Top 10 Signs Your Teen Has a Cell Phone Addiction & Solution

Top signs your teen has a cell phone addiction

Cellphones have become a necessary part of teens’ social landscape. You may have seen your teens in depression and anxiety once they become obsessed with their smartphones. Today, tweens and teens don’t seem to get a break from using cellphones connected to cyberspace. Cell phone addiction means when your child starts feeling fear of being without any connection to cyberspace and cell phone network. Today we discuss top warning signs teens are cell phone addicts. Further, what is the best solution to cope with the phone obsession in teens?

According To New Study At University of Arizona: Teenage Cell Phone Addiction

The University has published new research, “The smart usage & mental health,” with ages 18 -20. The researchers say generation z is the one that has grown up with mobile phones and the internet. The researchers say that cell phone causes depressive symptoms among teens. “Young cell phone users are too reliant on their devices, and they feel strange not access to their phones. Few teens say that they start to panic when they cannot use cell phones. Researchers have also measured the signs of depression, loneliness, and anxiety among teens.

“Smartphone addiction causes depressive symptoms, and it is one of the general issues that teens are dealing with these days,” Mattew Lapierre, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication in the College of Social Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, said.

How Can Parents Deal with Teenage Smartphone Addiction?

Parents Deal with Teenage Cell Phone addiction

Digital phones are coming up with built-in monitoring, adapting, and parental controls. Do you think you can break your teen’s phone addiction with your manual efforts and by using built-in phone restrictions for kids? We are sure that you will remain helpless, and you have to use monitoring software for cellphones to check on teens’ mobile phone habits.

Do you want to monitor teens’ phones, screen-time, app usage, and other activities? You need to have the best phone monitoring software at your disposal.

Top 10 Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms In Teenage

Here are signs that enable you to know your teen’s phone addicts. Let’s discuss each signs teenage cell phone addiction one by one.

Sign No.1: Switch Between Devices & Programs

Teens are fond of mobile phones and the internet. They love to spend time on phone screen and often switch between the devices and programs to watch and experience different activities. Cell phone addicts are more likely to switch between multiple activities on phones like; they use social media and cellular text messages. Teens also listen to music and view their social media feeds. So, switching between devices and programs is a clear sign of cell phone addiction in teens.

Sign No.2: Use Of Different Social Media Apps On Phones

Social messaging apps are in trend these days. Young teens love to use Facebook messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, IMO, and many more. They spend hours and hours in text messaging, chats, audio-video calls, and voice messages. Young teens are obsessed with photo capturing and sharing. Social media addiction could lead teens to stranger danger, online dating, sexting, and encounters with online predators.

Sign No.3: Too Much Texting On Cell Phone Cellular Networks

Non-verbal communication is one of the teen’s cell phone addiction symptoms. Teens send and receive 100 to 200 text messages a day on their smartphones. They always remain distracted to view phone screens to read receive text messages. Phone addicts teens talk on text messages with peers using cellular networks.  They also use messaging apps for free texting.

Sign No.4: Online Gaming Obsession In Teens Using Cellphones

Almost 36% of tweens (80% of boys & 20% girls) are video games addicts on phones. On average, teens spend 7 hours a week on online video games. So, they love to play video games full of violence and plenty of other kinds of games that force them to increase their screen-time on digital phones connected to cyberspace. Therefore, parents want to protect their kids from smartphone addiction.

Sign No.5: Kids Become Anxious When Separated From Phones

Young phone addicts teens are unable to put down their phones these days. They feel anxious when got separated from smartphones. Almost 73% of teens get irritated when their phones are not charged, according to the recent study of the National Institute on Drug abuse for teens. So, cell phone addiction is on the rise among teens no time ever before.

Sign No.6: Sleep Disturbances Issues Are On Rise In Teens

Cell phones addicts teens spend all day long and bedtime on their mobile screens. So, less sleeping and excessive time on smartphones causes sleep disturbances issues among teens. More than 52% of kids reported bad sleeping habits compared to the teens with no access to cell phones. Parents are looking forward to breaking teens’ phone obsession, and they want to know what they are on the screen.

Sign No.7: Excessive Web Browsing To Watch Porn

Young teens use built-in and installed web browsers on cellphone devices. They connect their phone browsers with cyberspace and secretly visit porn sites without their parents knowing.

  • Teens watch nudes, become addicted to the nude content and got behavior issues, and remain aggressive all the time.
  • Kids start living lonely and don’t indulge in family functions. Porn and phone addicts are more likely to suffer from psychological issues.

Sign No.8: Health Issues Among Teens Due To Cell Phone Addiction

The phone and internet-connected teens are more likely to suffer from many health problems. They could suffer from seeping issues, aggressive behavior, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and seems anxious all the time due to excessive usage of mobile phone and the internet. Phone addict teens don’t participate in extracurricular activities and no other physical activity that keeps them healthy and energetic.

Sign No.9: Sudden Increase In Social Challenges Due To Phone Obsession

Young teens are more likely to face social challenges in the digital world. Cell phone usage all day long could lead them to interact with sex offenders, cyberbullies, child abusers, and so many other online predators. Young teens face body-shaming and frequent attempts of cat-fishing these days. So, parents should look after teens’ online activities and do something to prevent teens from cell phone addiction.

Sign No.10: Teens Hot Habit Of Exploring Other People Social Media Profile

You can see your teens are using social media networks. They are continuously chasing other social media profiles, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Hovering over people’s profiles is one of the signs that you should know that your teen is a phone addict and you have to take care of your child whatsoever.

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OgyMogy is the best android monitoring solution that helps parents monitor teens’ phone habits. It enables users to track online activities on a cellphone connected to the internet. You can use it to know about teens’ obsession with the cellphone, and you can break the addiction by using phone tracking features on their phones.