What is Lock/Unlock Device Remotely?

Lock unlock device remotely is the remote control monitoring tool of the cellphone spy app for android and give end user benefit to remotely perform actions in terms of lock unlock target android device. User can use it and lock or unlock the target android device by remotely sending command on it.

Lock or Unlock the Target Android Phone with Android Remote Controller

Remote Lock

OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software installed on the target android device lets you remotely lock the device of your children within no time. It will help out parents to stop young kids and teens to use in appropriate apps or activities and stop user stop use the specific types of application on the cellphone.

Remote Unlock

Young kids and teens usually put password on their mobile phones and on the other hand user can remotely unlock the target device. You just need to use lock/unlock device remotely of the android spy app and remotely unlock the cell phone of your teen and get to know the activities happen on it.

Push Notifications

If you are looking forward to remotely lock and unlock the device, then you can use mobile phone spy software on the target device. Furthermore, you just need to send a push notification on the target device and once it is received; you can remotely lock and unlock the target device for the purpose of protection of the data or stop in appropriate activities.

Feel Concerned of your cell phone data being lost? Simply lock the device remotely

These days’ cell phones mostly have each and everything stored in it such as credit card numbers, passwords, confidential data such as personal photos and videos of your loved ones. However, the same is the case with the business man that usually keeps all of the data they want to access instantly using the cellphones devices such as emails and other important documents related to the office. But when it feels like if you suddenly lost your precious cell phone device or place it idle in a place you used to of it. You teens may have some kind of compromised pictures in their phone and she lost the phone and feel threatened being lost it.


Though it happens occasionally, but happens, so therefore use the cell phone monitoring app to lock the device remotely to protect your private cell phone data.

  • Lock the device and nobody will get access to your target cell phone device
  • Lock the device via push notification or through remote sms command
  • You can lock your lost device obviously without having the access, you can do it remotely
  • For all these activities stable internet connection is very necessary

What else you can do with that:

  • Stop target device user to use some apps that user thin are in appropriate
  • Stop people to play apps that are actually games and other time wasting apps
  • Keep the user of the target cell phone device to changing the settings on the device

How lock & unlock tool is very helpful for the users?

There is no doubt about that the contemporary tool is the best of the best piece of tech that will be effective for parenting and employee monitoring point of view. Parents can stop their children using the mobile phone games that has its apps and on the other hands the particular social media apps that can be harmful for the children. Parents can remotely lock the games or the cell phone. On the other hands, employers can stop their employees to use the certain apps that are time wasting for the company. Furthermore, parents can protect their children data being losing the cell phone device and people can protect their confidential data if the device has lost or theft by putting the lock on the phone of with cell phone monitoring software.