What is Live SurroundS Listening?

Live surround listening is high tech –tool that can be used to monitor the target device surrounds sounds and conversations by getting control over the target device MIC. So, end user can use it for listening to the real –time surround conversations of children when they are not at home and employees during the working hours respectively.

Surround Listening Spy App to Listen Surroundings in Real-time

Remote listening device

You can remotely listen to the device surround sounds and conversations with the use of live surround listening spy software in real –time and get to know to whom your kids and teens are talking or what sort conversations employees are up to behind your back to the fullest.

Remotely activate microphone

User can remotely activate the microphone of the target device within no time with the use of live surround listening app. Then you will be able listen to the surround sounds and a conversation happens to be in the surround of target mobile phone of your children and employees.

Listen live surrounding

Now listen live surroundings of you target cell phone device no matter at what place your target person is present at the moment with the help of OgyMogy live surround listening. So, it will empower you to stay updated about your children or employees their hidden activities secretly.

Ogy360 live surround listening against employee monitoring

Employers usually want to know what their employees are doing in close around to the company’s owned devices. They can listen to the conversation they have has in their absence and even listen to the surround voices to get to know what they are up to within the working hours. Having such sheer power to monitor their employee’s surroundings would be the ultimate tactic for employers to keep them in discipline.


Ogy360 live surround listening for parenting

Parents can monitor and listen to the surrounds and conversations of kids and teens via their cell phone MIC having complete, affirm and accurate control over it. No matter at what place your kids and teens are present, you can get to know what they are doing in your absence with the help of Ogy360 surround listening that enable parents to listen the surround conversations and voices close around on the children’s phone. This will really help them out to protect their kids and teens form drug abuse and even from the real-life predators if they are surrounded with.

Ogy360 live surround listening make user to listen live to close around voices & conversations on the target device

You can remotely listen to the phone surrounds by using the Ogy360 live surround listening tool. It empowers the user to get control over the target cell phone microphone of android and user will be able to know what is happening in the surroundings of the target device.

  • There is no need to send commands of MIC big, camera bug back and forth
  • Get control over target device MIC & listen the live conversations
  • Real-time listening through MIC with 0.00 delays
  • Real –time listening to the GCM calls of both parties and have a control over the device once you are in streaming knots
  • Strong privacy controls
  • Real –time results
  • Viewable player
  • Immunity against rooting

How does Ogy360 live surround listening work?

Install the cell phone monitoring app on the target device having physical access and when you are done with it successfully use the keys that you have got at the time subscription. Furthermore, you need to get access to the OgyMogy online control panel and find out the Ogy360 monitoring tool. Make a click on it and use Ogy360 live surround listening. Now connect it with the target device MIC and you will be able listen to the live conversations and surrounds voices in real-time.