What is SIM–change Tracker?

SIM change tracker empowers the user to get the instant SIM change notifications whenever the target device user changes the SIM card due to variety of reasons. However, removal of the SIM change does not make difference and end user will get other information except call logs and text messages. But when the user uses a new SIM –card on the device, it will start syncing the data again to the fullest.

Get Instant SIM Card Change Alerts with SIM Change Monitoring Tool

Sim Card Change Alerts

User will get alerts, the moment the target user have changed the SIM card on the target cell phone device. However, you will have to install the cell phone monitoring app on the target device. Then SIM change tracker app will let you know when the SIM card has removed from the target device.

Theft or

It is also possible that your target cell phone device of your teens could have theft or stolen and someone else has is trying to own the device. So, cell phone monitoring app will send you alert messages when the SIM card is being removed from the target device.

Independent Monitoring

It does not make a difference that if the target person has removed the SIM card and cell phone spy app would work in the same fashion. Because, the monitoring app for android is totally independent from the SIM card and you will get the new logs if the target person has fixed another SIM card.

Sim Change Notification

OgyMogy has developed dozens of features until now, but out of all, it has come up with the Sim change notification tools that have the users by storms. Once the target android phone user has changed the SIM card from his/her mobile phone, then the very next moment user will get instant Sim change notification. Sim change notification does not mean to be changed by the target person. It also means that target device has been theft, stolen and it is also possible that his cell phone device has broken down.


However, target person can deliberately have changed the sim card from the Android cell phone due to some odd reasons. But the best part of the mobile phone monitoring software is it does not make a difference if the target person has changed the sim card. Because it works independently and it will continuous monitoring on the target device no matter how many new sim cards the target person has used.

Moreover, with new sim card using new data will sync to the cell phone monitoring software such as contacts details and maybe the calls logs. The new sim card may have new data than the previous one. Furthermore, the target cell phone person will not be able to know that he/she is being monitored if it is being used for parenting reasons. But for the employee monitoring user have to get the consent of the target person.