What is zalo Spy Software?

Zalo spy software is a monitoring tool that get can get access to the target mobile phone device in a sneaky way and spy on the Zalo messenger. User can view messenger logs such as contact name sent and received, contact number sent/received, shared multimedia, Voice calls and plenty of others.

Monitor Zalo Social Messaging App with Zalo Messenger Spy Software


Monitor all the sent/received contact name & contact numbers on the Zalo social messaging app installed on your teens android mobile phones by using the Zalo spy software. Simply, it provides you the access to the installed messenger where you can view all the activities of your children including Zalo contact name and number.

Shared Media

Instant messaging apps such as Zalo enable users to share media such as photos, videos, emotion icons and plenty of other alike on their android smartphones. Now you can get access to the instant messaging app with the help of zalo spy app and can examine all the share multimedia and get to know to whom and where it’s been sent.

Voice Calls

Zalo Voice calls are possible to monitor and you can even listen to the Voice messages of the target device installed social media app. You just need to use the Zalo messenger spy app on the target device and then you can get access to the target Zalo social messaging app account and get access to the Voice messages.

Monitor Zalo instant messaging app and view activities happen on target device installed messenger

OgyMogy zalo monitoring software make user capable enough to view into the realm of Zalo social media app such as messages, snap messages, emotions, stickers, sent Voice messages and last but not the least group conversations along with the time stamp that tell when the activities has performed by the user on the target cell phone running with the zalo instant messenger.


How Does OgyMOgy Zalo monitoring app work?

All you need to do on initially basis to do rooting of android device and if you are dealing with the IOS device then use jailbreak method to install mobile phone monitoring app on the target cell phone running with Zalo messenger. Then it will allow you to view all the activities happen on the Zalo instant messaging app on your target device using online control panel of the cell phone monitoring app for android.

  • Contact Name sent/ received
  • Contact Number sent/received
  • Shared multimedia
  • Voice Calls

How OgyMOgy monitoring app is helpful for users?

Cyber dangers are on the rise and young kids and teens usually got trapped online these days. Sexual harassment and stalking are very common things. All it happens due to the easy access for everyone towards social media apps and since you can use it on cell phones of androids and IOS parents are worried for the digital safety of their kids and teens. Zalo instant messaging app is one of the most popular social messaging app among the teens and kids and parents often get worried when they spend most of the time on all the trendy social apps including Zalo social networking app. You can use Zalo monitoring tool of the android monitoring app that enable parents to make a check on all the activities of kids and teens they perform on the social media app with the complete time schedule. Employers can also monitor their employee’s activities on Zalo if they are using company’s owned devices within the working hours.