Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission 2022

Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

The cyber-world is destroying the young generation, and parents are worried about kids’ online safety.

Employers are facing external and internal threats to business devices. Technology has come up with parental and business solutions, and they are doing well for us.

Are you looking forward to the best phone tracker apps without permissions for Android and iPhones?

Do you know you can get the following things with tracking apps?

  • You can Spy on social networks & messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, and ephemeral messaging of Snapchat
  • Track pinpoint location and location history with the schedule.
  • Retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages & chats
  • There is no need to root Android phones to use the android tracker.
  • Use jailbreak iPhones to install the iPhone tracker.
  • Physical access is necessary for the installation process.
  • We discuss those cell phone tracker apps that work on android or iPhone devices to safeguard kids and ensure business safety.

List Of Best Apps To Track a cell Phone Without Permission

OgyMogy-Best Android Phone Tracker App Without Permission


OgyMogy is the best phone tracker app, and it has made its way to the next level. Digital parenting and employees monitoring capability have made it to gain parents and the trust of business professionals. It is the most trustworthy application due to its features and user-friendly interface.

The mobile application has several features that provide instant results via its web-based control panel. It is a perfect tracker app for the monitoring of cell phones for remote activities. Users will remain hidden on the target device and perform sneaky activities on the target phone.

Android tracker app like OgyMogy has dozens of no root features like call recording, keylogging, read messages, screen recorder, and live GPS location tracker, social media, email. The tracking software works on all cellular networks and supports Android phones and tablets from 5.0 to 12.0 OS versions.

Users can view and download the data of the target mobile phones without them knowing using the OgyMogy tracking software online dashboard. It provides exclusive and traditional features to the users to track and control cellphones.

 Rating: 9.5/10

Get Affordable & Save Phone Tracker App

TheOneSpy – Undetectable & Hidden Phone Tracker App


TheOneSpy cell phone tracker has non-rooted features and easy to install the application. It allows controlling and operating the target device front and backing cameras to get live streaming of the phone screen. Users can hack the microphone and connects with the dashboard to listen to their surroundings.

It is the best application to record one-sided VoIP calls of social networking and messaging apps. The tracking application discovers and unveils the live GPS location of a mobile device. It also tracks location history, route maps, and live Geo-location.

Users can monitor messaging apps in secret and perform remote monitoring to get call logs, messages, chats, voice, and video call logs. It remains hidden and undetectable on the target phone without root.

The tracking application discovers keystrokes, passwords, SMS and capture screenshots. You can deal with inappropriate online activities of children and prevent employees from breaching intellectual property. It supports Android and iPhones. You don’t need to jailbreak iOS phones to monitor contacts, SMS, calendar, WhatsApp, and view installed apps.

  • It is a non-rooted phone tracker app
  • It is hidden and remains invisible
  • Use on non-jailbreak iPhones
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Password chasers
  • Monitor Snapchat deleted messages
  • Live screen recording
  • GPS location tracking
  • Get browsing history & view bookmarks
  • Record VoIP calls of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more

 Rating: 9.4/10

Flexispy –Best Mobile Phone Tracker


Flexispy is the best monitoring solution for android and iOS devices. It has hundreds of features that no other application offers but TheOneSpy and OgyMogy cell phone tracker apps.

The application has powerful and features like photos, SMS, location tracking, and monitor messaging apps. It is easy to use the application without the permission of the target device.

FlexiSpy can spy on iPhone and Android phones and is known as the best parental control and business monitoring software.

Flexispy is a robust phone tracker that is impressive over the years, but everyone cannot afford this application due to its high prices. Users can spy and monitor Android and iPhones without making efforts.

  • Use a password cracker to retrieve forgotten passwords from phone memory
  • Delete messages with keywords
  • Record and listen to phone calls
  • Track social messaging
  • Control cell phone cameras
  • Control cell phone microphone
  • Listen to surroundings
  • Intercept live calls

Rating:  8.9/10

Mspy – Best Cell Phone Tracker App Without Permission


Mspy is known as the best cell phone tracker app, and it has got the trust of parents. The application functions in a proper way and sets parental controls on kid’s phones.

It is one of those top tracking apps that offer traditional and nontraditional sets of features. It provides a multi-language customer support center that makes users discuss issues.

You can spy on WhatsApp and spy Facebook messaging apps.

It is the best cell phone tracker app without permission to mobile phones. Application is for parents, individuals, and business professionals.

