What is OgyMogy Data Backup?

Data backup allow you to create your own backup against all of the videos, photos, contacts, conversations, reminders and plenty of other stuff stored on your cell phone or on target cell phone. It helps you out to remove data in case of theft or lose of mobile phone and even you can retrieve your data.

Secure Private Data of Your Cell Phone With Data Backup

SMS Backup

No matter what sort of and how much SMS have your target mobile phone device has sent or received, you can create SMS data back up and you can preserve your conversations with the help of OgyOgy data backup software. So, retrieve your kids and employees deleted SMS data completely.

Contact backup

Contacts are very important for everyone and if you have accidently deleted your contacts or you may lose your phone. Then you can create your own contacts backup with the help of data backup software and in case of theft/lost you can retrieve all the contacts to the fullest.

Android backup

You can create back for your android device and can protect your media files such as photos, videos, private or confidential data stored in your mobile phone device with android data backup app. Moreover, you will have back of SMS, contacts and all other stuff available in your android phone.

Have a backup of your cell phone data in terms of OgyMogy online control panel

OgyMogy will provide you your own data backup of your cell phone and a user will be able to secure the data from all the supposedly incidents that can put your private information at stake. This can be possible with the installation of the cell phone monitoring app on your phone.


Once you have installed it, the entire data of your android cell phone and the gadget will sync to the online control panel. In case you have met with the mishap you can retrieve the data and even you can remove the data remotely if your device has been lost or theft. This is how you can do the magic!

  • Install the OgyMogy monitoring software on your cell phone
  • Data of your device automatically transferred to the online dashboard having a stable internet connection on your particular device.
  • You can get the data or retrieve the data of your cell phone such as iMessages, Instant messages, Contact backup and keep it safe to the fullest.

How OgyMogy Android backup help out user?

We all have likes and dislikes and we also want to preserve our best moments of lives in terms of photos, images, videos. Furthermore, people who are professionals want to secure things like password of their credit cards, company’s receipts, music files and other archives that are confidential for somehow and don’t want to share or give access to anyone.


But if someone has lost the cell phone having all the above-mentioned stuff then it would be very hectic and thrilling situation. Therefore, OgyMogy data backup tool has come up with the responsibility, security and to ensure the safety of your entire data stored in the cell phone of android.

All you need to do is to install the data backup app on your smartphone and then put your worries to rest if you have deleted the data accidentally or you have lost the device.

You can get it back by getting access to the online control panel and even you can remotely wipe out the data if your device has gone to the wrong hands. Parents can protect teens if they have stored photos that are compromising and employees can protect their private stuff to the fullest.