Best Phone Tracker For Teen Drivers

mobile tracker for teen drivers

Phone trackers these days are helpful for parents to keep an eye on their teen drivers. The young generation has adopted Frankenstein habits and drives in a rush like competing in a death race.

The media fuel the young teens risking their lives and increasing the mental pressure of their parents these days. Distracted driving has engulfed thousands of young lives all over the world every year.

Parents got scary feelings every day when teens take vehicles outside the house and drive. It is difficult for parents these days to keep an eye on teens driving. Parents are unable to handle teens because they know teens cannot make sounds decisions on the road.

Teens are not disciplined drivers and don’t bother to obey the law.  Car tracking is a very technical and hectic job for parents.  They can use the best Phone tracker for teen drivers to prevent them from smartphone distractions while teens are behind the wheels.

Teens Drivers & Usage Of Smartphones Behind The Wheels

AAA poll says, almost 94% of the teens’ drivers are aware of the dangers of calls, texting, and use of social media while driving, but only 35% admit the violation.

  • More than 25% of teens face fatal accidents due to cell phone distractions while driving.
  • Young teens are four times more likely to use the cell phone and reply to text messaging behind the wheels
  • Teens with a single additional passenger double the risk of accidents, and more than 1, the additional person increases the danger of accidents 5 times.
  • Almost 48% of teen drivers admitted that they were texting on the cell phone after an accident
  • 58% of the teen drivers continue listening to the phone calls while driving

According to the stats, thousands of people lose their lives in accidents because of distracted driving, and in most cases, teens were the victims. The mobile tracker is the best solution for teen drivers to prevent their distracted driving.

It can stop them from using cell phone messages, calls, and other activities behind the wheels. A question arises, how phone trackers can deal with the teens distracted driving behind the wheels.

How Do Digital Distractions Lead Teens Towards Brutal Accidents?

Within a blink of an eye, you can put your life at stake. The teen driver source has published a report linked with the Children Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, “distraction is a key factor of fatal accidents. Young teens ages 16 -19 in more than 1,691 footages shows that the accidents happened due to rush driving, and cell phone usage.”

Parents should stop teens from driving vehicles, and once they have got the license, you need to teach the dos and don’ts of driving. Distractions behind the wheels happen in multiple forms.

It could happen like turning on the radio, music, and even looking at the signboards on the roads. However, the usage of cell phones in terms of messages, calls, social media, and other activities are distractions.

More than 90% of teens have cell phones these days, and they love to have internet access. Young teens love to receive messages and social media notifications. Moreover, teens can watch videos and share photos and many other activities.

The sounds of rings, tweets, beeps, alarms, and others can distract your teen driver, and it could turn into a fatal accident while your teens are driving behind the wheels. Smartphone usage is an addiction, and the fear of missing messages, calls and social media notifications has risen.

All the possible distractions behind the wheels can turn into crashes, and your teens can lose their life at any point in time on the road. To lemmatize all the distractions your teens could face behind the wheels, and parents should opt for mobile tracking at their disposal and install a teen tracker app.

What Features Should Mobile Trackers Have To Protect Teen Drivers?

Being parents, you should know about the phone tracker that consists of the following features to prevent teen drivers from possible distractions behind the wheels.

GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking of a mobile tracking app is the best tool that enables parents to know where a teen’s driver is heading at the moment. It will navigate parents virtually on the Map. Further, help out parents to get the live location of the teens while driving.

Location History

Location history tracking is the best feature of the phone tracker app that empowers parents to know about the recently visited places of the teens behind the wheels. It will pin those areas where your teen has driven her vehicle without your consent. It will provide a complete time stamp and the name of the roads and the places.


Geo-fencing turns mobile tracker software into the best action planer to stop teens driving in rush areas by marking safe and restricted areas. Parents can create an electronic fence around the areas virtually on the Map.

Android tracking app will send email notifications to parents whenever teens enter and leave the place. The tracker app will help parents to know about the driving habits of teens.


The mobile tracker application provides many features that include bugging. It enables parents to spy the microphone of the cell phone device while teens are behind the wheels. It will record and make you listen to the chats, conversations, sounds, and voices when they are driving. It will make sure your teen is using a cell phone behind the wheels or not.

Block Text Messages

After you make sure that your teens listen to the calls and are involved in text messaging using a SMS tracker, the Mobile tracker enables parents to block text messaging activities on the phone behind the wheels. Later on, you can unblock the text messaging activities sneakily.

Block Incoming Calls

Users can also block incoming calls on the teen’s cell phone using cell phone tracker software. It empowers to stop your teens from listening to the calls while driving to protect your teens from brutal and fatal accidents.

Block Internet Access

Comparatively to the other features of the mobile tracker, the block internet access solution works far better. You can block internet access on your teen’s phone. Your teens will not access cell phone activities that work with internet access. Parents can block inappropriate websites with this feature. Phone tracking software leaves nothing for your teen on the phone but drives the vehicle carefully.

These are the features of the mobile tracker app that decrease the possibilities of distractions. You can make sure the safety of teen drivers is behind the wheels.

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