to a stranger, and your employee tries to steal business data. Once you are sure that

Once you are sure that something is happening under the carpet then ask yourself do you have a right to use a spy application.

2) Do You Believe That They Are In Danger?

Do you believe that your child is in danger? You should ask your child how they are vulnerable to themselves using smartphones. Suppose your child is not admitting what you are suspecting about them online.

You can verbally warn your child about the consequences, but you can make up your mind to safeguard your child online. Users can dig out cell phone activity on their smartphones by putting hidden spy software for android phones on your child’s phone.

Before you spy on your kids, you should politely alarm them about the online vulnerabilities that could pose threats to them.

Do they have the worst track record?

You can put your parental part into play when you already know about the worst track of your child.  Once parents have found that their child has shared their privacy and browsed inappropriate websites, you should opt for a solution.

  • It is the time to spy on the phone without them knowing.
  • Parents can make random checks on their smartphones.
  • However, ask yourself for the last time using a phone spy app on their smartphones.

3) Are You Doing It For Your Curiosity?

Many people want to spy on someone’s cell phone for curiosity.  They want to know what is happening on cellphone secretly. Privacy breaching and intrusive surveillance on cellphones without consent is a crime. Think thrice before you install android spying software on someone’s cellphone for breaching anyone’s privacy.

4) Are You Spying On Kids’ Phones For Their Digital Well-being?

Parents are insecure these days to protect their children online. The online vulnerabilities and many cases reportedly say that young kids become victims of online bullying. So, parents start chasing their kids online. Spy technology brings multiple ways to safeguard kids online and fascinates parents to spy on cell phones connected to cyberspace. Are you doing it for your kid’s safety? You can do it because you are responsible for their online safety.

5) Do You Want To Monitor Employees To Have Better Productivity?

You can ask yourself why you are lurking to spy on business devices using spy apps for android. Are you spying on employees to prevent data stealing and time-wasting and to safeguard business intellectual property?

You have the right to spy on business phones that you have provided to your workers. You can opt for a legitimate spy solution to monitor business-owned phones to listen to live phone calls, read messages, and to track live GPS location.

6) Is Surveillance On The Cell Phone For Fun?

Don’t breach anyone’s privacy for fun. It will become your habit to check into cell phone device, and one day you may face embracement.

You can break your bad habit because you could also face legal consequences by getting caught red-handedly. The illicit and intrusive surveillance for the sake of fun or malicious purpose is a cyber-crime.

7) Do You Want To Prevent Your Child's Abduction?

Child abduction is happening everywhere because divorced parents often abduct their children from one another to take their custody.

Single mothers who got legal custody of their child can use a spy app to track their kid’s whereabouts, cell phone calls, and chat conversations to prevent abduction from x-partners.

8) Do You Want To Block Texting While Driving Your Loved Ones?

Thousands of accidents happen every year, because of text messaging and cellphone calls behind the wheels.

Youngsters are more likely to send and receive text messages while driving.

Your loved one may have a habit of texting behind the wheels. You can prevent your kids, employees, and loved ones from texting behind the wheels.

Cell phone spy apps can block text messages and incoming calls behind the wheels.

9) Are You Ready To Lose Your Teen’s Trust?

Before you use an android spy app, there is a question that you need to ask yourself, because spying on your child could break their trust.

Parents should try manual efforts first to safeguard their kids.  A spy app could break your trust with your children, and they could exchange heated arguments.

So, try to respect their privacy unless they respect your emotions. Otherwise, you are free to spy on cell phones that belong to you.

10) Are You Following Other Parents Who Spy On Their Children?

You need not follow other parents to follow their footsteps. Other parents could have worse matters to solve, like their kids being involved in drug abuse, sexting, pornography, online dating, and sharing nudes online. So, don’t use a spy app on any cellphone unless your child is running with the same issues. You can evaluate your parental issues before they opt for a spy app for android.


You can use spy apps on cell phones unless your kids are in danger or someone breaching your business data. However, you can only spy on the devices that belong to you. Otherwise, you have to have written consent of the target phone user before you spy on their cellphone.

How To Choose Spy App For Android To Monitor Cell Phones?

Once you have made up your mind to spy on cellphones provided to your kids and workers, and need to choose the best spy solution. Here are a few things that you should keep in your mind before choosing spy software.

Choose Hidden And Undetectable Spy Apps For Cellphones

You being a parent or employer should go for hidden and undetectable monitoring apps for cellphones. It should work secretly and provide you monitoring results without the target person’s knowledge. Spy app can easily hide and leave no footprints on the target device.

Use Non-rooted Android Spy On Your Target Phone.

Non-rooted spy app for android is beneficial because you would not have to root your target phone to use the exclusive features of the target phone that require camera permissions, microphone permissions, contact, phone gallery, and many more.

Use An App That Remotely Works After One-time Physical Access

Remote spying is one of the best advantages of a well-built spy application. You can choose spying software that works remotely after successfully installed it. You need to get one-time physical access on the target phone.

Use An Application That Offers Exclusive Features.

Use spy software, like OgyMogy offers dozens of powerful and exclusive cell phone spying tools. You can use features like VoIP call recorder, live surround listening, surround recording, screen recording, block text messages, block incoming calls, keystrokes, and many more.


You should ask yourself a few questions before you give go-ahead to use the android spy app on your kids, employees, and loved ones’ cellphone devices. However, you can choose OgyMogy spy software to monitor and track cellphones convincingly.