What is Multiple Platform Support?

Multiple platform support is the best of the best tool of the phone spy app for android that allow user to change platform and then use the same license on another. It means user can use OS of the target device and use cellphone spy app to another cellphone device running with different OS such as you can switch from android to IOS with the same license of the mobile phone spy app.

You can Monitor Multiple Devices with Different OS


You don’t have to purchase another license if you are going to switch from android OS to IOS device. All you need to do is to change the OS of the cell phone monitoring for android to IOS one. Then you can spy on the target iPhone device with the same license you have.

Multiple Platforms Switch

You can use single OgyMOgy cell phone spy app license for multiple operating systems of the cellphones. It means you can switch from android to iPhone and then again to android or another. But have to deal with the customer care representatives for detailed information.

Android or

If you are using cell phone monitoring software for android at the moment in order to set parental control on your children device. On the other hand, your kids want to get a new iphone device, and then it will not make a difference on your monitoring activities. All you need to do is to change the same license of the OgyMogy cell phone spy app for IOS device. Then you will be able to monitor your target IOS cellphones and gadgets.

Numerous Platform Support

Use same license on multiple platforms

Let’s suppose that your target person has changed its Android to iPhone. Then you don’t need to worry at all. You will not have to pay again for the license to monitor the target device runs with IOS. OgyMogy will provide you the license on the same payment of android and lets you to monitor the target device of IOS operating system.


What reasons that makes you to have this precious tool?

No parents would predict on what time your child has deiced to change its android device to IOS one. However, you have installed android monitoring app on your kid device and now your child has wish to have an iPhone, then you may think you have to purchase the license again along with the new IOS device. It might be very expensive approach for you, but don’t worry OgyMogy take care all of its clients that cannot purchase and pay again and again, so will change the license for IOS device on the previous payment for android license and you will be able to monitor your child activities on new IOS device in order to protect their children to the fullest. We serve humanity rather than making pennies all the time.