OgyMOgy cellphone spy software is for Non –jailbreak iPhones, iPads

Now monitor non-jailbreak iOS devices without using the orthodox methods of jailbreak. It is time to spy on non-jailbreak iphone device by using the OgyMOgy non-jailbreak solution for iphone devices. However, user can further monitor other iOS devices such as iPads. All you need to do is to subscribe with OgyMOgy cellphone spy app and choose the non-jailbreak solution for iOS device and gadgets. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Perfect way to monitor non-jailbreak iOS devices

Step1: Subscribe with OgyMogy

Get subscription of OgyMOgy and get the passcode and ID. Use it and get access to the web portal and then just visit to the Sync iCloud button.

Step2: Get iCloud credentials

Now get the iCloud credentials of your kids and teens non-jailbreak iOS device and then go to the Sync iCloud button and use the credential here. However, physical access becomes mandatory on the target iOS device incase iCloud backup is not activated.

Step3: Start iPhone monitoring

If you have done it all, I mean you have chosen non-jailbreak solution and get access to control panel, you have got the iCloud credentials and use it on Sync iCloud button. Then you will have non-jailbreak solution for iPhone powerful features. Now use the features and you will be able to supervise entire data of your children activities.

Significance of OgyMOgy Non –jailbreak solution for iOS devices

  • Monitor non-jailbreak iPhone & get data 24/7
  • Refresh the monitored data & get new one
  • Forget to use orthodox jailbreak method
  • Installation of spy app for iPhone not required
  • Complete access to iCloud
  • Compatible with iOS devices

Note: iCloud credentials and its backup on the target iOS device is compulsory for monitoring of non-jailbreak iPhone. Physical access becomes necessary if the backup is not activated and 2 –factor/2step verification has enabled.


Non-jailbreak solution for iPhone devices Features you need for parenting


Get the entire information of SMS –Messages sent or received on the iPhone device.

SMS Chat List

End user can get complete data of SMS chat list happens to be on an iPhone.


Get to know the visited websites on target non-jailbreak iOS device installed browser.


Make a check on all the fixed alarms on iOS device as wake up alarms and others alike.

Kik Messages

End user can read all the received and sent kik messages via installed kik social media app

Calendar Events

Get to know written events on calendar such as descriptions, birthday reminders, and others on target iPhone.


Get access to the Voice mails sent via social media messengers and others


You can view the written notes on target iPhone device

Internet use time bypass

Get to know all the installed apps connected to the internet on the target iPhone

Internet History–Safari

Monitor all the visited URLs on the installed Safari browser on your target non-jailbreak iPhone and how many time users has used a single URL.


You can get to know the call logs of the target non-jailbreak iPhone gadget with location, in case the location has been activated by the caller.

WhatsApp, complete data

Monitor WhatsApp contacts saved, complete WhatsApp chat, Groups added and as well as Group members on installed WhatsApp messenger.


You can see the saved contacts on the non-jailbreak iPhone device alongside of the first and the last name and email address.


You can completely view all the installed apps on iOS device that ask permission for accessing camera and phone gallery.

Bluetooth paired devices

All the devices that are connected to the Bluetooth on the target non-jailbreak iPhone device and you can get to know the names such as wireless headphones, iPhone to iPhone pair able Bluetooth.

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You need physical access to install iPhone spy Software