What is Viber Spy App?

Viber spy app is tool that brings you the viber logs such as contacts list, viber chat conversations, messages and plenty of other activities with complete time stamp. User can view the logs of the messenger by getting access to the online control panel.

Monitor Viber Logs with Viber Messenger Spy App

Chat Conversations

You can track Viber chat conversations that target user have done on its android mobile phone installed instant messaging app. You just need to install the cell phone monitoring app and then get access to the web portal and activate the viber spy app and then you will be able to monitor viber messenger chat conversations.

Shred Media

Viber spy app for android enable a user to monitor all the shared media such as photos, Emojis, and videos on the target cell phone device installed social messaging app. Once you have installed the cell phone monitoring software on the target device and then you have activated ogyMogy spy app for viber then you can get your hands on shared Viber media.

Video Calls

Monitor and listen to the all Viber Voice calls sent though the android mobile phone installed Viber social messaging app. You can get access to the messenger using Viber spy app and can listen to Viber Voice messages to the fullest. But you have to install cell phone monitoring software on the target device.

Why to use OgyMogy Viber monitoring App for Android?

With each passing day, new inventions have come forward in the filed if technology and in the form of social media apps that are trying their best to improve the apps quality and number of user have switched to the viber messenger. Because has delivered a great deal of privacy and security of their users similar to the Facebook and Skype. Where it is providing security and privacy, on the other hand it also poses some barriers of penetration. Let’s suppose you are trying to breach the viber chat security and audio video conversations. However, OgyMogy android viber monitoring app can breach all the walls and the barriers come its way and provide you sneaky access to the target messenger to the fullest.


OgyMogy Viber monitoring app is capable of what?

  • View viber contacts list to check what added or deleted
  • Monitor viber chat and conversations
  • View activities with time stamp
  • Get your hands on Viber activities via online control panel
  • Monitor viber messenger with OgyMogy app
Note: root your android phone before you are going to monitor viber messages

How OgyMogy monitoring app monitor viber messages?

Being parents of young kids and teens you may be curious about their social media activities including viber social networking app and you want to know why they spend most of the time on the android phone. Usually when parents heard about online dating, online predators such as cyber bullies, stalkers and about stalking they lurk towards safety of their kids and teens. It’s parent’s moral duty to make a check on their kids and teens until they become adult to live their live using their own wisdom. Parents can monitor viber messages with the help of OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software for androids. They just need to install the mobile phone monitoring app on the target android device and then use the credentials to get access to the user online control panel and then visit the IM’s social media tools. Then they can use Viber monitoring app that allows parents to view the viber logs such chat conversations, messages, shared media files as photos and videos and audio video conversations to the fullest. This will really help out parents to who kids and teens having text conversations and audio and video ones. They can protect their kids and teens from all digital dangers that can cause serious troubles for children. This will really help out parents to have peace of mind and put their worries to rest. They can monitor viber chat and messages with complete time stamp and then guide their kids and teens if they have encountered with or trapped by the predators.