What is Password Chaser?

Password chaser is mobile phone monitoring tool that help out user to spy the entire passwords remotely on the target device to lock and unlock the home screen of the target device. User can use it against the digit passwords and pattern passwords only.

Remotely Lock and Unlock Target Device Home Screen

Pattern password

You can use password chaser of the OgyMOgy mobile phone monitoring app and then get access to the target device and can unmask the pattern password applied on the target mobile phone. It means you can chase the pattern password of your teen’s cell phone and can see their activities.

Digit password

You can use the password chaser tool and then you can unveil the secret digit password applied on the target smartphone device of android. It means you can do parenting job very well and monitor teen’s cell phone and even you can monitor employee’s devices to the fullest.

Unlock target phone

Once you have used the password chaser tools and you will be able to get the pattern password and digit passwords of the target device. Then you can easily unlock the target cell phone device and get access to all the mobile phone activities of your children have performed on android and get to know reality.

Password chaser can monitor the password on the target phone’s home screen to unlock the target mobile phone or gadgets

As we all know that mobile phone users use different kind of password on the smartphone home screen in order to lock the phone. But password chaser of the cell phone monitoring software enables user to unveil the password to the user such as pattern passwords and digit passwords applied on the target device.

  • Pattern password
  • Digit password

How OgyMogy password chaser works?

Initially, you have to install cell phone monitoring app on your target cell phone device and once the installation process got competed then activate it on the target device. Furthermore, you need to use the credentials in order to get access to the online control panel and visit the feature. Then it will empower the user to make the short video of the screen when the password is being applied by the target cell phone user. This will help out the user to unmask the password applied on the target phone and user can unlock the phone.

How is password chaser effective for parenting?

Young kids and teens these days prefer to have digital phones that enable them to lock the home screen of the cell phone in order to avoid any unwanted breach. However, parents are the real owner of the cell phone and they don’t need permission to view the activities of kids and teens they have performed on their smartphone. Parents can use it for parenting and unmask the kid’s cell phone password with OgyMogy password chaser and get to know everything excited in their cell phones.

Note: password chaser has developed for pattern passwords and digit passwords only!