13 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Cell phone tracker app enable you to monitor the targeted person’s mobile activities without them knowing. It usually uses parents, employers, and anyone who lost or stole their phone device. It lets you know about the cell phone’s real-time GPS location, messages and text chats, call logs, social media activities, Internet activities, and more.

We’ll define the best cell phone tracker apps you should know before purchasing. So, let’s review the top mobile tracker app and expose its qualities and services. The mobile tracker features are essential for both parents and employers.

What is a Phone Tracker App?

The cell phone tracker app is software designed to monitor the targeted device’s real-time activities. It lets you track the device location, messages, calls, browsing history, and more. This app alerts you in any emergency.

How Does a Phone Tracker App Work?

Cell phone tracker app works after being installed on targeted devices. Users need physical access to the targeted devices to install the app. Once you are done, this app enables you to secretly track and transmit to the web control panel where you can see their activities in real.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission- Comparison

App Lowest Price Device Count Free Version Compatibility Guarantee
OgyMogy $10.41/month (yearly) 1 Demo Android, Windows, Mac 14- Day Refund Policy
TheOneSpy $6.25 (Lite Version, Annual subscription) 1 Demo Android,iPhone, Windows, Mac 14- Day Refund Policy
Mspy $16.66/month (yearly) 1 Demo Android,IOS 10- Day Refund Policy
Cocospy $8.33/month Basic for 1 Device (annual) 1 Demo Android,IOS 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Eyezy $9.99/month (yearly) 1 Demo Android,IOS 14- Day Refund Policy
uMobix $11.66/month (yearly) 1 Demo Android,IOS 14- Day Refund Policy
Hoverwatch $1.67/month/device Up to 25 3 Day Trial Android, Mac, Windows No
GeoFinder $39.99/month 1 $1 for 48 Hours Android,iPhone 14- Day Money Back Guarantee
Flexispy $29.95 (Lite Version, Monthly subscription) 1 Demo Android,iPhone, Windows, Mac Review Terms & Conditions
Xnspy $16.65/month (annual) 1 Demo Android,IOS 10-Day Refund Policy
Famisafe $9.99/month 1 Yes Android,iPhone 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
Spyic $8.33/month Basic for 1 Device (annual) 1 Demo Android,IOS 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
FamiGuard $8.32/month yearly 1 Demo Android,IOS 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

1 OgyMogy- Effective and Invisible App

OgyMogy Effective and Invisible App

OgyMogy is a top-rated cell phone tracker app with remote access to the targeted phone’s activities. It can easily track phone without them knowing and find everything that happened on your kids and employees’ cell phones. With this, you can track phone messages and chats and monitor every incoming and outgoing call while remaining undetectable on the targeted cell phones. The feature to track phone messages is particularly useful for parents and employers.

OgyMogy is easy to set up and install on mobile devices by taking 3-5 minutes. Moreover, it didn’t require rooted devices to track. Don’t miss the key aspects of this app; read the crucial details below and find the advanced app with data security offer.

An Evaluation of OgyMogy Key Aspects

  • Track real-time GPS Location and previous location history
  • Save their movements by setting geo-fence
  • Remotely hack phone mic and camera
  • secretly Internet watch history and web filter
  • Remotely Block apps and websites
  • Remotely view phone screen activities via screen recording and screenshots
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Listen to the phone surrounding
  • Completely undetectable
  • Loaded with unique features
  • It didn’t support iPhone
  • Users cannot install it for illegal purposes

OgyMogy cell phone tracker app provides different price plans for their users.

  1. Monthly – $43
  2. Quarterly – $105
  3. Yearly – $125

OgyMogy offers flat discounts on festivals, special days, and Holiday seasons for worried parents and small-scale businesses.

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • 1 Device/ License
  • 14-Day Refund Policy

2 TheOneSpy- Monitor Multiple Devices Simultaneously


TheOneSpy is one of the best and finest phone tracker applications. These phone tracker applications offer a wide range of features for comprehensive monitoring.

This feature-rich app operates on the targeted phone to find their activities. While monitoring the phone, it remains hidden and never shows the app icon on any targeted device.

This application enables you to get the details of real-time happening and gives you a transpiring overview of targeted mobile. This is a popular app that effortlessly finds the physical movements of your loved ones. and it’s excellent for setting virtual boundaries that notify you when your targeted person enters and leaves the place.

