What is Password Keystrokes Logging?

Password keystrokes logging is the best cell phone spy app tool that enable a user to track all the password keystrokes applied on the target devices no matter if it is android cell phone and gadgets or computer machines. User can get their hands on password keystrokes and can get access to the target devices.

Spy on Passwords Keystrokes on Cellphone & Computers

Android Cellphone Passwords

You can monitor all the passwords keystrokes applied on the target android device and then you can get access to all the information you are try to get on your hands. But you need to install password keystrokes logging app on the target device and then get the passwords to collect the information. It will help you out to for digital parenting and for employee monitoring.


You can monitor gadgets such as android tablets with the use of password keystrokes logging software. It will help you out to view all the keystrokes applied such as email keystrokes, SMS and messenger keystrokes. So, you can get access to it and get information which you are looking for.


Install password keystrokes logging tool on your employees and children MAC & PCs. Then you will get your hands on the entire passwords and you will be able to get access to password protected folders, messengers and others. Having passwords of you target MAC machines you can get access to the information stored into it weather the information has stored by employees or your children.

Password Keystrokes Logging Feature

The contemporary android cell phone devices are password protected. User can put a password in order to avoid any un-authorized breach. However, no one else can use or operate the cell phone if finding the device idle on anything. Because the modern devices enable a user to use at least home screen password on the mobile phone. Therefore, even the parents cannot view the use of the children’s phone on the name of so called privacy of the children. But here comes the OgyMogy password keystrokes logging tool that will help out for parenting and even for employee monitoring purposes.


How OgyMogy password keystrokes logging works?

All you need to do is to install the android cell phone monitoring software on the target device. Once you have done with it successfully then use the credentials such as passcode and ID that you have got at the time you have subscribed for monitoring app for android. Then use it and get access to the online control panel and visit the keylogger tool and use the password keystrokes logging and get your hands on all the password applied on the target device and get access in the device to the fullest view all the activities performed by target user.

Is it helpful for parenting?

Yes, it is very hand against the kids monitoring and parents can easily monitor children’s cellphones, gadgets and other devices. They can steal the passwords and use it on the device in order to view all the activities they have done on their cellphones and gadgets. Parents can do IM’s social media monitoring, can view messages, and call logs and plenty of other activities.


How to use it for monitoring employees?

Employees in the business organization usually Use Company’s owned devices that could be full of private data and they have ordered by the employees to save it with the passwords. However, employers can get to know the applied passwords on the devices to make check either they have put strong or weak password against the protection of the company’s private data. On the other hands employers can get to know their activities they have performed on the messengers, emails and what sort of communication they have had to catch if someone has involved in something fishy.