What is Hike Spy App?

Hike spy app allow you to get access into the territory of the target cell phone device and makes you to monitor the activities happen on the hike social messaging app with complete time stamp. User can view Hike logs such as sent and received text messages, group conversations and shared media files as photos, videos, stickers, images and last but not the least Emojis.

Track Hike Instant Messenger with Hike Monitoring Software


Hike spy app is the powerful tool that empowers you to monitor Hike messages sent or received by using the social media messenger spy software. It will provide you Hike logs such text messages and you will get to know what sort of messages target person has received on the target android cell phone installed messenger.

Group Conversations

Hike spy software is the ultimate social media monitoring app that is capable of spying on the group conversations happen on the target messenger running on android mobile phone. You just need to use the screenshots to spy on the conversations running on the messenger and get the detailed group chat information.


Hike instant messaging app allow user to share media such as photos and videos, icons and others. On the other hand Hike spy app empowers you to view multimedia of the instant messenger running on the target mobile and spy on the videos, photos with complete time stamp.

Get access to the enclave of Hike messenger with OgyMogy Hike monitoring app

Hike monitoring app enable a user to get access into the territory of hike instant messaging app and user will be able to view videos, and Voice chats, text message and sent or received smiles and all other activities done by the user on the messenger using android device.


How OgyMogy Hike Monitoring app works?

Let’s suppose that the device on which Hike messenger account is running on the mobile phone and you want to monitor the instant messaging app. Then you need to root the android device initially and if you are dealing with IOS device then you have to jailbreak the target device. Then you will be able to successfully install the cell phone monitoring app for android and you will be able to use Hike monitoring tool in order to view the activities happen on the social media app to the fullest running on the android cell phone. You can view with OgyMogy Hike monitoring app:

  • Monitor Hike sent/received text messages
  • View Hike group conversations
  • View shared media files as photos, videos, stickers, images and Emojis

How OgyMogy monitoring app help out parents?

The fever of social media apps is everywhere and every single kid or teens has got this fever horribly. The Hike social messaging app these days are highly popular digital media app especially among young kids and teens and they are used of spending time on it. They do plenty of free activities because its services are free of cost and user can use it all the time. That’s sounds very cool, but over the years social media predators are on the rise and they are trapping teens and kids online via trendy social messaging apps and Hike messenger is one of the top social app that are fully of cyber predators and parents want to have solution to protect the children from Hike messaging app. You can use Hike monitoring app and can install on rooted android or jailbreak IOS device. Then you can get access to the online control panel using the credentials and further get access to the monitoring tools such as Hike monitoring tool and can view all the activities of your kids and teens to the fullest and stay updated all the time for your kid’s safety.