What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring of the android spy software for cellphones and gadgets empower the user to use plenty of tools remotely gather information from the target device. End users can multiple remote monitoring tools in terms of remote capture screenshots, MIC bug and camera bug. Moreover, users can remotely Block internet, text messages and incoming calls on the target device.

Remotely Control Target Device with Android Remote Controller

Multiple Remote Features

You can remotely get access to the target device with the use of OgyMogy Android remote monitoring app and get to know the activities happen on the target android device with complete time stamp. You can use multiple remote monitoring tools and can set parental control on your kids and teens cell phone and protect them from online vulnerabilities.

Send SMS

Remote parental control app enable a user to switch between number of devices that you are looking forward to monitor, but you have to spy on one android device at a time. You just need to install the mobile phone spy on the target device and get access to the control panel and send SMS command and remotely monitor device.

One Device
At Time

OgyMogy remote parenting app enable parents to monitor multiple devices remotely, but one device at a time are possible to monitor. Parents can monitor multiple devices one by one by using the android monitoring app and remotely get to know the activities of the children to the fullest.

OgyMogy android controller lets you to monitor target person remotely

No matter where your target person is present in the world, if you already have installed mobile phone monitoring app for android you can always be around your target activities.


OgyMogy android remote monitoring is capable of:

  • You can use all the OgyMogy monitoring tools from a distance
  • Send SMS command on the target device no matter where you are at the moment
  • Monitor number of devices having number of license of the cell phone remote monitoring app

How OgyMogy remote monitoring is the best tool for you?

The contemporary mobile phones and gadgets such as tablets and pads can easily carry by the users and on the other hand if you want to monitor remotely these mobile devices. Then use cell phone remote monitoring app to keep an eye on your target device activities to the fullest.