What is Remote Dashboard Command?

Remote dashboard command of the android remote controller is the best tool of the cell phone spy app for android. It gives end users a privilege to remotely send command on the target device and once it is received, it will get started with remote monitoring in terms of number of goals as MIC bug, camera bug, vidspycam bug and remote screen recording.

Send Remote Commands on the Target Device Remotely

Remotely Control Microphone

You can remotely control the Microphone of the target cell phone device with the use of cell phone spy app on the target device. You just need to get access to the online control panel and use remotely send commands on the target cell phone device and get control over the microphone to the fullest.

Delate or Pause Applications

You can send commands on the target android cell phone device to delete or Pause apps remotely. You just need to have access to the web portal and send commands on the target smartphone and you will be able to delete and even start /pause the apps on the target device.


You can remotely get control over the target device microphone and even you can activate it remotely by sending the dashboard command of recording surrounds. Once the command has sent to the target device, it will get control over the Microphone of the device and starts recording of the surrounds sounds and conversations.

Get Control over target device through remotely dashboard command

OgyMogy empower the user to remotely get access to the target device data, but it has also empowers its user to remotely get control over the target mobile phone device of android. There is plenty of monitoring and controlling powers that cell phone monitoring app has empowered its users including remotely dashboard commands.

  • Get control over target device microphone remotely
  • Delete any application
  • To pause any application
  • Record the phone surrounds
  • Remotely access target device camera and make videos
  • Remotely use back and front camera of the target device

Why you need to use remote dashboard commands tool?

If you have to choose the particular feature of the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software that is necessary against the parenting and employee monitoring. Then without any hesitation I will go for remote dashboard command tool that would be very effective for kids and teens monitoring and get access to messengers they used on their cellphones and parents can further remotely get control over these apps in terms of pause or start the app to protect the children from all online predators. Furthermore, employers can use the remote dashboard commands to record the surroundings or delete apps that are time wasting within the working hours.