What is Text Messages Spy?

Text messages spy provide user power to get access all the sent or received text messages on the target cell phone with complete time stamp. User can get access to the MMS, imessages and heads up notifications as well. User can get to know about the content of the messages and get to know the contacts to which target user has sent or received text messages.

Spy on Text Messages on Cellphone with Text Messages Monitoring App

Control Panel

Simply install cell phone monitoring app on the target android mobile phone device and get access to the ogymogy control panel and activate the text messages spy app. Then you will see all the data of the messages will appear to the dashboard instantly.


You can monitor all the sent and received text messages on the target cell phone device running with android OS. You just need to get access to the web portal of the mobile phone spy software and activate the screenshots and remotely capture the text messages running on the target cell phone screen with time stamp.

Screen Recorder

You can record and view the text messages sent or received on the target device. you can use screen recorder of the OgyMOgy cell phone spy app and can make short videos of the screen and the recording will sent to the web portal where you can get access and can view the screen recording of the text messages.

Keep monitoring sent/received text messages on the target device with text messages monitoring app

OgyMogy text messages monitoring software empower the user to read sent/received messages on the target android device. However, monitoring is not restricted to messages, user can view and read MMS, BBM chat and last but not the least iMessages.


With Text messages monitoring you can!

  • View the content of the messages
  • View and read the sent/received messages content
  • Monitor with compete time schedule
  • Get the contacts
  • Read complete thread conversation on the target device

How text messages monitoring works?

Install the cell phone monitoring app for android on the target device and after the completion of the monitoring software. You need to use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription. Use the keys and get access to the online control panel and visit the text messages monitoring tool and get all the sent or received text messages on the target device along with the complete time schedule.


How text messages monitoring help out parents?

Parents can get to know all the sent or received text messages on kids and teens cell phone devices. They can use text messages monitoring in order to view the content of the messages to protect their kids and teens from the real-life predators and to know whom they are chatting with all day long on their mobile phones of android. They can further monitor MMS, BMM chat meessages and iMessages to the fullest.