Things Parents Should Know To Protect Kids Online Safety

Things Parents Should Know To Protect Kids Online Safety

Every parent does their best to keep their kids safe, and today online safety has doubled the parenting responsibility. We look after our children all day long, starting early in the morning and ending at bedtime.

But what have you done to protect your tweens and teens from online predators and inappropriate and potentially risky activities on the web? Generation Z spends most of the time online because their smartphones have connected to cyberspace.

So, there is a time if you have not done anything for the online safety of the children, introducing things parents should know to safeguard children online.

What Things Should Parents Know For Digital Well-being Of Their Children?

Here are the following things a parent needs to know to safeguard their kids online. Kids have become digital citizens, and parents should look after what they are up to online using their smartphones devices:

Who Kids Are Messaging On Smartphones?

Parents sometimes are lazy and don’t bother about their kids messaging activity on cellphones. Text messages are the best sources of communication that allow your teen to interact with anyone on the web and in real life after exchanging contacts online.

Sometimes teens share their phone numbers on their social media profiles, and strangers start sending random text messages. Teens are very adventurous these days and love to chat with strangers via text messaging on cellphone networks and messaging apps.

So, parents should know who kids send and receive messages online. What apps teens installed on their cellphones.

Passwords On Their Social Networks, Emails & Home Screen Lock

Every teen uses passwords on their social networking apps active on their cellphone screen, emails, and on the cellphone home screen lock. Parents can protect their kids from unwanted bullying, sexual predators, and online dating.

Somehow they manage to know about the passwords. Friendly parents can know about the passwords teens have used on their cellphones connected to cyberspace.

Otherwise, parents should find another way to know what passwords teens have used on their Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and home screens.

Activities On Popular Social Apps, like Snapchat, Instagram & Others

Social messaging apps are more popular among generation Z than no time ever before. So, kids love to send and receive messages on social media apps.

They send photos, videos, and voice messages and make VOIP calls on popular instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, and many more. Parents should know what they do on social networking apps, what they talk in messages, and to whom they share private photos and videos.

Seemingly, it is not that easy to know about IM logs on social messaging apps, but technology has become advanced that could do better things.

Whom Kids Make Cell Phone Calls On Mobile Networks & IMs.

Parents sometimes need to perform detective work, and they should know about the long cell phone calls on cellphones and instant messaging apps.

Young teens make long calls on cellphones and also use instant messengers to make VoIP calls. You should know to whom they make calls.

Either they are friends, significant other, or someone else. Parents can protect their teens from stranger danger, interaction with online predators, and child abusers. Parents should find a way to view call logs and call recordings if possible.

Hidden Whereabouts Of Children After Coming Back To School

Do you know your child could breach their privacy online by sharing their school name?

Online predators can chase your kids online and then in real life and be friends with them. They lure teens to join their bad company that brings negative influences such as drug abuse, sexual activities, use of alcohol, and many other inappropriate activities.

Parents should look after kids’ social media profiles to know what they have shared. Keep an eye on their school time and hidden whereabouts.

Busy parents cannot know when kids go to school and when they come back. So, they can find out a way to monitor their whereabouts.

The Relationship Status Of Your Teen

Online dating is on the rise. Young tweens love to be with someone in real life. An adult can take care of himself, but young teenagers are more likely to become the victim of date rape and sextortion.

Parents should know about the relationship status of their teens and guide their children not to hide anything.

Guide your kids on why underage dating is dangerous and how sexual predators can play with their emotions physically and psychologically.

Parents can easily judge their teen’s relationship status by exploring their social media profiles and keeping an eye on their appearances and cellphone usage.

How Limit The Screen Time Of The Children?

Parents should know about the tactics of limiting kids’ screen time on cellphones and tablets connected to cyberspace. Excessive screen time causes mental health problems and lures kids towards potentially risky and explicit activities. You should know why teens spend too much time on smartphones screens and how they can prevent children from staying online on their digital devices.

What Is The Best Solution For Parents To Protect Kids Online?

Digital parenting is one of the best solutions for parents to safeguard kids online. Parents can use technology to monitor their kid’s cellphones, internet, and social media activities. Use OgyMogy monitoring software for cellphones to protect kids on the web. It enables parents to keep tabs online and in real life.

How OgyMogy Guarantee Your Kid’s Online Safety?

OgyMogy has plenty of features that work for the digital well-being of children. You can use the parental monitoring software on kids’ digital phones connected to cyberspace to prevent kids from potentially risky activities. Here are the features you can use after one-time installation.

Monitor text messages

Parents can spy on text messages on cellphone networks and install social messaging apps with text message monitoring software. Users can read sent and received messages with a schedule and block text messages.

Crack passwords

Password cracker empowers you to get access to cellphones and get a complete insight into digit passwords, home screen passwords, and pattern passwords applied on kids’ cellphones. OgyMogy also offers a key logger feature to capture and record passwords on social networks, emails,  and many more.

Monitor Social media messenger

Parents can spy on IM networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Vine, and activity logs of other trendy social messaging apps.

Call recording 

Parents can record live phone calls and VoIP calls on social messaging apps and monitor call logs of incoming and outgoing calls on another phone.

Location tracker

You can track the mobile Live GPS location of your child, and also track the hidden whereabouts of the children. Further, monitor location history, and set allowed and prohibited places for teens online.

Installed apps

Get access to the territory of a cellphone and view installed applications in a list. Further, get to know which apps are appropriate for teens.


Parents can limit the screen time of their children to safeguard kids from sexting, online dating, pornography, and other explicit activities with the OgyMogy screen-time feature. It empowers you to block every app installed on the phone from 1 hour to many hours.

Why Should Parents Safeguard Kids Online?

Parents have so much to do when it comes to protecting kids online these days. Here are the following reasons you should act fast to protect your underage teens:

Depression & behavior issues

The excessive usage of cell phones and social media networks causes health issues among teens. They may cause depression, lower self-esteem, appearance anxiety, and body dissatisfaction. Young teens watch others on the web and often got health problems.

Eating disorders

Teens addicted to the cellphones, social media, and the internet is more likely to have eating and sleeping disorders. Young teens sleep less at night and using the internet causes many health issues, including eating disorders.

Addiction to posting selfies

Experts and health psychologists say that young teenagers who love to post selfies are more likely to have mood swings and feel less attractive. So, they feel bad whenever they use phone cameras to take selfies.

Sexting, online dating & explicit activities

Young teens who love to spend time on cellphones connected to cyberspace are likely to indulge in sexting via text messaging on social networks. They meet people online for online dating and share explicit photos and videos to get more likes and fame. Teens start comparing themselves with others, have suicidal thoughts, try to lose weight to look skinny, and cause loneliness in teens.

Social media cause the wave of cosmetic surgery.

Social media is one of the reasons that cause cosmetic surgery among teens. Young teens use cellphone cameras and apps like Snapchat filters to look more pretty and attractive in photos and videos. It increases the urge in teens to look pretty in real life. So, teens tend towards cosmetic surgery, and even after that, they don’t seem satisfied.


Forget about wasting time here and there finding worthless solutions to protect your kids online. Why not start online safety for your teen’s right here and right now? Install OgyMogy best cell phone monitoring software that works for the digital well-being of your children.