What is View Live GPS Location?

Live GPS location empowers the user to get the target device or person with the possession of your target device real time location. Therefore, in terms of parenting and employee monitoring it is one of the best tracking tool of the mobile phone monitoring app.

Get GPS Location in Real Time with Live GPS Location Tracker

GPS Location in Real Time

You can monitor kids and teens GPS location in real time by using the GPS location tracking software on the target device. All you need to do is to activate live GPS location of the phone spy app installed on your children mobile phone.


Live GPS location tracker empower the employees to get to know the visited places of the employees working in the field with complete time stamp along with the map routes and with the longitude and latitude information.

Secret Whereabouts of Kids

Parents can discover all the secret whereabouts of kids and teens when they have outside the house or hanging out with the peers at unknown place. You just need to activate the Live GPS location monitoring software and you will be able to secretly discover the whereabouts of your children with complete time stamp.

Track Real Time Location through GPS integrated Map

OgyMogy real-time location tracker is capable of tracking the current location of the target device and user can view it through Google route map. OgyMogy further help you out:

  • Track current location of the target device
  • Monitor the pin-point location with longitude and latitude against any given location
  • View the location history, visited places with OgyMogy personal online control panel having stable internet connection.

How OgyMogy Live GPS tracker is helpful for users?

It is very common these days when you ask your kid where you are at the moment on cell phone and he/she replied in friend’s home and you have nothing ask but to become curious. On the other hand, employees often visit official work outside the company’s premises and finish the official work in less time and then hangout with the family and friends. Liars are everywhere and in every age group. But when it comes to children parents have to keep an eye on their sneaky and snoopy activities in parent’s absence. Parents can track the GPS location of their kids and teens if they have already installed GPS location tracker software on the kid’s phone. Similarly, being an employer you can track the exact and current location of your employees whom you have sent for an official visit outside the company. GPS location tracker empowers parents and employees to track their target visited place, location history and you can mark areas where they can go and where they don’t.