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Children $ Employee Activities Android

Sneak into Children & Employees' Android Devices

Take advantage of android monitoring solution to remotely track and control any android mobile phone or tablet of children and employees. The high-tech spy app for android lets you witness almost every activity performed on the targeted device. Using the android monitoring app you can monitor any smartphone and tablet running latest versions of android operating system. The app lets you:

  • Monitor SMS, MMS and Instant messages
  • Track incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Closely watch out most commonly used social media apps and instant messengers
  • Trace GPS location of monitored android phone or tablet
  • Record activities performed in the vicinity of the monitored device
  • Access internet browsing history and bookmarks
  • Remote control apps
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Take Control of Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers

Supervise the activities performed on a personal computer with the help of Windows monitoring solution. You can remotely and secretly track any desktop or laptop computer running latest versions of Windows operating system. The user of the Windows spy software can:

  • Get user-friendly reports regarding device usage
  • Monitor real-time computer activities with screen recording
  • Find out GPS location of the targeted PC
  • Remotely capture screenshots
  • Block websites by URLs, category, keywords or key-phrases
  • Monitor emails and keylogs
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Children $ Employee Activities Windows
Children $ Employee Activities MAC

Secretly Track Activities Performed On MAC Computers/Laptops

The desktop and laptop computer devices running Mac operating system can be monitored without having access. The employers and parents can make use of MAC monitoring software to supervise the digital behavior of their workforces and offspring. By using the high-tech tracking software you can:

  • Capture computer screen in real-time
  • Take screenshots or record short videos to capture whatever appears on screen
  • Take control of camera and microphone of the monitored computer device
  • Block unwanted websites
  • Evaluate internet usage getting access to the browsing history
  • Record keystrokes applied to the keyboard
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