What is Remotely Uninstalling Application?

Remotely un install application of the android remote controller powered by OgyMogy cellphone spy app for android enable a user to uninstall the application from the target device when needed. However, the target device of android needs to be rooted, then it would be possible for the user to uninstall the android spy app from the target device remotely.

User can Uninstall Cellphone Spy app for Android on the Device

List of

You can remotely get the list of all the installed apps on the target smartphone running with android OS and can use android remote monitoring and can view the installed apps. You can get the whole list and differentiate the apps that are in appropriate for teens and which are time wasting for employees.

Uninstall Apps

You can remotely uninstall all the in appropriate apps on the target cell phone device such as dating apps and time wasting apps with the use of cell phone monitoring software. Then you can use remotely uninstall applications tool of the android spy app and protect your teens from adult content and stop your employees to waste time within the working hours.

Data Uploaded to Web Portal

You can get the list of the install apps on the target phone with the use of android phone controller of the mobile phone spy app. Furthermore, you can get to know all the inappropriate apps by viewing the data of the installed apps having access to the online control panel.

View inappropriate apps being used on the target android device

Rise in the rise in using smartphone devices connected to the internet by children and teens parenting have got too much hurdles in its way. Apps such as instant messaging apps, gaming apps and dating apps have reportedly can produce legitimate vulnerabilities for kids and teens such as stalking, cyber bullying and bad habits likes such as sexting and blind dating. On the other hands employers has also faced in disciplined activities in terms of using entertaining apps on the company’s owned devices that surely have a bad impact on the productivity at the end of the day. Therefore, when it comes to have powerful solution OgyMogy android monitoring app has developed number of tools but remotely UN –install application would be the ultimate for the users. See below how you can do the magic with the particular tool.


Using OgyMogy you can do:

  • User can get access to the list of all the installed apps
  • Gets access to the app details being used most of the times on the target device?
  • View apps content that is in appropriate or time wasting
  • UN –install or delete apps remotely on the target device
  • User can view all the uploaded data of the target android device with online control panel of the remote phone controller software

Having such type of advantages we have explained earlier, few still have their question how to get benefit out it.

The young kids and teens are innocent souls that are desperate to explore things in terms of modern apps installed on the phone or downloaded from play store. They don’t realize what could be ultimate dangers that can harm them via using the instant messaging apps and gaming apps so casually. Parents can protect them from identity theft, make their online privacy stronger by putting privacy basics and last but not the least to be addict of the instant messaging apps. On the other hands employers can protect their productivity to being down suddenly due to the waste of time by the employees on the company’s owned devices using time wasting and entertaining apps. Parents and employers can use remote un-install apps tool of the cell phone monitoring app and can view the apps , remotely delete apps on the target device and get to know the type activities kids and teens does on their android devices.