What is Skype Spy App?

Skype spy app lets you to monitor Skype messenger logs running on the target cell phone device. it empower the user to get access to the mobile phone and to spy on text messages, chat conversations, shared files, audio and video calls and last but not the least with complete time stamp.

Spy Skype Logs on Target Cellphone with Skype Monitoring App

Text Conversations

If you want to spy on skype text messages and chat conversations of your employees or on your children. Then you just need to install the mobile phone monitoring app on the target android device and get access to the dashboard and activate the Skype spy app for android. Then you can view the chat conversations logs fully.

Shared Work Files

Employers always want to know what their employees are sharing and doing on company’s owned devices installed Skype messenger. They can view the shared work files on the instant messaging app and need to install phone spy app for android and get access to the web portal and get access to the shared files with complete time stamp.


Skype social media app enables users to add contacts in terms of other social media app users. If you want to know to whom your employees and children have added as their skype friends. Then you just need to install cell phone monitoring app on the target device and need to use Skype spy app and get to know the added contacts.

With Skype monitoring app –Monitor Skype chat & conversations

Skype instant messenger is one of the most popular apps and you will find it everywhere on everyone’s laptops, cell phones and desktop devices. It equally works well on all on the devices and gadgets. That’s why it is equally famous and used by everyone no matter what their profession is such as young students, business community and others who want to use it to communicate with their loved ones. No matter what features you are using of the messenger it will provide user complete security. However, the service of the social messaging app is free and user doesn’t have a single penny.


OgyMogy empowers you to monitor Skype activities:

  • View the contact details of each and every single number
  • See the name and contacts & time schedule of every chat conversation
  • Get to know the media files shared on the messenger
  • Read the content of the shared files via Skype messenger
  • You can get to know all the above mentioned activities happen on the skype with having access to online control panel

Why to use OgyMogy monitoring app on target device installed skype?

It is the app that has become immensely popular among all and apart from its pros and cons even the young kids and teens are using it for such activities that could be risky for them. On the other hands, employers sometimes have their insecurities regarding the supernatural features of the mighty messenger such as sharing documents instantly that can be used by the dishonest employees against the company’s secrets stored in the company’s owned gadgets and devices.


Monitor Skype messenger for parenting reasons

The rise in the rise of children’s online activities they perform via their android cell phones and gadgets. Skype has become a major subject for kids and teens and they communicate with the friends online whom they have not met in real –life. However, it is also been used for online dating among the youth and parents have to take care of their kids to monitor skype social media app. It will help them out to view chat conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos with complete time stamp. Parents will stay updated regarding children’s activities on the skype social networking app.

OgyMogy Skype software for business monitoring

Companies that have to run with dozens of employees and employers have to deal with the each and every single employee’s performance. Skype monitoring software would be the ultimate app to monitor employee’s activities within the working hours. They can view the chat conversations of the employees and get to know whether they are using skype social messaging app for work or for just making gossips and wasting time. They will be able to know what sort of media files they are sharing regarding work or sharing something that they have permitted for it and has involved into something fishy.