What is Set Your Preferences?

Set preferences is the sub monitoring tool of the remote android controller that empower the user to set their own monitoring preferences according to the needs. User can make adjustments and can create suitable monitoring preferences by changing the data uploading settings such as app settings, sync settings and to track location remotely.

Make Your Own Monitoring Preferences with Cellphone Spy App

Sync Settings

User can use sync setting of the android remotely controller software and can set preferences either to collect data of all the feature logs or not. Moreover user can also use app settings, and set the preference of location tracking to the fullest.

Logs Synchronization

This tool enables a user to use the OgyMOgy cell phone monitoring app’s data upload preferences to work with Wi-Fi, Mobile data with don’t sync with anyone of the internet connection. Moreover, user can set the preferences of SIM change notifications, restrict incoming calls delete apps and Device switch platform.

Reboot Device

It enables a user to remotely reboot device by using the android monitoring app online control panel. However, users have to root the target android device and in-case with IOS need to jailbreak the target cell phone. Furthermore, user can restart the monitoring app on the target cell phone and use the restrictions.

Set Your Data Upload settings according to your needs

OgyMogy cellphone monitoring software knows well that every user has its different needs. User can set preferences at very according to their own needs by changing dashboard data upload settings.


How user can make preferences?

Initially user has to visit the OgyMogy official website and then visit the settings and via login you can change the available data settings given below.

Sync Settings:

All you need to do is to set your preferences, user can restrict/start any particular feature or all feature logs and even user can use any feature or all feature logs.

App Settings:

User has more than one option, you can stop application’s working on the target android device or you can start the working of application on the target device.

Location Tracking:

User have an option to set its preferences within three different time intervals such as 5 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes of the location tracking feature of OgyMogy monitoring app. Having these intervals, you can get the location logs information and you can further upload the information on the online control panel.

SIM Change Notification Settings:

You just have to put your personal contact number in the application under the SIM change notification settings. Let’s suppose if the target person has changed the SIM card then a hidden text messages that contains the new SIM number will automated created and sent to your given notify number.

Logs Synchronization Method:

These particular settings enable a user to create its own preference of OgyMogy app works under the following stated conditions. However, user can set the data –upload preferences to work with the Wi-Fi internet connection, Mobile data connection, with both or don’t use sync option with anyone.

  • Wi-Fi Mobile DATA or Both Types /Don’t Sync
Block incoming calls:

You can remotely block incoming calls that you don’t want on your target android device. User can block maximum 5 numbers on the blacklist and these numbers would not be able to make calls on the target android cell phone or gadget.

  • Maximum 5 contact numbers

Block Internet while driving

Incase user has wish to block the mobile phone data when target is driving, user can remotely restrict the internet activities on the target device.

Block SMS While Driving

User can block all the sent or received SMS on the target cell phones and gadgets remotely when target is driving.

Reboot Device:

You can remotely restart the target device with the help of the online control panel.

  • Restart the target android device
  • Works with rooted/jailbroken devices
Remotely restart the monitoring app:

IF you have realized that OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software is working well or it may has crashed by default, then user has immunity to restart the application remotely on the target cell phone.

  • Restart the OgyMogy monitoring app remotely on the device
Delete or remove App remotely

You can remotely delete or remove the OgyMogy app any time on the target device.

  • Remove the OgyMogy monitoring software on the target device
Device Switch/ Platform Switch

Being OgyMogy user you don’t need to have a contact with our customer care representatives incase he/she want to change the target device or device switch for monitoring activities. You just need to install the OgyMOgy monitoring app on the new target device. However, in-case you have to change the operating systems such as android and IOS then you need to contact with the OgyMogy customer service representatives and you have to subscribe with the new license compatible with your new target devoice OS.

Do whatever you want to with OgyMogy monitoring app

User may want to monitor the calls but he/she is not interested in the monitoring of calendar on the target device. Furthermore, you are looking forward to make a check in the text messages gas sent or received on the target device, but least interested in browsing history. You can do whatever you want having the subscription of the OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software. You can make a switch from one feature to another and switch off the features you are least interested in. all you can do with the online control panel of the cell phone monitoring software where the entire target device has synced.

Point to be noted:

OgyMogy always assist our customers with the best of our cell phone monitoring services in the best and personalized way possible.