It is a secret cell tracker that is easy to install and offers dozens of powerful features. Users can instantly get the data and unveil target device activities. You can do remote monitoring of cell phones.

The tracking software is compatible with Android and iPhones. It also supports all cell phone carriers and tracks GPS location without permission. You can make sure about your family and kids online and real-life safety.

Rating: 8.5/10

Cocospy –Best Undetectable Phone Tracker App


The Cocospy cell phone tracker is one of those apps that have come up with the powerful GPS location tool. Users can track their lost or theft mobile devices and get hidden whereabouts of the children. It can track a cell phone using phone calls, messages, and GPS.

Cocospy mobile tracking software is for parents who want to make sure the online safety of their children. The tracking app works secretly to spy on teens and employees’ activities.

You can monitor messaging apps like Snapchat spy, Whatsapp etc. It has features like call logs, social apps usage, location history, and many more.

Rating: 8.4/10

Kid's Guard –Best Phone Tracker App For Parents

kids guard

KidsGuard is one of the best tracking software that upgrades its features, functions, usage, and compatibility with operating systems.

It means it makes progress every day, and today you can use it on Android and iPhones.

KidsGuard takes you to the new heights of spying and monitoring. It monitors the cell phones of kids in a secret and best way possible.

Parents can keep an eye on kids and family interactions online like, on social media platforms. Users can track social messaging apps, call logs, SMS, and chats conversations. KidsGuard has the best solutions for mobile phones.

The phone tracker app without permission enables you to keep an eye on your kids online and guarantees you their safety. It safeguards kids from online predators and inappropriate activities.

  • Non-jailbreak
  • Monitor Wi-Fi
  • Screenshots
  • Photos
  • Record phone calls
  • Activity logs with schedule
  • Transfer data

Rating: 8.0/10

Spyic –Best Cell Phone Tracker Without Them Knowing


Spyic has the best phone tracking and spying tools. You can subscribe to the app. It has a user-friendly interface to spy on your spouse or partner without them knowing.

Users can monitor the WhatsApp messages of their significant other. It requires physical access on a non-rooted device to execute the installation process.

User can easy to install phone tracker app without permission and configure and takes few minutes to complete the setup on the target phone. It offers 24/7 customer support to its users and gives feedback in time.

Cell tracking software is for monitoring employee’s activities during working hours. It prevents employees breach the business information to third parties via its timely information gathering mechanism.

It is best for spouse tracking, and you can also use cell phone tracker software to keep a hidden eye on kids. Spouses can prevent cheating on them and get to know the truth.

  • Non-jailbreak app
  • Get remote screenshots
  • Record live phone calls
  • Get Wi-Fi information
  • Capture photos using the phone camera
  • Activity logs
  • Search logs

Rating: 7.9/10

Hoverwatch –Best Free Phone Tracker App Without Permission


Hoverwach is the best spouse tracking app that monitors mobile phones. It has several best features, but you can spy on internet activities without their knowledge. Users will remain sneaky while monitoring target cell phone devices. Users can get call logs, messages, and media sharing.

It monitors WhatsApp logs, spy Skype, Facebook, and Snapchat.  It has dozens of features that meet your requirements.

Users will have a list of features like calendars, notes, and protect office data.

  • Non-jailbreak solution
  • Recording of phone calls
  • Camera tracker
  • Capture screenshots on Android
  • Detect carriers
  • Secret installation process using the dashboard

Rating: 7.7/10

Spyzie –The Best Application That Tracks Phones Without Them Knowing


Spyzie is the hidden and best phone tracker app that is permission-free. It is a non-jailbreak solution for iOS devices.

It empowers you to monitor your iPhone activities like calls, GPS location, SMS, email, and internet history. Users can also track contacts and calendars.

The tracking software provides easy installation and a user-friendly interface. People love to use Spyzie for monitoring spouses and employees. It offers an advanced GPS tracker that has made it one of the best GPS trackers.

Rating: 7.5/10

Famisafe –An Ultimate Phone Tracker For IPhone & Android


FamiSafe has reached new heights of phone tracker compare to other tracking apps. It empowers you to monitor your kid’s real-time location and location history.

Users can set Geo-Fence on the target phones to track their kids and safeguard them from dangerous places.

It enables users to prevent kids from skipping schools. Parents can protect children from online predators and sex offenders in their surrounding neighborhoods.

