What is Listen Microphone Surroundings?

OgyMogy listen microphone surroundings is powerful tech –tool that empower the user to remotely get control over the target device MIC using MIC bug app of the cell phone spy app. It enable a user to perform surround recording on the target mobile phone and gadgets and further user can listen to recorded information.

Allow User to Record Surround Recording on Target Device

Activate Mic Remotely

OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software enable user to remotely activate the target android mobile phone. Then you can record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations happen to be on the target device of your teens or your employees with complete time stamp.

Record Surroundings

You can remotely record surround recording on your target mobile phone device by getting control over the MIC. Further you can get the recorded files by getting access to the online control panel of OgyMOgy mobile phone tracking app. You can record surrounds of your teens and employees on their cellphones.

Listen Surroundings

You can remotely listen to the surrounds recordings that you have recorded on the target android smartphones by getting control over the target device MIC. Therefore parents can listen to and recorded surround conversations of children and employer can listen to surrounds of employees with secret microphone recorder.

Remotely activate microphone & listen surrounds with MIC bug app

OgyMogy MIC bug app capable of getting control over the MIC & makes you listen to surround conversations on target phone


Remotely Record & listen to surroundings via MIC Bug App

OgyMogy MIC bug App enables user listen to and record the conversations & surround sounds from 1 minute to 45 minutes. However, user can set intervals for surround recordings. User can remotely control the target cell phone MIC to perform the activity.

OgyMogy MIC Bug can deliver

  • Get control target phone microphone
  • Get recorded stuff to web portal
  • Set multiple MIC bug intervals

How OgyMogy MIC bug app help users

Every parent wants to protect their kids and teens from real-life bullying, bad habit and even from the bad peers that leads them towards the activities that can compromise their security and more often their habits. However, in the modern fast and technological world where kids and teens can get involved in certain activities in a sneaky and tricky way by dodging their parents and probably get involved in such activities that are bad for their future physically, emotionally and mentally.

Parents can use MIC bug tool of the OgyMogy monitoring software and can remotely get control over the target device of the children and can listen to the surround sounds and chat conversations to the fullest. This will really help out parents what their kids are doing in their absence such as at school, playgrounds and partying activities. Moreover, OgyMogy MIC bugging tool is very helpful for the bosses against their employees that are not serious in their assigned work such as customer care representatives and other people that deal with the clients through company’s owned gadgets and cell phones. Employers can use it on their devices in order to listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations in order to know their performance or to avoid time-wasting activities in the surrounds or ding long calls they are they are not permitted for.


How to get control over Android’s MIC through OgyMogy surround Voice Recorder?

Sign in

Simply gets access to the online control panel using your password and ID that you have got at the time of subscription. Go and find out the MIC bug tool and use it.

Open MIC bug from Menu

After visiting the MIC bug tool and go to its list and make a tap on it and select the MIC big from the drop down menu and create a bug.

Send Bug

When you have already created the Bug then choose the time period for each bug if you have made more than one. You can create a bug for surround recording from 1 minute to 45 minutes and then send to the target cell phone or gadget.

Get surround Voices

Once you have sent the command or bug on the target device and the moment it is received it will initiate its process and you will get the results to the online control panel of your monitoring software.

Check Status

Here you can confirm that either the bug you have created earlier has been received to the target device of your kids or employees or not. You can go to the status of the bug recorder and you will get to know that the bug has been received or not due to low internet connectivity.

How to use MIC bug app?

All you need to do is to get access to the online control panel and then go to the MIC bug tool and then create a bug and then choose the time for the bug and to set intervals if necessary. Then send it to the target device and once the bug has received on the device it will record the surround voices and then send the recorded stuff to the dashboard where user can get access and listen to the recorded files and download as well.

For what purposes user can use it?

MIC bug app enable parents to protect their kids and teens for parenting reason they can get to know the activities they do in their absence such as blind dating, partying activities such as drug abuse and form bullies beyond the school gates. Furthermore, it is very effective against the employees to whom company has provided cell phones and gadgets to deal with the clients and to know what activities and conversations they made in the surround of devices.