An Evaluation of TheOneSpy Key Aspects

  • Social Apps monitoring
  • Capture Keylogger
  • Automated take screenshots
  • Remotely record phone screen
  • Web filter
  • Block apps and websites
  • It didn’t require rooted devices
  • It has an effortless installation procedure
  • It is an undetectable tracker app
  • It is an undetectable tracker app that provides fantastic view 360 and surround listening features.
  • It never supports remote installation
  • One subscription plan works on a single device at a time

TheOneSpy is offering XLite and premium packages for cell phone monitoring.

TOS XLite edition for Android

  • one month$25
  • six months$15
  • one year is $6.25

TOS premium for Android

  • One month $55
  • six months $36.7
  • one year $15.42

TOS For Iphone

  • $55 Monthly
  • $ 105 Quarterly
  • $125Yearly
  • Android
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • Mac
  • 1 Device/ License
  • 14-Day Refund Policy

3 Mspy-Instant Real Time Tracking


Mspy comes with many features that make it easy for digital parenting. This app is used to find the accurate position of the targeted device and pinpoint some areas of the device. Besides the tracking, it enables parents to monitor their kids and employers to check their workplace employees. This will provide remote monitoring with accurate activity tracking reports without knowing the targeted person.

An Evaluation of Mspy Key Aspects

  • Social media monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Location tracker and geo-fence
  • Scan text messages and IM chats
  • Call recording and call logs
  • It provides excellent iOS monitoring features
  • It is undetectable on targeted phones
  • It does not require jailbreak and rooting for targeted devices
  • It has a comprehensive social media monitoring list
  • The screen recording feature drains the phone’s battery
  • Instagram and Facebook spying on iPhones is not working properly
  • It’s bit expensive

Mspy provides a premium price package that you can choose according to your choice.

  • $48.99 Monthly
  • $27.99/Month Quarterly
  • $11.66/Month Yearly
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • 1 Device/ License
  • 10-Day Refund Policy

4 Cocospy- Real Time Tracking

Cocospy Real Time Tracking

Cocospy enables you to track the device activities with stable monitoring features. It provides all the information that spies on the device and sends it to the web control panel. This most trustworthy and fantastic application lets you know about device activities, such as messages, chats, and calls, and get an overview of IM’s apps. With this, you can get the deleted information from the targeted device.

An Evaluation of Cocospy Key Aspects

  • Set geofence and get an alert
  • Track social media activities
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Track call and call logs
  • 24/7 excellent customer support services
  • Easy and straightforward setup method
  • A lot of unique features
  • No free trial
  • No call recording feature
  • user couldn’t take screenshots

Cocospy offers affordable price plans for Android and iOS. You can choose:

For Android

  • Basic $39.99
  • Premium $9.99
  • Family $69.99

For iPhone

  • Basic $99.99
  • Premium $10.83
  • Family $399.99
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Up to 3 Devices
  • 14-Day Refund Policy

5 Eyezy- Track Kids All Online Activities

Eyezy Track Kids All Online Activities

Users can use Eyezy to secretly monitor targeted devices’ activities without knowing them. It works in stealth mode to find the phone activities without showing the app icon on the home screen. It is a feature-rich application that can do anything you expect from a cell phone. You can monitor every incoming and outgoing call, view location, and find everything from the targeted phone.

An Evaluation of Eyezy Key Aspects

  • Set geo-fence and GPS location
  • Social media monitoring
  • Monitor visited websites
  • Block apps and websites
  • It provides multiple tracking features for Android and iOS
  • It works in hidden mode
  • It has an Interactive UI
  • You cannot know their prices without creating an account
  • Some of its features require rooted devices

Eyezy has different price packages that you can choose from:

  • $ 47.99 Monthly
  • $ 27.99 Quarterly
  • $ 9.99 Yearly
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • 1 Device / License
  • 14-Day Refund Policy

6 UMobix- The Best Parental Control Monitoring App

UMobix- The Best Parental Control Monitoring App

Umobix is a fantastic phone tracker app that secretly monitors device activities with its planet of features. This fantastic phone tracker is ideal for both parents and employers. Plus, it remains hidden while tracking the device. This software can watch almost every online training from the targeted phone without knowing the device’s owner. It empowers you to secure your kids by tracking all their sent or received messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and accurate phone location.

An Evaluation of uMobix Key Aspects

  • Social media monitoring
  • View multimedia files
  • Track real-time location
  • Capture keylogger
  • It provides a user-friendly interface
  • It has a simple and quick installation procedure
  • It offers affordable price plans
  • It provides customized reporting
  • It doesn’t have a call-recording feature
  • It never offers free plans

UMobix offers fantastic and affordable packages that you can choose from:

  • $49.99 Monthly
  • $27.99 Quarterly
  • $11.66 Yearly
  • Android
  • IOS
  • 1 Device / License
  • 14-Day Refund Policy

7 Hoverwatch-Parental Control App

Hoverwatch Parental Control App

This app is added to this list due to its conventional monitoring qualities. It is easy to install on targeted devices and check what they do online. Moreover, this application is fantastic for all concerned parents to protect their children from online dangers. This app remains invisible on the targeted cell phone. Hoverwatch provides excellent monitoring features to see every online activity on the device without notifying them.

