What is Switch Your Device?

Switch your device is very user –friendly tool of the android spy software that provide immunity to the end user to switch form one device to another having the aim of monitoring. It means user can use the cell phone spy app from one device to another, but the operating system of the next target device would be the same.

Switch From one Device to Another and Monitor It

Switch Various Devices

You can switch one device to another and so on with the single license you have at the moment. But you need to keep in mind that you can monitor one device at a time with you OgyMOgy license. You cannot monitor more than one device at a time with a single license of the cell phone monitoring software.

Choose Target Device

Initially you have to choose your target device and then you need to have physical access on the target device for installation of the mobile phone spy app and when you have done it you just need to get access on control panel where you can activate monitoring tools and get the information to the web portal. You can do it on more than one device but you have to switch from the previously monitored device.

Data Security

No matter how many cell phone and gadgets of android you are going to monitor one by one. But ultimately you will have all the data you have monitored of all the devices. You just need to get access to the online control panel of the cell phone spying software one by one by switching the device and installing the spy app for android back and forth and you will have the data of each device.

Use Same OgyMogy License & Switch between Devices

Family usually consist of number of peoples such as kids and teens and many other people who directly or in directly relates to the whole systems such as employees working for you. Therefore, being parents you have to look after your kids and teens activities they perform on their cell phones of android connected to the internet and further you may have some kind of business where you need to monitor your employees activities on your company’s owned devices and gadgets such as android cell phones, pads and tablets. Goal may have the same to protect children and to protect business but monitoring can be different and on more than one devices and user have to switch between the devices having the same OgyMogy license.


OgyMogy provides you immunity to use the same license on more than one device having same OS

  • You decide on what devices you want to use the monitoring software
  • Switch between the number of devices & monitor activities
  • Monitor more than one device without losing the data stored it in it
  • Store the data on the same online control panel of all the devices having stable internet

How switch your devices tools helpful for users?

Incase parents have more than one teenager children that are using devices running with the same operating systems and all of your children use the internet on their mobile phones. Than you can monitor your all of the children one by one with the same license and monitor their activities to the fullest which they perform on the android phones. Parents don’t need to have more than one license for the devices of the children having the same operating system. Parents can monitor their children one by one and perform their digital parenting responsibilities to the fullest. All they just need to do is to install the same OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app license one by one on all of your children one by one and get to know what they are doing on their android devices in order to protect them from all real life and cyber life dangers.