The World’s Most Reliable Cell Phone Tracing & PC Monitoring Software

Keep an online eye with the cell phone Tracking app. Parents can watch activities on mobile, tablet & Computer devices and get regular updates, anytime.

  • Tracking on Cell Phone & tablets devices secretly
  • Track every activity on windows & Mac computer devices
  • Traditional & advance features to track cellphones & PCs
  • Live video camera Tracking, MIC Bugging, & surround recording
  • Remotely Screen Recording, Record live phone calls, VoIP calls
  • Read text messages, Instant messengers, GPS location & many more
  • Symbol for kids’ online safety especially from cyber predators
  • Real-time activity logs to boost business productivity & safety
  • Easy & hassle free installation on phones & Computers
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  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android

Works on Windows, Mac, Android

Cell Phone Tracker
Children $ Employee Activities Android

Phone Monitoring App to Sneak into Mobile Devices

Cell phone monitoring app by OGYMOGY is the most advance monitoring & tracking software to remotely track and control any phone. The high-tech Monitoring app for cell phone let you witness almost every activity performed on the targeted mobile. Using the phone Monitoring app. You can monitor each and every tap (finger touch) done on that particular phone. The OgyMogy mobile Monitoring app lets you:

  • Monitor on Phone Calls, Contacts list, Call Logs, Listen & record phone calls
  • Monitor SMS, Social Media Messages, IM Chats and VoIP calls recording
  • Track GPS Location, Location History & Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Remotely Take Screenshots & Watch Live Home Screen Activities
  • Listen & Record Surrounding Voices and Sounds Remotely
  • Track on Browsing History, Bookmarks and Calendar Memos
  • Block Unnecessary Phone calls/ messages / Websites/Apps and Internet access.
  • Monitor Target device status such as (Battery percentage, Wifi or Data, Memory Status, GPS On/Off.)
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Computer Monitoring Software Parental Control & Employee Tracking

Monitor and Track on the activities performed on a windows desktop pc, and laptop devices by installing OgyMogy Computer Monitoring App. It can remotely and secretly track all the activities done on the targeted computer. The best use of windows computer monitoring software is for corporate sectors such as employee monitoring and business secrets safety. It can also helpful for kids computer safety to avoid cyber predator, Parental settings, personal information protection with do’s and don’ts of social media.

  • Get user-friendly reports regarding device usage
  • Monitor real-time computer activities with screen recording
  • Find out GPS location of the targeted PC
  • Remotely capture screenshots
  • Block websites by URLs, category, keywords or key-phrases
  • Monitor emails, Browsing History, Installed Software list
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Children $ Employee Activities Windows
Children $ Employee Activities MAC

Secretly Monitor on Mac Computers and Laptop Devices

The desktop and laptop computer devices running Mac operating system can be monitored without having access. The employers and parents can make use of MAC monitoring software to supervise the digital behavior of their workforces and offspring. By using the high-tech tracking software you can:

  • Capture Mac computer screen in real-time
  • Take screenshots or record short videos to capture whatever appears on screen
  • Take control of camera and microphone of the monitored computer device
  • Block unwanted websites
  • Evaluate internet usage getting access to the browsing history
  • Record keystrokes applied to the keyboard
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Business Protection

Business Protection

OgyMogy Monitoring software can deal with all security issues to protect and backup business data on Phones and PCs. It keeps calling records, contacts, and emails. Further, capture live cellphones- PCs screen and document live activities of employees in short videos.

Family Safety

Family Safety

You can protect your entire family, and keep an eye on your little kids, big kids, and even monitor your personal phones and computer devices. Monitoring apps protect your kids from online predators, backup your personal phones and PC, and keep a hidden eye on your teens.

Parental Control

Parental Control

You can set parental protection on teens to prevent them from stalkers, sexual predators, child abusers, and explicit online activities. You can block apps, limit screen time, and track the hidden whereabouts of the teens. OgyMogy is best solution for Parental Control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OgyMogy is an app that can track on cell phones and laptop desktop computer devices. The Monitoring software has sneaky tracking and monitoring solution that not only monitors and tracks phones and PCs but also controls them remotely.

Users can control target device cameras, microphones, and activities without getting physical access to the target device.

However, you can install the monitoring app on the target device successfully and later control them at the time and space of your choosing.

The Monitoring software works on rooted and non-rooted android phones and monitors windows and MAC computer devices.

It consists of several Monitoring products, like a Monitoring app for cellphones, MAC monitoring software, and a windows Monitoring solution.

Every Monitoring product has a different set of features, but features like surround recording, screenshots, browsing history, screen recorder, keylogger and installed apps work on every operating system of cell phones and computers.

