What is Tumblr Screen Recorder?

Tumblr screen recorder empowers the end user to record the screen of the target device at the time when target user is using tumblr instant messaging app on the cellphone. End user can get access to the messenger’s recording and can see all the activities with time stamp.

Record Screen of The Target Device When Tumblr is Activated

Text Messages

Tumblr text messages can be monitored and record by using the Tumblr screen recorder app. User can get access to the online control panel of the ogyMogy cell phone monitoring software installed on the target phone. User can activate the screen recorder tool and can record all the sent/received text messages running on the target android mobile phone.

Blog & Followers

Tumblr allow user to write blogs and to make followers, user can get access the Tumblr activities running on the target android cell phone gadgets using the Tumblr screen recording software. It enables a user to record the screen of the target device when user is up to the social networking app.

Likes & Shares

Tumblr screen recorder even allows you to record and spy on likes and shares of instant messaging app. You just need to install the cell phone monitoring app and then get access to the web portal where you can activate the Tumblr screen recorder and can make short videos of the target device screen when the messenger is being used by the target user.

Tumblr screen recorder tool that records social networking app activities on the target cell phone screen

OgyMogy tumblr screen recording enable user to monitor the instant messaging app Tumblr running on the target device screen. It empowers the user to record the screen of the device when target person is using the messenger on the cell phone. User can view the following mentioned activities.

  • Text messages
  • Blogs & followings
  • Shared links & URLs
  • Likes & Shares

How Tumblr screen recorder works?

You cannot monitor anything remotely unless you have someone to keep an eye on the activities you want to view on the target device. Therefore, you have to install the cell phone monitoring app on the target device. Moreover, when you have ended up with the installation successfully then get access to the online control panel using password and ID provided you via email at the time of subscription. Now look into the features and use tumbler screen recorder in such a way that you will send a command and send it on the target device. It will start screen recording of the target device screen when target is using the Tumblr social media app. Recording will be sent to the dashboard where you have already have got the access and view what you are looking for.

How Tumblr screen recording help out parents?

As we all know that Tumblr is micro blogging platoform for young kids and teens to share their views and ideas and skills. But over the years the content shared on the social media app turning teenagers to learn self –harming activities and even people share carnal content that really put kids and teens in situation to adopt bad and evil habits. Parents can use the Tumble screen recorder to keep a hidden eye on kids and teens in order to protect them from all evil things in order to protect their bright future.