How Does Social Media Prevail Drug Abuse Among Teens?

How does social media prevail drug abuse among teens

Social media platforms have integrated into our DNA. Teens love to spend time on phone screens active with Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.  Underage kids have made social networking apps and websites a large part of their lives no time ever before. They love to scroll through photos, and videos on popular social messaging apps, like Instagram, and see people having fun, socializing with friends, and abusing drugs. Young teens love to do experiments with drugs, and they are more likely to get exposure through peer pressure to get involved in substance abuse. Social media cannot directly push teens to use drugs and alcohol, but it is a powerful motivator for kids.

According To National Center On Addiction & Substance Abuse

Columbia University has found that underage teens that use social media frequently are more likely to use drugs. They drink alcohol and buy tobacco products comparing young kids who don’t use social media. The University conducted a survey and asked more than 2000 youngsters about their substance abuse and social media habits.

  • According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Almost 70% of adolescents said that they use social media frequently
  • Social media users 5, times larger buyers of cigarettes
  • Social media addicts 3, times more addicts to drinking
  • Social media addiction 2, times likely to use Marijuana

Social Media Has Increased Drug Abuse In Teens

Do you know? Social media is one of the few factors that increase depression, anxiety, and loneliness among teens. Several studies have stated that social media networks cause mental health problems. So, there is an indirect connection between kids’ social media addiction and substance abuse.

Social media sites and messaging apps’ popularity among kids is one of the factors that prevailing drug abuse. Young teens obsessed with social media platforms are more likely to abuse drugs like tobacco, marijuana, alcohol compared to those who use social media infrequently. So, the connection between alcohol use and social media is alarming for parents.

  • Kids used to see people on social networks drinking alcohol
  • Young teens try to copy influencers on social media & abuse drugs
  • Kids use tobacco cigarettes, and capture photos to flaunt them on social media profiles
  • Partying & drinking photos and videos of teens are everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, and other networks

Prevent Teens From Social Media Influence Abuse Drugs

Social Networks Ads & #FOMO Prevails Substance Abuse In Teens

Young kids used to see their friends and adult family members on social sites photos, Inst- reels, videos on other social apps having fun in clubs and bars. So, it leaves negative impressions on youngsters to adopt the similar habits they have seen.

Studies show that more than 75% of teens watch photos on digital social platforms of other people smoking weed, using alcohol, and encouraging others to use it in the same fashion. More than 90% of underage kids have seen photos and videos of substance abuse on social sites before they turn 16.

Top Reasons That Connects Social Media & Drug Abuse In Kids

Here are the top reasons that have made kids connection on social platforms with drug abuse. Let’s discuss them one by one briefly:

Social Media Glamorizes Substance Abuse.

People argue that social media is responsible for teens’ substance abuse. Phones connected to the internet lead kids to social media bombarded with the glamorized world through drugs and alcohol. Almost 97% of youth have posted alcohol and cigarette-related posts on Facebook and Instagram. Today young teens love to share photos, and videos with fancy alcoholic bottles, weed, and other drugs to show they are daring.

Unimaginable Exposure To Social Sites

Young kids are social media addicts, and they have got unimaginable exposure to social networking messengers like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. Young kids love to flaunt their swage look with drugs and alcohol. You can see thousands of posts on social platforms where kids love to show themselves in unconscious looks with friends.

Buying of Substance Through Social Networking

Do you know many hidden sites and platforms are selling drugs to kids via social media platforms? They observe young teens and adults who love to flaunt photos with weed, drinks, marijuana and approach them directly on their profiles with #FOMO (Fear of missing out) ads to attract buyers for substance abuse.

Celebrities' Negative Influence On Kids

Celebrities worldwide have millions of social media followers. Young fans love to see their heroes and idle on Facebook and Instagram. They scroll down photos, videos, and reels and get influenced by their celebrity’s substance abuse. Teens often try to act like them using cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs. Celebrities do leave a negative influence on kids to use drugs.

Friends & Family Exposure Towards Drugs

Young kids are more likely to indulge in potentially risky activities like drugs when they see their parents, friends, and family members addicted to substance abuse. Therefore, parents need to be role models for their kids and keep an eye on their peers with habits.

Protect Teens Getting Influenced From Social Media To Abuse Drugs

The connection between social media and drugs is alarming for parents. Parents can do something to protect kids from abusing drugs. Here are some ways to prevent kids from social media influence to abuse drugs:

Is There Any Tool To Monitor Kids’ Social media?

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Which Is The Best App To Limit Screen Time To Counter Drug Abuse?

Several phone monitoring apps are on the web. It enables users to limit screen time but unable parents to do that convincingly. However, OgyMogy is one of those hidden phone spy apps for android that allow users to block every social media app on the target phone from 1 hour to 12 hours. It can decrease kids’ exposure to drugs and other risky activities.

Why Is OgyMogy Best Parental Control App To Prevent Kids From Drugs?

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Social media has a direct connection with kids’ substance abuse. Social networks influence kids to use drugs. So, parents can keep an eye on social media activity on another phone with OgyMogy android spying software to protect kids from drugs.