OgyMogy has multiple Tracking and monitoring services that are beneficial for parents and employers. Parents can use Monitoring software for phones, and computers to set parental controls on kids for their digital wellbeing.

It has several parental monitoring solutions for cellphones, and computers such as installed apps, limiting screen time, filtering websites, and blocking messages, and incoming calls. Parents can Monitor on IM apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and many more.

Moreover, protect your business phones and computers from unauthorized data breaching and time-wasting.

Employers can track on their employee’s social networking chats and messaging on Facebook, Skype, Line, Viber, Instagram, and many more. A live screen recorder, screenshots, and keylogger can discover anything that happens on business devices.

You can see the live phone and computer screen and capture chats, messages, emails, and password keypad strokes. Moreover, track GPS location, history, and daily-weekly location history of your lost, theft and given devices.

  • You can install OgyMogy on your target phone or PC, but you should subscribe to Tracking solutions for phones and computer devices.
  • One-time physical access is necessary to monitor someone’s cellphone and computer to configure the desired monitoring software.
  • Monitor everything on the target device, and bring continuous updates from the targeted devices remotely using the OgyMogy online dashboard.

OgyMogy is a cell phone and computer monitoring solution that means you can Track on cell phones, tablets, windows, and MAC computer devices. Tracking software is compatible with all the latest operating systems of mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers active with windows and MAC OS.

Yes. OgyMogy is one of the few Monitoring Apps for cell phones that remain hidden and undetectable on the target phones. The mobile Tracing software can hide app icons easily on the target cellphone. However, it shows up once during the installation process, but you can hide the app icon on the target device to the fullest and Track on valuable information on the target cell phone.

Yes. Our Monitoring software is for cell phone and computer Monitoring purposes. The legitimacy depends on the users because monitoring app develops to safeguard your kids and your business productivity and safety. You can use it for legal purposes and install them on phones and computers that you own. Moreover, you can get the consent of the target person to monitor and track cellphones and PCs. You cannot use OgyMogy to breach someone’s privacy without them knowing with the best cell phone and computer monitoring software.

Putting a cell phone Monitoring software on any device is just a walkover these days. You can get your hands on the OgyMogy Monitoring app for cellphones and computers on the web and get a subscription. Now, get physical access on another phone or PC and install the Tracking software successfully on the target device.

Track on someone’s phone without knowing the target person is possible unless you have phone Monitoring software at your disposal. Several Cell Phone Monitoring Apps for claim to monitor and track mobile phone and computer without target devices, but it is a false claim.

You have to have a target phone where you need to install a Tracking app, like OgyMogy, and then use the online dashboard to Monitor on someone’s cellphone or computer. It is one of the few Monitoring software for phones and computers that work secretly on the targeted devices. It can hide on the target cell phone or PC.

It can hide its app icons on the target device and remains undetectable on the targeted device. It does not unveil itself on the target phone and computer and catches all the data and activities instantly. Further, send the data to the OgyMogy web control panel, and the target person remains clueless.

One thing is to remember that you may Track on cellphones and PCs without them knowing, but you cannot monitor any device with any Monitoring App without installing. You can use the Monitoring software for mobile phone or computer to Track on target devices without them knowing.

OgyMogy is the one application you can Track on a target android phone without root because it is a non-rooted Tracking solution to monitor any cell phone remotely. It has powerful tools that work without root and Track on every activity on the target phone, like GPS location, surround listening, social media monitoring, keylogger, bugging, phone call recording, live video camera Tracking, and many more.

Many Mobile Tracking Apps are dependent on the activity that takes place on another phone to consume mobile data, but OgyMogy. It is the only monitoring software that consumes fewer data no matter how many activities are performed on the target device, because it works at the back end, and keeps syncing data of the target phone. However, you can turn off the backup multimedia to reduce mobile data consumption of phone Tracking software.

some Phone Tracking Apps claim to work offline, but it is a false claim. You can use OgyMogy Tracking software on another cellphone device to monitor any activity when the target phone is online. Once the target phone turns on, monitoring will start syncing pending data from the target device and send it to its online dashboard.

OgyMogy is one of the best Tracking software that remains hidden and undetectable on any cellphone and computer device. The app can perform covert operations on mobile phones and PCs without the target person knowing. Parents, employers, and individuals have endorsed phone monitoring apps because of their efficiency and accuracy.

The latest operating systems of cellphone devices have come up with strict security measures and ask permission from applications, like cameras, galleries, and microphones. So, the security indicators of android phones are a test for Monitoring apps. However, OgyMogy is way ahead of the game and enables users to bypass the permissions issues in android phones.