What is Monitor Location History?

Monitor location history is the GPS location tracking tool of the cellphone monitoring app. It enables a user to track location history of the target person having the possession of your target device. It empowers you to know the weekly location history of your target with time stamp.

Track Location History with GPS Location Tracker of Phone Spy App


You can monitor the location history of the target device within no time. You just need to use the GPS location tracker of the mobile phone spy app on the target android device and you will get to know the place where your target person was present.

Weekly Location History

Parents can monitor the weekly location history of the kids and teens and get to know the placed and areas which they have visited within the whole week. They just need to activate the weekly location history tracker of the Android spy software on the target device.


Parents and employers can get to know the location history, weekly location history along with the longitude and latitude of children and employee respectively. They just need to use the location tracking app of the phone spy app on the target device.

Surprisingly the young generation doesn’t take responsibility when it comes to informing their parents that at a place they are present at the moment. On the other hand, the parents are very concerned about the hidden activities of their kids and teens and sometimes they become insecure about the irresponsibility they usually showed of not telling where they are, what they are doing and to whom they are hanging out with. The young generation doesn’t bother about the dangers they are living with or the real-life predators that can trap them easily on the name of relationship or friendship. So, parents are always tried to find out ways to protect their kids and teens at any cost.


Employers that are running large companies having dozens of employees and they usually ordered them to visit the clients outside the premises of the company. Instead of making health PR with the clients they usually pack up and hang out with their personal means and then pretended in such a way that they have done everything they were assigned about.

The answer to all these questions can be found with the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software. The user can get easily get to know the activities happen on the target device. But it has one of the greatest tools that can monitor location history and inform the user what places the target person has visited along with complete location history by tracking the android phone location.


How OgyMogy monitoring app track GPS location history?

OgyMogy cell phone tracking software enable a user to track the entire places the target person has visited in a particular time of period. With the OgyMogy location history tracker you can:

  • Track all the location history of all the places the target person has visited
  • Get complete information of the location such as longitude and latitude
  • View the exact time stamp regarding the visited places
  • All the information of the visited places location history will be sent to the online control panel powered by OgyMogy location tracker app

OgyMogy GPS location history tracker further empowers the user:

  • GPS location tracker
  • View exact & current location
  • Mark restricted areas
  • Mark Safe Areas

How OgyMogy mobile phone GPS trackers help users?

If you are teens is lying to you about his presence at certain place and if your concerned about your employee’s dishonesty that he has pay an official visit where you have sent them. Then let’s find out the truth by installing the location history tracker powered by OgyMogy. Then you can easily monitor the exact and current location and as well as the history to the fullest. This would be very beneficial in terms of parenting and employee monitoring.