What is Bookmarks Spy?

Bookmark spy is the best browsing activities monitoring tool that enable end user to get to know all the bookmarks websites on the target cellphone installed browser. It further allow user to view all the visited websites on the browser running on the mobile phone with complete time schedule. So, parents can use it for parenting reason and always stay updated about children browsing activities to the fullest.

Monitor Bookmarks Website on Cellphone Browser and Stay Updated


You can get access to the target cell phone and gadgets installed browsers and further you can get to know the bookmarked websites by using the bookmark spying tool of the cell phone monitoring app. Parents can get to know the bookmark websites in terms of parenting.

Frequent Used

You can monitor all the bookmarked websites on the target cell phone installed browsers and get to know the most visited bookmarks websites on regular basis with the use of android spy app. When it comes to parenting book marked websites and most visited websites help out parents to set parental control on it.

Time Stamp

No matter how many websites have been bookmarked on the target mobile phone installed browsers and the frequent used bookmarked websites. All you can get to know with cell phone spying software with complete time stamp.

OgyMogy Bookmarked list monitoring software

Users usually want to bookmark the particular websites they visit the most. Therefore, cell phone monitoring software empowers the user to monitor the bookmark websites on the target android device with bookmark list monitoring app.

  • View all the bookmarked websites on the target device
  • Get to know how many times target person has visited the bookmarks
  • Get info with complete time stamp of each page has visited on the target device
  • With cell phone monitoring app you can view all the bookmarked websites by getting access to the online control panel to the fullest.

How OgyMogy bookmarks monitoring tool is handy for you?

First of all you need to install the cell phone monitoring app on the target cell phone and then use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Then visit the browsing history tools and make a click on the bookmark tool that will provide you the complete list of the bookmarked websites on the target android phone browsers.