OgyMogy –The new era of monitoring tablet devices has started

OgyMogy a king without a crown to monitor SIM –based tablets

OgyMogy is not limited to the devices that peoples carry in their hands commonly in the shape of cell phones running with different OS. So, change your mind, it has made all the arrangements in the shape of tablets monitoring tools whether Android and IOS OgyMogy has come up with tablet monitoring software.

iPad, Android, just utter a name – We have all the arrangements to monitor tablets

Cell phones are not the devices only that run all the things that user want to use it for many reasons. There are many other devices are there that works as a smartphone but having the number of another set of features that fascinate the users a lot. However, when it comes to parenting and employee monitoring activities of tablets, OgyMogy has started a new era to give an opportunity to the people to keep a monitoring eye on the tablets in order to view the files stored such as photos, text messages, calls, social media apps and plenty of other activities.


Install it over Android and iOS gadgets & start monitoring

OgyMogy tablet monitoring software empowers you to monitor all kinds of Android & IOS tablets, iPads, laptops machines, and gadgets. Once a user has ended up with the installation process on your target device it would be as same as you have the target device in your hands.

Thrilling and result oriented way to monitor windows computer with OgyMogy

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