The FamiSafe is a cell phone tracking app that supports families to form healthy routines for children. It protects kids from cyberbullies, social media challenges, and adult content.

It also provides time-to-time activity reports and blocks inappropriate websites. You can track your kid’s live location and put your worries to rest.

  • No jailbreak
  • Best for non-jailbreak devices
  • Schedule screen-time
  • Get alerts of inappropriate content
  • Detect inappropriate photos
  • Block devices

 Rating: 7.3/10

Qustodio –Best Mobile Phone Tracker For Android


Qustodio is a secret and undetectable cell tracker program that has got positive feedback from worldwide users.

Parents have suggested the application as one of the best parental monitoring solutions. It provides real-time location tracking, location history, and Virtual locations.

It offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee. The tracking software empowers you to get details about activities on target devices with its best and useful features. It also hacks applications on the target mobile phones.

  • No jailbreak
  • Non-jailbreak solution
  • Get keystrokes
  • Remote installation
  • Clipboard
  • Snapshots

Rating: 7.0/10


FamiGuard –Best Android Parental & Phone Tracker App Without Permission


Do you want to get your hands on the best phone tracker without permission, and then FamiGaurd is matchless.

The phone tracker works on android phones, and iOS has yet to come. It is a free phone tracker for three days and provides a complete version of the application.

It is the best tracker app for parents that want to monitor kids online. Forget about your kid’s hidden whereabouts, late-night habits, and interact with strangers online.

You can easily set up a phone tracker on the target device and get free from worries.

  • Useful for non-jailbreak devices
  • Filters web
  • Set limit for screen-time
  • Social media logs
  • Track live location
  • Block apps & games

 Rating: 7.0/10

How To Choose The Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission?

The internet has been bombarded with dozens of tracking apps over recent years. The presence of hundreds of applications that sound the same with features and installation procedures becomes toughest for people to choose the best one. You can find a perfect fit for your needs by getting your hands on the best phone tracker apps without permission.

  • OgyMogy
  • TheOneSpy
  • Flexispy
  • mSpy
  • Spyic
  • CocoSpy

OS Support

You need to keep few things in mind, and you need to make sure what device you want to monitor at the moment. Most devices worldwide are running with the Android and iOS operating systems. So, you need to make sure that you want to track android and iOS phones.

Every phone tracker app is not compatible with android and iOS devices. Applications like TheOneSpy, Hoverwatch, Flexispy is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Few apps like OgyMogy and others are not iOS supported applications. Before you buy tracking software, you need to make sure of the compatibility.

Easy To Use Application

The user-friendly application enables non-tech savvy people. Most tracking applications provide the same features, but to the user may differ from one another.

You can get to know which phone tracker applications have a free demo. You can check the demo and get to know which one is easy in its usage.

OgyMogy and TheOneSpy are the top two cell phone tracker apps that are user-friendly for new users. You can purchase these two applications with closed eyes.


It is one of the riskiest jobs to do after you have purchased an application, but jailbreak or rooted process is helpful for few applications. Rooting an android device may risk or harm your device programing. So, you can use OgyMogy and TheOneSpy on non-rooted devices.

These are the two best phone tracker apps for non-rooted devices. You can jailbreak iPhones to track activities on your target device. The process is risky unless you are not using a proper jailbreak method.

Many phone trackers like FlexiSpy and TheOneSpy require to jailbreak the target device. You can buy these two programs to jailbreak iPhones without any risk.

Best Features

Features are the main reason that makes you purchase an application. You can find out the best features to track your kids, employees, and individuals.

Phone tracker apps like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, Hoverwatch, and Flexispy provide the best features in the spy market.

You can avoid those applications that offer stalker wares like Mspy, CocoSpy, and others. Intrusive and illicit surveillance is a crime.

How Does A Cell Phone Tracker Work?

You need to visit the Ogymogy or TheOneSpy official webpage and perform the following steps. The two applications are the best-hidden tracking apps for cell phones.

  1. Subscribe to the application of your choice
  2. Get physical access to the target device
  3. Activate the dashboard
  4. Use Features & get results via the dashboard

Our Final Decision

We have tested the two applications, and these are the best services these days in the market. You can install the applications following the steps in the installation process.

You can use them for tracking kids, employees, and individuals. The programs are easy to use and easy to install on the target device.

They offer an advanced set of features and remain hidden and undetectable on the target devices. One is best for Android, and the other one is best for iOS devices.


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