How Can I Track Someone On IMO Activity?

track someone on imo

Do you want to track someone on IMO? What exactly makes you perform IMO tracking? Well, no matter what intentions you have to monitor one of the popular social messaging apps, we are here to guide you to the fullest.

The social networking app has made its way to the next level over the few years, and today you can see the social network active on every cellphone device. Therefore, people want to track someone on IMO no time ever before. You have to invest in an IMO monitoring app to track and monitor every target activity on a social messaging app.

Before we discuss how to track someone on IMO social messaging app, you need to know more about the instant messaging app.

What Is IMO & What Does It Let You?

IMO is an instant messenger that lets you connect with users living close to your GPS location. Users can turn on the location of the device to find out friends. It means it allows people to interact with strangers, and you can talk to them via text messages, chats, media, voice, and video calls for free.

You can use IMO to do chats in groups and one-on-one chat conversations. The instant messaging app is popular among youngsters, and they could be at high risk of facing inappropriate things. Business professionals also can use the social messaging app for instant communication.

Why Do You Want To Monitor Someone On IMO?

Young kids are more likely to interact with stranger danger on the instant messaging app. Teens mostly spend time texting, chats, and doing group chats. Parents are more likely to know to whom kids are talking, and they want to prevent minors from spending too much time on the social messaging app. Instant messaging apps are full of online predators given below:

  • Cyberbullies
  • Stalkers
  • Sex-offenders
  • Bunny hunters

Moreover, teens themselves get involved in certain harmful things, addicted, and manipulated. Parents want to know hidden secrets of the teens as to why they are up to on the IMO messenger on cellphone devices all the time. Usually, the following are the inappropriate activities in which teens could involve on a popular social messaging app.

  • Sexting
  • Sharing nudes
  • Watching adult content
  • Hookups with strangers
  • Addiction with texting

Parents in particular, and employers, in general, want to track kids and employees on IMO. There are plenty of methods and tools to spy on IMO? Do you know how imo the spy app monitors chat history and messages?

Top 6 Ways To Track Someone On IMO?

Here are the top 7 ways that experts believe are exceptional to track someone on the instant messaging app. Moreover, all the tips and tricks enable parents to protect teens and make kids understood how to use social messaging apps.

Parents Should Explore IMO First

You can do surveillance on IMO, but first, you need to explore the social messaging app yourself. Parents will get to know that it enables their kids to turn on the location of the teen’s phone.

Moreover, your child may interact with strangers online by following people on the social app close to the area. Your child could share their location privacy and welcome everyone to know about her.

It means you need to sit with your teen and check whether your child has activated the device location while using the instant messaging app. You can prevent your child from sharing their privacy on an instant messaging app IMO.

Sit Beside Your Kid Using IMO

It is one of the best manuals IMO tracking activities. Parents need to sit side by side when their child uses a social messaging app on a cell phone device connected to cyberspace. So, the expert recommends learning from your child how to use social networking app. It will create a strong bond between you and your child.

You can explore IMO on your kid’s phone, and you can get to know what they like on the instant messaging app. You can ask your child what she thinks about the social messaging app and ask what they talk about with friends. You can make some ground rules for your child and for yourself to use the messaging app.

Ask Your Teens What They Are Sharing

Parents should think seriously about what kids share on social media apps. You can help out kids with what they should share because everyone will have eyes on it. You can examine what things your child is happy to share offline. You can guide your teens that sharing contact with everybody online would harm them. Teach your child what is different from talking to someone you know, and you don’t know.

Teach your teen how a stranger friend could be a nightmare for teens on IMO. You can watch and explore the instant messaging app that how much it cost your child on instant messaging apps. You can encourage your child to spend less time and gain interest in physical activities. You can secretly check your child’s phone and manually watch what they are sharing online.

Guide your teens not to share things on IMO:

  • Private information, school name, contact number, and emails
  • Don’t share someone else information
  • Don’t share links for chats, and group chats
  • Tell your teens not to share photos
  • Don’t share private videos and nudes

Guide Your Child On What They Should Block

If you are using an IMO with your child on your cellphone, your child may come across something inappropriate. So, you can teach your teens how to get rid of negative things, like nudes, comments, and many other things on IMO instant messenger.

You can make your child learn that they can do it at the top of every chat. You can further ask what things that disturb them on the social messaging app.

Turn Off Location On Kid's Phone

You need to check the cell phone device of your child active with the IMO social network and make sure your child has not activated the location of the device.

Suppose your child has turned on the cell phone location, it means your teens try to find an online friend closer to your house. You can teach your child don’t breach the information about their whereabouts on an instant messaging app.

Install IMO Tracker App To Track Someone On IMO

Imo tracker software is one of the best tools of the OgyMogy cell phone spy app. It enables parents and employers to monitor social messaging apps on someone’s phone.

Users can install it within few minutes and without root. You can spy someone’s IMO on mobile secretly and deliver the information to its online dashboard with the schedule.

OgyMogy phone tracker is the best software pack with plenty of features to monitor and track IMO to the fullest.

Top Features of IMO tracking software you need to know:

  • Screen recorder software
  • Capture screenshots
  • Record keystrokes
  • IMO VoIP call recorder
  • Social media spy
  • Location tracker
  • Location history
  • And many more!!!!!!!


You can track someone on IMO without them knowing, but you need to use IMO tracking software on your target device to get the job done. OgyMogy is one of the few phone tracker solutions that enable users to monitor someone’s location, messages, chats, voice chats, and media sharing by tracking IMO social networking app.