How To Track Softphone Apps On Android Phone?

How To Track Softphone Apps On Android Phone

Business companies, individuals, and people have embraced the advantages of Voice over internet protocol technology. Softphone apps are the best version of communication these days.

VoIP forgo the need for physical phones, but softphone apps are available. You should have an internet connection to use apps to make audio-video calls for free.

People use multiple apps on their internet-connected android phones to make free audio and video calls to their friends, family, and loved ones. Cellular calls are expensive, but you can free Voice and video calls on softphone apps.

Users can also send, and receive text messages, share multimedia, and save contacts. So, people are desperate to track softphone software on another android phone for many reasons. Before we know the reasons to track softphone apps on android know about them in detail.

What Are Softphone Apps?

Softphone apps are trendy. You can see people use these apps more than their cellular android phone networks. You can see apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, discord, signal, Line, Vine, Viber, and others known as the best Softphone Voice apps.

These apps have also known as social messaging apps that enable users to make voice and video calls for free. Users can also use them for text messages, chat conversations, and audio-video VoIP calls.

Apps that allow users to make calls without using cellular networks are known as softphone software. They do not require a smartphone. You can also use them on tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs connected to cyberspace.

Who Wants To Track Softphone VoIP Calls?

Android phone apps have become a way of life. You can see them on every cell phone; you name it.

Everyone has apps on phones that enable users to make audio and video calls, text messaging, and one-on-one conversations. People are more likely to use social messaging apps that work as softphone software.

So, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skye, Discord, and signal are way more worthy and popular apps compared to typical VoIP apps.

Several apps are on the web that cell phone users can download for free audio-video conversations. So, the following people have concerns:

Parents Want To Track Apps On Their Cell Phones.

Do you know? Why do parents want to track children’s cell phones connected to the internet? Yes. Parents are insecure about the apps that empower children to make audio-video calls. Further, allow them to send messages, media, and many more.

Why do parents are insecure about social apps?

Parents have concerns because their teens could get involved in cyberbullying, sexting, and gossip they do with strangers. You can discuss the vulnerabilities of the social networking apps that work as a softphone.

  • More than 12% of teens interact with the strangers
  • Almost 1 out of 3 teens become victims of cyberbullying
  • 22% of the teens use softphone apps for hookups and online dating
  • The average teen spends 7 hours a day on cellphone & 3 hours a day on IMs
  • Most apps require 13 years of age to use them that is dangerous for kids safety

So, parents have no other choice but to track audio-video calls on social networking apps. Young kids are more likely to use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Discord, Signal, and other instant messaging apps.

  • They love to explore strangers’ softphone app accounts to stalk them.
  • Young generation z has become a drug addict, hookup culture, one-night stands, and in-person meetings with strangers.
  • They are more likely to use instant messengers that enable them to make free audio-video chats.

Employers Want To Monitor VoIP Apps On Business Devices.

Business devices enable employees to download every app or software beneficial for business. So, Employers allow their workers to use Facebook, discord, WhatsApp, Skype, and other Softphone apps.

They are more likely to use the softphone to interact with their colleagues. Employees also use the apps to convey the message to the target audience via audio-video voice calls and media.

Why do employers want to track soft apps for calls?

There are plenty of reasons that force employers to monitor business-owned smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Voice-over internet protocol apps could be dangerous for any business organization. They enable employees to breach business data, files, and media. Disgruntled employees can use apps for illegal motives that employees download for audio and video calls on business-owned devices.

Here are the following reasons to monitor Voice apps:

  • Employees are more likely to use VoIP apps for time-wasting
  • Employees use Softphone software to breach business privacy
  • VoIP calls enable employees to share business intellectual property
  • Track audio calls apps on business phones to listen to employees’ conversations

Is There Way To Safeguard Kids & Businesses From Softphone Apps Dangers?

Here are the following ways parents, and employers can protect kids, and secure businesses from hazardous nature of softphone apps:

Suggestions For Parents

VoIP technology provides incredible possibilities for children to interact, learn, and research. Young kids have got free rein to pass to the digital world. However, kids come across dangerous and explicit doors through softphone software. Children can talk with nefarious individuals, like stalkers, sex offenders, and hazardous Voice activities.

  • Ensure kid’s online safety in the digital world
  • Track kids’ phones, tablets, PCs, and computers
  • Always keep open communication with your children
  • Establish continuous dialogues about soft apps for calls with kids
  • Record & listen to the audio-video Voice calls on cellphones
  • Teach your kids to set privacy preferences while using apps
  • Watch the internet history of your kids back and forth

Suggestion For Employers

Business professionals can keep an eye on their employees during working hours. They can prevent employees from talking to third parties. You have to limit your employee’s access to the business intellectual property when they use apps that allow users to make voice calls, send messages, media, and others.

  • Track your employee’s VoIP calls activity
  • Listen to your employee’s customer care service
  • Monitor VoIP call logs after employees have done with working hours
  • Watch live activities of employees on business phones active with soft apps

How Track Apps That Offer Voice & Video Calls For Free?

Luckily for parents and business professionals tracking apps are floating on the web these days. You can choose any one of the apps that empowers you to monitor and track apps that do not require cellphones to make audio and video calls. We are talking about apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Duo, Snapchat, discord, and many more. Further, you need to consider a few things before you opt for a VoIP call recorder for softphone apps.

  • Use a hidden softphone monitoring software
  • Install an undetectable tracking app for VoIP apps
  • Use an app that monitors Voice call apps without root
  • Use an app that records & listen to VoIP apps on cellphones

Which Is The Best App For Tracking VOIP Calls or Softphone Software?

OgyMogy is one of the best apps that empower you to track social apps and softphone software. Popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, discord, IMO, and others are trendy apps to make voice and video calls on cell phones and computer devices. You can use the OgyMogy app to do tracking on apps that offer users to make audio-video calls for free. It has plenty of features to monitor the logs of Facebook calls, WhatsApp, Skype, discord, Line, and many more.

Top OgyMogy Features to record & listen to VoIP without root

Here are the following features you can use to record and listen to voice calls on another phone without rooting:

Other Features to track live activity on softphone software

You can use these OgyMogy features to access another device active with the apps that enable users to make incoming and outgoing VoIP calls. Users can record one-sided VoIP calls on trendy apps with no root option.


OgyMogy is one of the best apps for parents and business professionals. You can use it on another phone or PC to track Softphone software or social networks that allow users to make voice and video calls. Parents and employers can record and listen to the voice conversations of kids and employees without rooting the target android phone.