An Evaluation of Hoverwatch Key Aspects

  • Track messages and IM chats
  • Listen to call conversations
  • View web browsing history
  • Remote capture screenshots
  • It has amazing features for kids’ protection
  • It offers budged-friendly price plans
  • It’s easy to use
  • It didn’t support iOS devices
  • Its online dashboard is not convenient to use

You can purchase with its fantastic price plans as:

  • $24.95/Month Personal
  • $9.99/Month Professional
  • $149.95/Month Business
  • Android
  • Mac Os X
  • Windows
  • Up to 25 Devices
  • No

8 Geofinder- Web Based Mobile Tracker App

Flexispy Super Cell Phone Location Tracker

As with the other apps, Geofinder is also a web-based tracking software. By using this, users don’t need to install the application. Simply, they can track the device by its cell number via web-based services. With this, users can quickly identify the exact location by their number. Plus, this is compatible with all cell phone devices to determine their activities.

An Evaluation of Geofinder Key Aspects

  • Send tracking link
  • Obtain location details on the map
  • Send customizable messages.
  • Send complete geolocation requests
  • It can track devices via phone number, making it easy to locate lost or stolen devices. The ability to track devices via phone is a significant advantage.
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Full data privacy
  • Charge an additional fee for travel purposes
  • Access to cell phone for GPS tracking

Geo-finder offers a single plan for all devices to track. It charges $39.99 for one month.

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • 1 Device / License
  • 14 Days Money Back

9 Flexispy- Super Cell Phone Location Tracker

Flexispy Super Cell Phone Location Tracker

Flexispy is a fantastic tracking tool for kids and employee monitoring. It allows users to spy on their phone activities and check what they do online. This application has a variety of tracking features for online safety. It enables monitoring everything, such as calls, messages, location, and social media. Moreover, you can use it for digital supervision of your loved ones by remote monitoring.

An Evaluation of Flexispy Key Aspects

  • Track messages, IM chats, emails, and calls
  • Spy on social media activities
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Block websites
  • Track real-time location
  • It is easy to use
  • Its customer support service is good
  • It provides a wide range of features
  • It didn’t work on an iPhone without a jailbreak
  • It’s a little expensive

FlexiSpy offers three different price plans for all their users.

  • $29.95 Lite
  • $79 Premium
  • $119 Extreme
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Pc
  • 1 Device / License
  • Check Refund Policy Before Buy It

10 Xnspy- Remotely Tracks Mobile Activities

Xnspy Remotely Tracks Mobile Activities

Xnspy is super-tracking software for online protection. It gives you real-time monitoring updates with invisible tracking features. This app allows users to find real-time locations, messages, and calls and monitor social media performance. Further, you can check your kids’ online activities and watch employees’ performances at the workplace.

An Evaluation of Xnspy Key Aspects

  • Monitor and record live activities
  • Spy SMS, email, and social app chats
  • Monitor internet activities and block
  • Track GPS location & get location history
  • Affordable price packages
  • Loaded feature list
  • Monitor and block websites and apps
  • Monitored devices need internet access
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial

Before subscribing, you should learn their price plans. It offers different programs as:

  • $ 29.99 Monthly
  • $ 13.99 Quarterly
  • $ 4.99 Yearly
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • 1 Device / License
  • 10-Day Refund Policy

11 Famisafe- A Good Parental Control App

Famisafe A Good Parental Control App

Famisafe is an excellent parental control app with exceptional tracking services. This software comes in the market with the most unique and vital child protection features. It offers SafeSearch, web filter, app block, and location tracker features. With this app, you can check every time activity from a targeted device.

An Evaluation of Famisafe Key Aspects

  • Report the activity
  • Web filter and safesearches
  • YouTube history and block web
  • It is compatible with different versions of Android
  • It offers a variety of parental control features
  • Geo-fencing is one of its supportable features
  • It didn’t provide services for windows
  • All features are not working as expected

Famisafe offers price plans according to the number of devices:

  • $9.99 Monthly
  • $19.99 Quarterly
  • $59.99 Yearly
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • 1 Device / License
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

12 Spyic- Easy To Use Mobile Tracker

Spyic Easy to Use Mobile Tracker

Spyic is an excellent application for digital parenting and provides phone activities. You can install and get the targeted phone’s activities without knowing the person. It helps the user to check everything that happened on the targeted device. You can use it for tracking location, setting geo-fence, IM performance, and recording call conversations. Then, you can view all activities from the app web control panel.

