What is Email Monitoring?

Email monitoring tool of the android spy software allow user to get access to all the sent and received emails by the target user on the target device. User can view the incoming and outgoing emails content with complete time stamp. This monitoring tool is productive in terms of employee monitoring.

Track Emails on the Target Device with Email Tracking App


You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing emails on the target android mobile phone by using the email monitoring app. You can get your hands on each and every single email with complete time stamp and get access to the emails having access to the online control panel of the android spy app.

Contacts Details

You can get the contact details of target email running on the target device including name and email address for all email exchanged. You just need to use the email screen recorder app and you can get the details of the emails of Gmail incoming or outgoing to the fullest.


Once you have used email monitoring software for android and you have got your hands on incoming and outgoing email on the target device. Additionally, you can read the content of the sent or received emails of your employees and children.

No matter what email service the target person is using, OgyMogy monitoring app for android enable their user to view all the sent and received email data on the target cell phone device along with the complete time stamp. Employers, parents and loved ones can use the services and stay updated all the email content children, employees and loved ones have received.

  • Check received emails and all the sent emails
  • View contact details such as name, ID
  • View the content and read it
  • Get the exact time stamp of each email sent/ received

OgyMogy Email monitoring tool best for employers

It empowers the employers to keep a constant eye on the emails of the employees in order to prevent any misshape done by the dishonest employee.