What Is Mobile Tracker On Android?

what is mobile tracker on android

What is a mobile tracker? A mobile tracker refers to the monitoring app that tracks each bit of communication through the android target phone. It gets installed on the android phone of the target user and earns end-user a hand at monitoring their target users.

Parents more frequently use mobile tracker apps to monitor their kids and employers to monitor their workforce. For instance, if we talk about kids, digital networks’ evolution posed severe threats to safety, security, and moral training.

The kids using excessive internet and social media are more prone to be struck by the likes of harassment and cyberbullying. In some reported cases, the unverified users over the social networks press the kid to identify their parents’ financial credentials to gain undue benefits. If this happens, it will be deadly for the family. So, parents look to have a watch on the real-time whereabouts of the kids.

On the other hand, a mobile tracker helps employers accomplish business objectives and augment progress. Using the employer’s mobile tracker was to address productivity issues that are frequently faced by the employers and address other business-secrecy-related matters.

The employer can use the app to track logistics, transportation affairs and cope with the increasing number of accuses of harassment by male co-workers.

An efficient mobile tracker can be handy and vitally important in maintaining the true essence of family balance and protecting business interests.

What Should Be The Salient Features?

There are a number of services available in the marketplace that claim to address all users’ spying needs. Many apps furnish a combination of features, one way or the other, but the best service should be having all the below-mentioned functionalities to serve the customer needs to the full.

Let’s talk about the ‘Should Have’ of a mobile tracker app.

Tracking The Real-Time Location

An efficient android mobile tracking app monitors the real-time location of the target user. The movement gets recorded in the form of a log and can be viewed by the end-user, employer or parent, at the time of their choice.

This earns the parent full hand at all the child’s movement and adds to the employees’ and children’s safety and security.

Geo-Fencing The Movement Of The Target User

The mobile tracking app allows the end-user to restrict the target user’s movement to the specific premises using the geofencing feature.

The parent or employer can do this to limit their target users from visiting places that are not in line with the prescribed standards, as defined by them.

The feature enables to mark allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target user, and upon the breach of the prescribed code, the end-user gets notified through email.

Tracking All The Internal Storage

Using the best spying service, the end-user can monitor all the target android smartphone’s internal storage. All the saved multimedia, contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser functions remain in full control of the end-user.

The feature helps in dealing with viewing inappropriate content by the kids and maintaining business secrecy.

Phone Calls Monitoring

Somebody can extensively monitor incoming and outgoing calls to the target phone; the end-user can listen to these calls in real-time using the mobile tracker app.

These calls can be recorded and saved to the tracking app’s online dashboard and can be referred to later. It earns the end-user a fair clue of the pattern of communication of the employees and kids.

Blocking Websites

The mobile tracker app should furnish the feature of blocking specific websites for the betterment of kids and employees.

The parent can restrict access to the websites containing inappropriate content for the kids, while the employer can block the websites to reduce employee productivity.

Screen Recording Feature

An efficient spying app needs to have a screen recording feature. The feature allows the end-user to record the live performing activities over the target user’s phone screen.

It provides fair access and knowledge of the real-time whereabouts of the target user, and upon finding any suspicious activity, the parent or employer can take necessary actions.

Surround Recording Feature

Only a few services provide this feature, and the feature is above and beyond. The feature bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone and offers real-time insight into the target user’s surrounding activities.


A few services provide keylogger features; the feature is of prime importance when spying on the kids.

The feature identifies the password of all the installed apps for the parent, which is vital in protecting the children from any potential harm.

Capturing Screenshots

A fine mobile tracker app allows capturing screenshots of the target user’s screen at the time of end-users choice.

The screenshots provide a fair understanding of the pattern of communication of the target user.

Monitoring Social Media Apps

The most striking feature of the spying service is social media apps monitoring. All the communication taking place through Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can be monitored extensively.

The tracking app stalks all the individual and group chats’ conversations, stalks multimedia, and voice notes without hassle.

All the VoIP and video calls can be listened to using the spy app. These calls can also be recorded and saved for later monitoring.

The Best Mobile Tracker App For Android

We have conducted an extensive assessment of the features and functionality of many spying services available in the market and found OgyMogy as the best mobile tracking app for Android devices. It furnishes all the features mentioned above to address the customer needs.

OgyMogy, incorporated in 2014, is proudly serving its customers since its inception and highly complimented and recommended by its current users. It provides all the discussed functionalities that are part and parcel of being the best spying service. It is serving employers and parents in spying on their employees and kids by all means.

The app also provides Mac and Windows spying flair that is equally efficient as the Android spying facility.


The salient features that an efficient spying service should exhibit are discussed in detail. It is found that OgyMogy is currently the best mobile tracker app available to monitor android devices. The app addresses all the spying needs of its customers by all means.

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