An Evaluation of Spyic Key Aspects

  • Call recording and messages
  • View device calendar
  • Social media monitoring
  • Video and photo management
  • It provides 24/7 customer assistant
  • Users can move from one to another device without paying extra charges
  • It works in stealth mode
  • No call recording feature
  • It’s little expensive

Spyic offers different price plans for Android and ios devices.

for Android

  • $39.99 Basic
  • $9.99 Premium
  • $69.99 Family

for iOS

  • $99.99 Basic
  • $10.83 Premium
  • $399.99 Family
  • Android
  • IOS
  • 1 Device / License
  • 60-Day Guarantee

13 Famiguard- Suitable for Kids' Safety

Famiguard Suitable for Kids' Safety

Famiguard is a popular parental control app that fully overviews kids’ online activities. With this, parents can control and manage their kids’ online activities. It provides a wide range of tracking applications that limit and set kids’ screen activities, set web filters, find locations, and more.

An Evaluation of Famiguard Key Aspects

  • Location tracker
  • Geo-fence alert
  • Block apps
  • Limit screen time
  • This app is easy to use
  • It provides fantastic features for kids’ protection
  • Hassle-free installation
  • It never supports iOS devices
  • Some essential parental control features are missed

FamiGuard allows you to choose packages according to your targeted devices.

for Android

  • $29.99 Monthly
  • $16.65 Quarterly
  • $8.32 Yearly

for iOS

  • $38.99 Monthly
  • $19.99 Quarterly
  • $9.16 Yearly
  • Android
  • IOS
  • 1 Device / License
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Can You See When Using a Phone Tracking App?

Cell phone tracking app provides various features that enable you to get the device activity status with date and time. This app lets you see the targeted person’s location, previous location movements, social media performance, calls, messages, browsing history, device battery, and Wi-Fi status.

Why Use a Tracking App?

Using a tracking app without permission provides many benefits to parents, employers, and individuals that give you peace of mind. provides many benefits to parents, employers, and individuals that give you peace of mind.

Ease of Mind

The Tracker app provides ease of mind to all parents by ensuring their children’s online safety. Parents can track and know their actual whereabouts and check where they are engaged online. Even the phone tracker helps you support your children before they get into trouble by adding unique features. The phone tracker helps in ensuring their safety online.

Business Productivity

For business owners, tracking apps without permission contribute to enhancing productivity and digital safety. They can watch employees’ locations, track their movements, and ensure they complete their assigned tasks within the schedule. Additionally, these tracker apps can help in monitoring remote work efficiency.

Finding a Lost/Stolen Device

Losing a mobile device or having it stolen can be a painful experience. So, a cell phone tracker can help in device recovery by pinpointing its location. Plus, this app enables you to back up device data within a few minutes and track phone without permission if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, you can track someone’s by the use of their cell phone number. It is easy with the help of the best phone spy app without permission. The excellent app allows the user to secretly track phone number without permission and find all their activities after installation. It works in stealth mode to find the phone’s real-time location and send the monitored data to the web control panel.

Yes, you can track your spouse’s phone location with the help of the best tracker app. It enables you to secretly view their live location with all phone activities in secret. The phone tracker app without permission works invisibly, and no one knows about any third-party app on their device.

With OgyMogy, you can track your kid’s phone activities without knowing. This app works for kids’ online protection and provides complete details about kids’ online activities. It helps parents to protect children from online dangers through mobile phone tracking without permission.

Yes, you can track someones phone with Google map by following these:

  • Open Google map on the device
  • Click on your profile photo and select the sharing button
  • Then, find the profile of the targeted person and select it
  • If their location tracker is on, you can see their current location.

Without installing the app, you can choose another way to track cell phone location without installing software by using the device’s IMEI number. With this, you can track any phone location, including Android and iPhone.The ability to track any phone is crucial for both personal and professional use.

Tracking someone’s phone is considered legal when you consent to your kid’s protection from the negative side of the digital world. And it is permitted if you want to improve work performances by tracking your employees.

Yes, all the above tracking apps for cell phones work on Android and iOS devices properly and with hidden monitoring mode. These phone tracker apps are designed to be user-friendly and efficient.

The cell phone tracker app works in stealth mode but doesn’t show the app icon. So, it may drain the device battery by collecting and transmitting the monitored data.

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